Youkai Market


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Sesshoumaru glanced around the room with irritation clear in his eyes, though his face betrayed none of those emotions. He could hear the old advisors spitting out words as quickly as he slaughtered, obviously discussing that repulsive subject again. The younger, inexperienced advisors sat and listened to the decisions of the elders. After much chattering, all the advisors quieted and looked towards their lord. The oldest youkai of the community stood up and spoke.

"Sesshoumaru-sama, we have decided that it is about time that you acquire a mate."

"I heard you speak those words last summer," Sesshoumaru coldly replied, glaring icily at him.

Not heeding the glare and being bold, he continued, "We have decided to gift you with a piece of sapphire crescent in which Inutaisho-sama had used in his young days to acquire your mother as his mate. The stone will not choose wrong, it will give you the most suitable mate."

"Yet my father still left mother in search for a human. Tell me, if the sapphire is so accurate in its choice, why did father leave her?" Sesshoumaru gaze sharpened.

The elders grew wordless at his questioning, until Totosai decided to step up. "The sapphire did not choose wrong. At the time that it had seen your mother, Izayoi had yet to be born. It does not calculate the future women to exist."

"Indeed, how can you be so sure of this?" Sesshoumaru sneered at Totosai. "And if you lie, you will feel my claws."

Ignoring his threat, Totosai stated, "I was the one who crafted the piece of sapphire into a crescent, at the same time locking a piece of the kami's soul inside."

Totosai held out the crescent with wrinkled fingers, placing it in front of Sesshoumaru for him to see. Sesshoumaru took a glance at the sapphire and dismissed it as an old piece of antique, until it gave off an eerie glow.

"When it glows, it shows that it has claimed its owner. It glows white when the appropriate female is nearby. Remember this, there may be more than one suitable female, and you must choose out of them. Also remember, the gem is only considerate of the age, heritage, family background and history, and beauty. It will not look into a person's personality so it is up to you to find out."

Sesshoumaru looked at the stone in distaste, why can't the damn stone just choose the best one? He hated having to 'filter' through people; it was the most tiring errand on earth, not to mention that this time he would probably dealing with bitches. Following Totosai's description, he might even have to deal with the arrogant toad of the East. She had passable looks, but her etiquette and pronunciation of words were just unbearable. She put the creators of the Japanese language to shame.

"Sesshoumaru-sama, please accept and choose an appropriate female to stand by your side! The western land is in need of a mistress!" the advisors all bowed towards Sesshoumaru, looking forward to the choice of the gem. After all, last time it had been active, it had made some interesting choices besides Sesshoumaru's mother.

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