CIL: Behol,d my beloved Naruto fans, my next trilogy to take place here on Fanfiction. this is the first occasion that this has happened. but with the absence of my labtop i have been able to develop unhindered with a need to write. in this first piece I have altered the stories set timeline and made a completely new adventure. This is a Naruto Hinata love fic however, out of regular tradition, It will not be like the last and have love prevail as what saves them, hardships will be had, and new faces will be sure to show. so far the titles conceved are as follows:

12 years apart, Generations Behind

Kyuubi's Fatal Fury

Names are bound to change as i progress the story's plot and characters. Be lucky, usually my trilogies are a one time thing that set the mood for my other submissions, however this one sounded like no one has done it before, so I'll give it a try.


Konaha, 6 years in the past...

A mysterious flu as inflicted the Hokage of Konaha village. His life was not in his well years to begin with, and the village takes preperations as to how the town will go on without a chosen desended yet. Anbu Black ops keep close guard over the old man, but along with him, the growing antics of a young boy go watched. His pranks have made many of the villagers grow worried and fearful. A boy almost got hurts in one of his later ideas to demean the Hokage's of the past.

Naruto walks down the street, his path always clear of people due to his hidden secret. Naruto was busy planning out his next prank, this time, he'd have his fun with the Uchiha boy, Sasuke.

"Hehehe, what should I do to him. Itching powder? Glue in his shoes? Oh man, he's got to remember it for years to come, it's gotta be good!"

"N-N...N-Nar..." A voice came from behind him.

Naruto turned around to see a frightened little blue haired girl nearly hidden behind her collar.

"Oh hey...uh, I forgot your name again...What is it again?"

"H...Hyuga, Hinata Hyuga" She bowed in respect.

"Oh yeah, the funny eye people" He said, unknown to his rudeness, with a try to look her eye to eye. "What's up? You want something? Or are you setting me up for another group of kids to beat me up again?"

"I didn't mean that, I wasn't a part of that...I mean"

"Yeah, yeah, I know. Come on take a joke will you, if you didn't hide your face so much I bet you'd smile more" Naruto said using his finger to pull down her collar to try and sneak a look at her face. She backed away and figited with her fingers passivly.

"I...I just, wanted to walk...with you...I-If that's ok"

"Walk with me? I don't think that's safe, remember when your dad saw you talking to me just like this last time?"

Hinata recalled the moment, Naruto was in recovery for a week. "I-I...I guess your right. Sorry for wasting your time" And with another bow she left.

"Stranger by the day" Naruto said to himself. "Anyway, back to pranking" Naruto turned to take another step but found himself headbutting the man he would be pranking.

"OWW!" Naruto said rubbing his head. "Watch it!"

"Why don't you" The blue dressed youth said calm and cool.

"Errgh! I'll get you, just you wait, I'll-"

"Do what?" A large figure stood over the exploding child. "Do anything to the boy and I'll have your head on a post. Got it?" The man threatened.

"Yes sir" Naruto barely squeked as he shrunk away.

It would be days before Naruto got the neccesary preperations doen for his ultimate prank on the Uchiha boy, but revenge came into the mix, and hence vengance will veer it's ugly head.

Naruto had sent a challange letter to Sasuke, Naruto stayed at the spot declared. Waiting for his rival to show. It would be an hour past the stated time before Sasuke decided to show. Naruto was gritting his teeth in anger.

"Hey, I said one o'clock, what makes you think You can get out of this fight so easy!?"

Sasuke tossed a few trip cords and several bits of his traps to get him along the way.

"Hehe" Naruto chuckled nervously to himself. "Now lets just hope he thinks that's all I was trying to do"

"I'm not going to even watse my time here" Sasuke turned to leave when Naruto throw a kunai his way. Sasuke caught it and looked over at Naruto.

"Your not going to leave until I can put a scratch on that ogly face of yours!" Naruto kicks a rock which activates a pit trap. Sasuke just looks at him.

He was about to laugh when he ducked to dodge a log from behind him. "Is that all?"

Next a series of Kunai and sheriken flew from near every angle, Sasuke, dodged and grabbed them and threw them back at Naruto. He dodged and they cut yet another wire, activating level two of the traps. Kunai with spell tags (exploding ones) launched at Sasuke, he dodged them nimbly and stood at the ready for the next trap. Next was pins shot from above, along with Naruto charging in for an attack. Sasuke dodged the pins and watched as Naruto became a human hole factory. Sasuke felt a little remorseful for the young wannabe Ninja, until he transformed into a log littered with exploding spell tags. Sasuke jumped back out of the way and nearly fell into the hole that started this whole thing. Before Sasuke could regain stability Naruto popped up infront of him with a Sexy jutsu, surprising Sasuke and forcing him into the hole. Sasuke was quick to act before hitting the seemingly unending bottom of the pit. He used a kunai to slow his decent to a stop along the wall of the pit. Sasuke laughed victoriously.

"Ha! You didn't even scratch me! Idiot"

Naruto meanwhile had an evil grin on his face. he moved his foot forward, activating one last trap. A sharp wooden stake launched from the wall of the pit, piercing his lag and forcing him to fall to the bottom of the pit.

Naruto jumped and laughed triumphantly. "Ye-haa! got you good! Some legendary clan you come from!" Naruto was suddenly lifted into the air. His eyes pasted white as his fear rose.

"I told you, touch him, and you will pay" Naruto was dragged away, as a women tended to the wounded child at the bottom of the pit. Naruto would soon regret his actions.


Three days passed, The sickly Hokage was unable to join the trial for Naruto's banishment. And only one set of eyes in to court could not hold back the tears as judgement was passed.

"Banished, Indefinitly!" Not even a cough as the gavel hit. Only one set of eyes couldn't stand to watch him as his eyes too filled with the liqiud sorrow that now fills his soul.

"B-But...But I'm just a kid? Where am I going to go?"

"Anywhere but here, we will give you an hour to grab your things, by then, if you are not out of our village, the black ops will have thier way with you"

Naruto couldn't prevent his tears from falling to the ground. his eyes quivered. He didn't even head home, he burst out of the door and headed straight for the gate.

Hinata cried out for him and was about to run after him, but a hard hand came across the back of her neck. Her father knocked her out and left the court in orderly fashion. Leaving the events of the day to go as they please.

Naruto stood at the gate, his vision to blurry to see clearly. He looked back, hoping to see at least one person. he wiped the tears from his eyes. He then started to growl angrily, and grit his teeth.



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