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"So, Mother I heard that some of the lords and their families arrived this afternoon." Cagalli said while eating her chicken.

"Now, Cagalli, don't talk with your mouth full. Yes, some lords did arrive with their families." Via replied smiling.

"Who were they?" Kira asked.

"The Amalfi's, the Asuka's, the Elsman's, the Joule's, and the Zala's." Ulen said.

"Oh no, not them." Kira said groaning.

"Why the sad look Kira?" Ulen asked, already knowing the answer.

"Because," Cagalli said loudly. "Joule will be criticizing every thing we do, Elsman will be flirting with every lady and maid in the palace, and Asuka will be flirting with Kira every minute he can get."

"Well, at least Nicol and Athrun won't be bothering you." Via said, while Kira started to blush at the sound of his name.

"Yes, they all have grown into fine young men. I'm sure they all will make fine husbands some day." Ulen added, while Kira blushed even harder.

"Kira sweetheart, are you alright? You're red all over." Via said with a smile.

"Oh, I'm fine mother." Kira said calming herself down.

"So Kira, have you seen Athrun yet?" Cagalli asked hiding a smile.

"I've seen him, but I haven't talked to him yet" Kira said casually.

"Oh why not?"

"Because his fan club chased him away before I could say anything." Kira said frowning.

"Let me guess; Flay, Meyrin, and Mia were leading the group." Cagalli said smirking.


"Well don't worry, you'll get plenty of time to speak to him now." Via said smiling. "you to better go to bed now, we still have a lot to do before the ball."

"You said what!!" Cagalli nearly yelled.

The girls were in Kira's room talking, and Kira just told her sister had had happened in the garden.

"I said that I was Relena."

"I can't believe it."

"I just told you !"

"Not that! The fact that Athrun didn't recognize you at all. Either you really changed or he's really ignorant."

Changing the subject, Kira turned to where her ball gown was hanging. "Who do you think mother and father engaged us to?"

Thinking a bit, Cagalli sighed. "I don't know, but I don't think it'll be that bad. They arranged Ayame and Arashi and they seem happy."

"I guess, but I'm still worried. They told Arashi months before they announced it to the public. Yet we have no clue who are fiancées are."

"Maybe that's because Arashi and Ayame liked each other before the engagement and didn't have to worry about their reactions." Cagalli thought out loud.

"And because the whole court will be there we have to control our reaction." Sighing Kira turned back to her twin. "Father's a genius."

"I bet you won't be saying that if he promised you to an ugly jerk."

Laughing, Kira hit Cagalli with her pillow.

"So why didn't you tell Athrun who you really are?"

"I don't know when he asked me my name I just blurted out Relena."

"Well, I'd tell him the truth, the more lies you tell the bigger the regret."

"I know that!" Kira snapped.

Little did she know how right her sister would be.

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