Title: Desire
Author: Pheo
Summary: "You know why we can't." Her hand cuts him off. "You know why we can." Set of cinquains written for the January rt challenge at LiveJournal (prompt 3, Wilde quote below).

"The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it." Oscar Wilde

It creaks—
Her elvish face
Peers from behind the door,
Feeling it with pink nails—him with
Smoked eyes.

He frowns.
She grins—"Remus?"—so coy.
"You know why we can't—" Her hand cuts
Him off.

"You know."
The hand travels.
"You know why we can—should."
Lips upon his hair, ear, eyes; she slips

A groan
Escapes; A curse
To his treacherous lips
Never leaves them as his neck pulls,

Suddenly bare—
How—? No matter. So close—
Skin to skin, dream to life, breathless—

He sighs,
Lifts her body
Above his own, slowly,
Reads desire in her face (again)—

Dark, aching, wet—
A million times, such want—
And inside, pleasures sought, taken—