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Chapter 2: Discoveries

Two years ago I learned that I have a godfather. Great, isn't? His name is Sirius Black and I'm currently living with him. He is the closest thing I have had to a father, or a family for that matter. Oh, 'what about the Dursleys?' you ask, well the Dursleys are just excuses for human beings and have never cared for me, so they don't count as family to me, really, they can all be kissed by dementors and die for all I care. But Sirius…He is the opposite, he is special to me: he is caring, protective and is always looking for my well-being and happiness. He is the best thing that has happened to me!

Sirius…my godfather…the interesting thing is that no one ever told me of his existence! Cool, isn't it? No one ever bothered to tell me the insignificant, little, and irrelevant fact that I had a godfather!! And 'Why?' you may ask, well, that's a question worth a millions of galleons! The great excuse was that he was incarcerated in Azkaban for, supposedly, the murder of 13 muggles. Oh, but that's not all, they thought he was the cause of my parents deaths and they thought it would crush me. Amusing, right? But let's give them a little credit, if I hadn't known the truth it would have certainly destroyed me.

Anyway, they thought it was going to destroy me emotionally to know that my godfather was a murderer and that he had betrayed my parents, which resulted in their deaths, and that I would do something stupid to avenge them. But really! Couldn't they have thought that I would have liked to know the truth, no matter how painful? And that it could have affected me to know that all that time I had a relative, family, and that they had hidden it from me?! Some one who might care about me, who would be worried about me, missing me and know nothing about me?

Well, contrary to what they might believe, I had all the fucking right to know!!! My parents entrusted him to take care of me for something!! That he killed some people, that he betrayed my parents…well it was for ME to decide what I would do with that knowledge, not them!! It would have been ok if they had been really worried about me but no! They weren't really worried about my well-being at all! They were more worried if someday they told me the truth, I would try to do something stupid, like kill him, and end up in Azkaban where I could not do anything to defeat Voldemort.

Defeat Voldemort…can't they think of something else?! Fuck, no wonder everyone fears him so much! They don't speak or do anything that isn't related to him in some way. They even tried to control my life so I can become the Hero (please notice the mock in my words) that will someday save them all from the evil Voldemort!! God Isn't that pathetic? They have fought with him for decades without succeeding, and now they expect ME, a mere fifteen year old, to do it!! Ha! As if! Anyway, with the excuse that I have to 'learn' how to defeat Voldemort, they control what I do, where I go, who my friends are, fuck, even who my enemies are!! They have tried to control every aspect of my life! But what they still have to notice is that THIS. IS. MY. FUCKING. LIFE! Not theirs!! That I'm not a machine and that someday I can rebel against them and send them all to hell and walk away from them!! Well, not that I will do that for now, please note that I said 'for now', I don't plan to live the rest of my life like that! But while that person I love believes those lies of me being a hero, I will pretend I haven't noticed anything and will play their game until I complete my plan, then I can get the hell away!

Sorry about my rant, that shouldn't bother me anymore, he is with me now and that's what matters. So, let's continue with the story!! Like I was saying, if no one ever told me about my godfather, you may ask, how is that I learned about him? Well that's the fun part! I learned of him by accident while eavesdropping a conversation between the Minister of Magic, one of my professors and the owner of the bar where they were talking. That day the students were visiting Hogsmade and since Vernon (he is NOT my uncle, I refuse to accept them as family) refused to sign my permission I decided to sneak out of Hogwarts using the marauder's map and my invisibility cap. Once in town I met with Hermione and Ron and while we were walking near the bar we heard the Minister mention that Sirius Black, who had escaped from Azkaban a few days before, might be after me. That obviously caught my attention, so I decided to follow them. That's when I learned that he was sent to Azkaban for the death of those 13 muggles and that he had betrayed my parents by telling Voldemort were my parents lived.

At first I couldn't understand what the hell that could have mattered. After all Voldemort knew where my parents lived! I wanted to know what they meant by that, and what was the real story of this Sirius Black. So I decided to go and look for him. Of course I had to pretend that I wanted revenge. After all no one else apart from me knew the truth about my parents and I wasn't ready to tell them that I had talked with Voldemort nor that I'm suppose to become a Death-Eater and not the hero everyone thought. That would have had caused a…little…chaos that I REALLY didn't want to deal with. Anyway, after months of searching for this Sirius Black, I finally found him. And that's when everything changed for me.


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