For You

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Chapter 1: Realities

Hello. My name is Harry Potter and I'm fifteen years old. Just because I have some stupid scar on my forehead everybody thinks I'm a hero and that I will defeat Voldemort but I really couldn't care less. Really, how can everyone believe that just because I have this scar, which by the way could have been caused even by some fall but nooo they have this belief that it is some protection my mother gave me when she 'sacrificed' herself for me. How can anybody believe that? Do they really think I don't have any memory of that night? Well I do.

I used to have these strange dreams of that night but they were very different from what everybody has told me that happened. So I decided to retrieve all my memories. Using the marauder's map I snuck into Dumbledore's office and used the pensive to retrieve my memories. They were very different from what everybody thought.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing, so I decided to investigate more about my parents. Since I didn't care about any war against Voldemort I went to him in person looking for the real information of what happened the night my parents died. I found that due to my mother's great abilities Voldemort wanted her as a Death-eater or else she would be killed, so she accepted to serve as spy on Hogwarts if he let her live. Some time later she married my father and they had me. Voldemort had let my mother marry my father with the condition of not telling him anything and if they had any children they must serve as a Death-eater too.

My mother, ordered by Voldemort, became a member of the Order of the Phoenix and there she served as a spy as well. On that night my mother was suppose to hand her report but since it was classified information Voldemort himself came to the house to retrieve it. My father, who knew nothing about my mother being a spy, thought they were being persecuted by Voldemort and his followers for being a member of the order. He thought Voldemort was there to kill them so he did what he thought was right: defend his family. Voldemort reacted to his attacks by killing him. My mother, seeing her husband being killed by Voldemort, thinking it was an attack and she was killed as well. Voldemort went to my room and gave me this mark to find me when the time came to initiate me as a Death-eater. After that he fled never to be seen for a long time, but all this was part of his plan.

I couldn't believe what my mother had done. It was because of her that my father, who was innocent, is dead. Really, she deserved her death. And everybody still thinks she died protecting me. That's why I can't care less about this shit of me being a hero who is supposed to defeat Voldemort, because everything is a lie. But I have to keep pretending I do, if only for the person I love believes those things.


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