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And, if you can't remember, Kinya is Keenan from the dub. He's a filler character who owns the golden Usokkii/Sudowoodo. He appears in only one episode, "All that Glitters is not Golden!"

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O H I S A S H I B U R I // It's been a long time (SatoKin) ;;

A lot of things have come late to me…

Most of the time, I get so upset waiting…

Of course, when Satoshi-san and his friends came by…well…


"Usokkii! Uso uso!" Usokkii cheered as his trainer Kinya was watering the new garden located behind his little cottage. Kinya placed the watering can onto the ground and patted Usokkii's head.

"Hm? Is something wrong Usokkii?" He asked with a soothing tone. Usokkii blushed as it trainer gleamed in happiness. It was happy that Kinya was happy, so it wrapped its arms around Kinya's neck. "Aww. Usokkii, I love you too." He smiled and returned to his work. From the corner of its eye, Usokkii notice Kinya's facial expression change from cheerful to melancholy.

"Uso…" It mumbled and looked away.

"Hey," Kinya replied as he opened the door, "I have mail." He ran to his mailbox and eagerly checked each envelope carefully (there were six in total). When he arrived at the fourth envelope, he cheered and jumped before running back into his room. Ripping it open, he instantly started reading the rough, child-like printed handwriting.



How are you? It's been a long time since we've talked. I'm fine if you're wondering by the way. Haruka, Takeshi, Masato and Pikachu are fine as well. :)

Anyways, Haruka won her contest! It was really suspenseful too. You see, this guy named Harley and Team Rocket (you know, those guys with the talking Nyasu) were working together and stuff, trying to sabotage Haruka's performances. Luckily, we thwarted their plans, along with our friend Shuu who is also Haruka's rival. Phew, it was a close one!

So anyways…again, how are you? I hope you and Usokkii are doing fine -- In fact, I'm SURE you two are. :) Hopefully you've learned your lesson Kinya: never mess with science experiments. Heehee, Masato thinks I should be the last person to say that. Ehehe…

And so, I have to finish this letter now. ):

I hope we cross paths sometime! Bye bye!

From Satoshi. :D


Kinya laughed when he saw Pikachu's pawprint on the bottom right hand corner of the letter and placed it his on desk. Watching the clouds float by, Kinya blushed as he pictured himself being with Satoshi at that very moment. His eyes started drooping and in no time, Kinya had fallen asleep.


"Pika! Pika!"

"Uso! Usokkiiiiii"

Kinya's eyes slowly opened and were suddenly wide open. The green haired trainer bolted from chair and fell onto the floor. A hand, along with a typical laugh reached out to him.

"Kinya. You're so jumpy today!" Satoshi cheerfully teased. Kinya blushed and laughed at his clumsiness. Satoshi chuckled and slapped his hand on Kinya's back, causing him to jerk around a little. "I see you got my letter. Took you a while!"

"A while?" Kinya blinked, "I just got it today so-- Oh right, you probably wrote this ages ago eh?"

"Duh!" Satoshi smiled and stuck his tongue out. Kinya laughed, blushing slightly as Satoshi grabbed his wrist, pulling him onto the bed. Kinya lay there with his eyes wide, staring at Satoshi who was sitting beside him. "Want me to stay over night?" Kinya's eyes gleamed and closed as he hugged Satoshi, before letting go when he realised what he just did.

"Uh. Yeah sure." Kinya murmured calmly. He once again smiled as he watched Satoshi unpack and play around with Pikachu and Usokkii. Thinking to himself, Kinya sighed.

'Maybe…waiting for a long time isn't such a bad thing…'

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