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Back to Life, Back to Reality

Chapter 1


Brennan was the first to wake up, which had been the case the past three mornings. She woke up very content because of the warm body which was lying next to her. She snuggled closer to his chest, not wanting the start the day.

She was sad when she thought about what today would be. She should be happy to go home but she didn't wait to face anyone there. In Vegas her and Booth could be a couple without anyone questioning their relationship. Going home to DC was a different story. She knew that there would repercussions of dating…pfft they had skipped the dating…being married to her partner. But what could they do? They were already married!

She thought about her team. Angela had only called five times the past 3 days to make sure she was okay and attempt to get any info out of Brennan that she could. Brennan knew she could avoid her over the phone but once they got back to DC and she had to face Angela, she would know. Angela had a weird sixth sense when it came to matters of the heart. Not that that was logical. There was no such thing as a sixth sense. She was just able to read people by paying close attention to minor details that many people over look.

Hodgins and Zach wouldn't mind either way. She was only nervous about facing Cam and Cullen. Cam couldn't really say anything seeing as she had also had a relationship with Booth but Cullen could dissolve their partnership with no questions asked.

Brennan was lost in thought when two strong arms pulled her closer to his chest. She looked up into Booth's eyes. "What is going through that head of yours?"

"What? What do you mean?" Brennan questioned.

"You know I know you better than you know yourself. You can't hide anything from me Bones. You are thinking. I can see the wheels turning. You woke me up with your thoughts."

"Booth, I have no 'wheels' in my head and there is no way I could wake you up with my thoughts…"

Suddenly she was unable to speak because her partner's lips had engulfed her own. She gave in for only a minute before she realized what he had done and pulled back from him.

"Seeley Booth, do you think for one second that you can just stop me from talking…"

One again she found his lips gently massaging hers. It was as if they completed her. When he was kissing her they truly were one. Neither could tell where one of them ended and the other began.

Booth rolled over and found himself on top of her. There kisses were like water and neither could quench their thirst. Passion quickly consumed the lovers. Before Booth even knew what happened Brennan was sitting on top of him. She pulled away for only a second to look into his eyes. "Just for the record I let you stop me from talking just because I wanted to kiss you. We will continue that conversation once we are done. So as I was saying, don't think that your kisses are going to stop me from talking."

She grinned down at him while he looked up her in amazement. He had no idea what just happened but he liked it. That's my girl, always trying to take control of the situation. I don't mind in the case thought.

Brennan began kissing Booth again. She made her way from his belly button, up his six pack, to the spot on his neck that she had found last night. She knew this drove him crazy. Finally her kisses stopped at his lips and she invaded his mouth with her tongue.

His tongue fought back, both furiously trying to gain control of the other. What had started out as a slow sensual moment quickly heated up to a passion they had only imaged before this trip.

Quite a while later, Brennan and Booth broke apart. Lying in each others arms, not wanting to leave for fear of what lay ahead. What if we get back to DC and she decides she doesn't want to be with me? There is no way I would ever let her go even if she wanted to.

Bones had similar fears running through her head and sat up and looked at Booth. "So what is going to happen when we get back to DC?"

"Well what do you want to happen?" he didn't want to be to forward for fear of scaring her away.

"I want this Booth, I want to be your wife but I think she should keep this quiet for now. Only you and me can know. I don't want to think about what would happen if Cullen or Cam found out about this. They might try to split us up and I couldn't handle that Booth."

"Shh…"Booth sat up and pulled her into his arms. "Don't worry, know one can take you away from me. We can still be professional at work and personal at home. We will take this one step at a time. If you don't want to tell people right away then that is fine with me."

"Thank you Booth and yes, I trust you with my life. I know we can do this. We better get ready if we are going to catch our flight back." She quickly kissed him, not letting it linger to long for fear that they wouldn't make it out of the bed.

The past 3 days they hadn't left the bed except to get room service. Even then it was just putting on a robe and answering the door.

"I don't think I have ever been naked so long him my life." Brennan laughed as she got up from the bed, immediately feeling the loss of warmth that being close to him provided.

Booth laughed and got up too "Oh don't worry. Just because we leave DC doesn't mean that I plan on wearing clothing that often when I am with you….except for work of course."

Brennan headed to the bathroom to take a shower and had just stepped in when she felt Booth step up behind her.

"Booth, we don't have time to do this. We have to get to the airport." Brennan laughed as Booth nibbled on her ear.

"Exactly. We don't have time. We need to take a shower at the same time so it doesn't take us as long to get ready."

"Okay fine…but that's all…just a shower…"

Booth reluctantly agreed and grabbed the soap with a pout on his face that reminded her of a child.

She laughed and took the soap from his hand. "Let me help you with that." She grinned. He grinned back and took a step closer to her.


Two hours later they had finally gotten to the airport. There flight was in about 20 minutes so they had barely made it on time. "Booth, we nearly missed our flight."

"Well it isn't my fault Bones, you were the one who couldn't keep your hands off of me."


"Yes you…"

"You were the one who got in the shower with me! You know I can't resist you anymore. What was I supposed to do?"

"You can't resist me anymore huh?" Booth gave her his charm smile "I don't think you ever could resist me."

"Oh believe me I could. Why else did it take us three years to admit we liked one another?"

"Because I didn't attempt to charm you since I knew you weren't ready for it."

"Oh yeah right. I knew for a long time how much you wanted me I just didn't give in."

"Is that right?"

There banter was cut short by a call from overhead. "Now boarding Southwest flight 522 to DC. We ask that all passengers come to gate 7 as soon as possible. As always, thank you for choosing Southwest Airlines and have a great day!"

"It's time to get on the plane."

"Yes, I heard that Booth."

"Well you don't have to get snippy about it!"

"Me? Snippy? Ugh… why did I even marry you!"

"You don't mean that do you baby?" Booth put on his best 'I am hurt face.'

"One don't call me baby and two no, I don't mean that, I am glad I married you."

"That's our thing anyways, we bicker, it doesn't mean anything except that we love each other." Booth pulled her into his embrace.

"Final call for Southwest flight 522 to DC. Will any remaining passengers please come to gate 7?"

"We better get going, Angela will geek out if we miss our flight back."

"Freak out Bones, it's freak, not geek."

"Well you knew what I meant."

The laughed and headed off to board their flight back to DC. Neither knew what would happen when they got back but at the very least they had each other.