A different kind of murder

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A/N: Yeah I know this is kind of random and short but It amuses me

Phoenix looked down at his evidence list, then at Edgeworth opposite him. He noted the look on his face; he looked like the cat ate the canary.

"Don't worry Wright, just come out guns blazing. Like you always do."

'He knows!' Phoenix thought. '…If I don't make a guess now…it's all over…I know who the real murderer is… I know the weapon…I just can't prove where the body was!'

"Mr. Wright come on! You can do this!" Ema Skye said reassuringly, all the while scribbling 'Scientific notes' on her pad of paper.

He swallowed nervously and slammed his hand on the table, making the pieces on the board rattle.

'It's make it or break it time!'

"Alright! I think it was…Miss Scarlet! With the rope! …In the Lounge!" There was a moment of silence after his outburst, interrupted by Ema.

"But Mr. Wright…Scientifically speaking, that rope is too small to successfully strangle someone with." He ignored her and picked up the wallet in the centre of the Cluedo board.

'Alright…Miss Scarlet…The rope…and…oh no!… not the-'

"It seems you've lost again Wright…It's the Library, isn't it?" There was another loud clatter as Phoenix dropped his head onto the wooden table, defeated. "You surprise me Wright… How do you beat me in court?"

"My game play abilities have nothing to do with my skill in a courtroom!" Phoenix retorted bitterly.

"It's a good thing too."

"Shut up Edgeworth…" True, this was the third round he had lost, and it was driving him insane. Miles Edgeworth appeared to be the master of this little murder mystery game.