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Remember Me?

Chapter 1

"You're leaving?" a teary-eyed princess asked.

"Yes," a blue-haired boy answered holding back tears. "but not for long only until I become a knight." he added.

The sorrowful princess did not respond.

"Here," the boy continued, "I caught this bird in my garden, his name is Tori, it's yours."

I had the same dream again, the one when I had last seen Orb's princess, my childhood friend, Kira. It's been six years since I have last seen her. I am now eighteen years old and I have been a knight for almost a year. Even though I am a grown man, I am jumping for joy like a child inside. Me, and my fellow knights; Yzak Joule, Dearka Elsman (both are nineteen), Nicol Almafi (who is seventeen), and Shinn Asuka (who is sixteen) will be traveling to Orb's capital, Onogoro City, to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the royal family's reign. This also means that I will finally get to see Kira after a six-year separation. My head is full of questions. Will she remember me? Is she still the loud, tomboy princess? Or is she quiet and more serene like her mother? I will finally find out in two days.

"Move the flowers over there. I said the flowers not the chairs!" Merna's commanding voice filled the ballroom.

Onogoro was busy with preparation for the celebration, but the royal palace was the busiest of all. The ballroom was full of servants taking orders from the princess' governess Merna.

"Merna," the soft voice of Queen Via floated in the air. "have you seen Kira?"

"No, Your Majesty, at least not since breakfast. Why?"

"The dance instructor has arrived," Via answered and followed with a sigh. "and Kira still needs to improve on her waltz. Though, at least she knows the other dances she has been taught, unlike her sister, who cannot learn even one."

"Well, Princess Cagalli is not very ladylike." Merna said sadly. "she would be better off a knight than a princess, unlike Princess Kira."

"I guess you are right, but Kira still needs to learn the waltz, where do you think she would be?"

"Probably the garden, you know how much she loves flowers."

"Thank you Merna, I will go check."

The garden was completely empty with the exception of a certain princess. Unlike her twin Cagalli, Kira had changed from a complete tomboy to an elegant princess. Her once short hair that had reached to her shoulders now had grown almost to her waist. Her loud, childish personality was now replaced by a calmer, more kind and ladylike nature, like that of her mother. She had stopped sneaking off with her sister to dress as a boy and watch jousts and now spends her time sewing, dancing, and singing (though her sister still sneaks off). Even though she has become more ladylike, Kira still rides her horse, Strike and practices archery.

"Tori!" her beloved bird's chirping took Kira from her thoughts. Ever since Athrun had left Kira spent her spare time playing with Tori, the bird he gave her. As Kira looked up she saw her beloved bird holding up a beautiful violet. Kira suddenly felt saddened once she saw the flower for the green stem had reminded her of Athrun's eyes, but she still smiled and gently accepted the flower and put it in her hair.

Once again Kira was interrupted, this time by her mother.

"Kira, what are you doing?" came the voice of the queen.

"Sitting." came the reply.

"What should you be doing?" Via retorted.

"Learning the waltz." Kira answered regretfully.

"Right, now come, with any luck Lady Badgiruel is still attempting to teach your sister the minuet." Via commanded.

"Yes Mother." Kira replied as she was led to her mother's sitting room.

"Left, right, left, right-head up princess! Left, right, left-no slouching!" This and many other directions filled the queen's chambers. All of this came from one voice and the voice belonged to Lady Natarle Badgiruel, the best dance instructor in the country. Teaching the country's beloved princesses was both a great honor and a great risk. If she ever displeased the princesses, especially Princess Kira (though this was rare) then their father would give you a harsh punishment. But Natarle wasn't afraid- that much.

As everyone in the palace was going to bed, Kira was in her room writing in her room writing her hand off in her diary.

Just one more day until the ball. Father said that people from all over the kingdom will come to Onogoro to celebrate. Only the nobles are allowed to enter the palace, but the rest can stay in the inns in the city and the courtyards to celebrate as well. The people love Father so much, I hope I will be loved by the people when I am queen!

Mother said that Zala's will be arriving tomorrow. That means I will finally see Athrun again. I cannot wait!

While Kira was thinking more about Athrun, King Ulen and Queen Via were in their bedroom discussing the ball.

"Darling, who else is arriving tomorrow?" The gentle queen asked.

"The Amarfi's, the Asuka's, the Elsman's, the Joule's, and the Zala's." the noble king answered.

"Oh dear, Kira will not be happy. With Dearka and Yzak bothering her and Shinn trying to serenade her, Kira will have her hands full." Via replied feeling sorry for her daughter.

"Yes," Ulen agreed. "but she will be thrilled to see Athrun for the first time in six years."

"Speaking of Athrun, when will you announce the engagement?" Via questioned sleepily.

"Soon my dear, very soon." Ulen said softly.

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