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O B O E R U // Remember (SatoKasu) ;;


He's so...

Strange. I can never understand why he's so cheerful all the time. It's as if he had 20 cups of coffee and just shot out of a cannon.

...Perhaps I'm just exaggerating that part.

Kasumi sighed as she shoved her diary into her bag. She looked around and blushed as she felt Satoshi's presence enter her room.

"Kasumi! What are you doing?" He asked cheerfully. The orange haired girl smiled weakly, hiding the blush on her cheeks. She had had a crush on the jumpy pokémon trainer ever since she met him near Masago Town.

She remembered that childlike face.

She remembered him being drenched in water; which was a huge plus in her mind.

Heck, she remembered when she slapped him as well.

It was hard, very hard for Kasumi. She lived with the fact that Satoshi would no longer by her side, and that another girl would be with him. She looked at the full view mirror beside her bed and sighed. Turning red, she placed her hands on her chest and examined herself by turning around in circles.

"Am I...not as important to you anymore? Satoshi?" She asked herself solemnly. "Am I...just a memory? Will you forget me and think about Haruka?"

"Of course not! I will NEVER forget you!" Satoshi replied rather enthusiastically. Kasumi literally jumped up as Satoshi slammed the door open and grinned cheerfully.


"Hm? What?" Satoshi teased, "Kasumi! You are so weird sometimes. I mean, I'll never forget you okay? I promise!" Kasumi stared at her friend as he jumped on her bed, not caring at all of the insults she was planning on calling Satoshi. Instead, she climbed onto the bed and jumped as well. She thought to herself how random she was acting at the moment but ignored it completely, remembering all the fun times she had with Satoshi.

"Hmm, maybe this will be okay' She thought while watching Satoshi going up and down constantly. She laughed as Satoshi slipped on the side of the bed and landed hard onto the floor.

Satoshi was just too cute, just like old times.

Kasumi smiled and closed her eyes as she lay on top of the unconscious child, remembering all the times she spent with Satoshi.

She felt like the most luckiest girl in all of Kanto.

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