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Soon to be seventh year Katie Bell didn't feel the tickle of the grass on the back of her legs as she laid on her back in the long grass, she didn't hear the fights emitting from the burrow and she certainly wasn't paying much attention to the book in her hands. She wasn't comprehending the journey of the hero and the plight of the heroine. Nope, she was completely numb to everything but the mop of red hair sitting on her chest and the thick arm securely wrapped around her waist.

Whether she liked it or not she was captive to Fred Weasley.

Now this may sound absurd, she could easily escape from his groggy grasp if she wanted to. But that would require waking him up and, in Katie's eyes, was a complete waste of purity.

Fred Weasley, long free of Hogwarts and things such as books, homework, tests and dear old Professor Snape, still held onto his prankster disposition and reputation of being the best of his class. (George was definitely a close second though.) And though she would always enjoy his antics, she couldn't deny that Fred Weasley revealed himself in his sleep.

Putting her book aside as the ginger man, still soundly asleep in his side, pulled her closer to him, she felt a smile tugging across her lips. Playing with the red curls on the nape of his neck, Katie was only more convinced that sleep only left the raw of people.

In his sleep, stumbling through whatever dream he may have, the red head fast asleep was stripped of all antics, all prank products, his cocky smile and mischievous grin. He was only left with his red hair, long, eloquent, albeit slightly crooked nose, and his vast amount of freckles.

Not that it was any such sort of shortcomings, she need not remind herself mentally as her index finger traced over some unseen pattern in the freckles on his arm. With a content smile across her mouth, she officially discarded the book in her hand, letting it fall an arm's length away, and let her green eyes gaze up through the leaves above them.

As Fred muttered something softly and incoherently in his sleep, a defined perfect summer breeze swept over the lawn of the Weasley's yard. The leaves of the oak tree rustled, peacefully stirred from their own slumber, the blades of grass tickled the back of her legs insensibly where her shorts didn't cover, and she couldn't help notice as Fred's nose scrunched up before his head craned up towards her and nestled once again in the crook of her neck. Now even though the breeze had settled down to rest again, the ginger's steady breath tickled her instead.

Her foot tapped impatiently as he took a long sigh in his sleep, his strong breath now sending a chill down her spine despite the warm weather, hoping her will power would fight the urge to wake him up.

His nose buried farther into her neck to the point where his sleeping yet murmuring lips continually brushed over her skin. She mentally cursed herself, mentally grasping to that single, mental fiber of willpower. Why he needed a cat nap she didn't know. She only knew that waking him up would burst the raw bubble surrounding Fredrick James Weasley. And somehow that needed to be protected.

It wasn't that she didn't love the redhead who was always animated, always jovial, always making her smile just by sending her a brow-eyed glance. She could honestly say she loved everything about him wholeheartedly. But catching him asleep was a rare pleasure. She ran a Quidditch calloused hand through his thick red hair, playing with the ends when she got to them and wondering when he would wake up. As rare as a pleasure it was to catch him asleep, it made her even more anxious to catch him awake. She felt his nose scrunch up against her skin and heard him mumble something happily as he slide her across he grass so his face laid right next to hers on her shoulder. As he pushed his hairline right beneath her ear, she mentally cursed herself for her low amount willpower when it came to a certain redhead.

"Fred…" she muttered softly, running her hand through his hair again, "Fred."


"Freeeed," she sung in a sing song voice, letting her finger tips roll over the nape of his freckled neck. "Freeeeed."

He murmured incoherently. Better than nothing though.

She looped her hand traveled to his ear which she tugged on a little less gently than desired. "Hey Fred," she whispered more urgently after he let out another long sigh. She tugged a little harder, "Fred."

At this last tug he lifted his head slightly, his brows knotting together before loosening up as his eyes slowly opened. When his brow eyes finally settled on the golden blonde a smile crossed his face before letting his head fall against her shoulder again, "Morning Kates," he yawed.

"It's nearly three in the afternoon," she murmured back automatically as his grip tightened around her waist, her eyes traveling back up skywards.

"I missed you."

Her green eyes snapped back towards his brown ones as he stared at her. "You've been asleep," she stated in her confusion of his statement.

"I know," he said matter-of-factly, "But I can't take you with me when I am," he said before leaving a kiss on her jaw line.

She laughed lightly as he placed a forearm on either side of her and propping himself up so, his brown orbs gazing lightly at her, "What ever happened to being the girl of your dreams?" she questioned at which he laughed jovially too.

"Have I forgotten to tell you that lately?" he questioned, cocking one of his animated eyebrows, "because I do recall telling you that just this morning when you popped over."

"Was that before or after you scoffed at me for being late?"

"I believe it was more of a pout," he said, leaning over her dangerously in that his shaggy bangs would soon begin to tickle her nose. "I was starting to fret that you forgot about me," he pouted.

"Fred," she said his name with a laugh at which he left a quick kiss on her lips before collapsing next to her again on his side. "Don't you go to sleep again," she warned as his capable arm slipped back around her waist, pulling her even closer.

"Don't worry," he murmured, hugging her close so his mouth fluttered across her skin once again along with his sinking eyelashes "I'm definitely taking you with me this time."

How could she refuse when he put it like that?

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