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Happy Endings

chapter 1

I rested my hand on the door of my apartment not wanting to open the door and tell my father the, what I thought of as horrible, news.

Flashback mode

"Oh come on Haruhiiii" said the twins in unison, their devilish grins on their faces. One on either side of me with their arms around my shoulders.

"Pleeeease, Haru-chan." whined Honey from atop Mori's shoulders. His eyes even bigger than usual. Bun-Bun in his right arm the around mori's neck to keep him from falling. Not that Mori would let him fall the first place. Mori just looked as stoic as usual but he seemed to give off an aura that said that he wanted her to come to.

"I could always add more to your debt if you don't come" Kyouya said fixing his glasses then writing something in his ever present black folder

I shuddered at that thought. I already had enough to work off but for goodness sakes this wasn't a club activity they shouldn't dangle my debt infront of me just because I don't won't to go. Finally I looked at Tamaki, which was a bad idea.

Tamaki was on his knees giving his best puppy-dog eyes. Those adorable puppy-dog eyes that I just could not resist. He looked up at me not saying anything, but his plea was definitely heard. I sighed, there was just no way I could fight those eyes. I could fight the twins' teases and taunts, I could fight Honey's cuteness, I could fight Mori's cool exterior, and I have no clue if I could have fought Kyouya, but those eyes. I let out another sigh "Fine, I'll go but a sleepover is a sleepover it's no different if you're a commoner or if you're rich" I finally said.

End Flashback

I slowly turned the doorknob and let myself into my apartment with another sigh. My father was sitting at the table reading a book. His hair was pulled back in it's usual low ponytail and he wore his favorite shirt, the one I got him that had the kanji for father on looked up at me as I passed him, going to my room to drop my stuff off and then change out of my uniform.

"How was your day, Haruhi?" he asked as I came out of my room in kahki shorts and a dark blue T-shirt with a white stripe along the sleeves,collor and waist and sat beside him.

"The same as always I went to my classes, went to my club and hung out with my friends" I replied, not knowing how he would take to me sleeping over at a boy's house with a bunch of other males. Knowing him he would go into hysteria and start going on baout for his daughter should act like more like the girl she is and know that it would be inappopreate for a only one girl to be sleeping over a guys house, A rich guys house exspecially. He would go on saying that people would think he was selling his daughter because he was unable to earn enough money or that he was a bad parent. I didn't even want to think about his reaction when he learned said boys house was Tamaki's. They two of them were so similar that they didn't get along. But then again, he was OK when they went to the beach house for a couple days with no parents so, maybe he wouldn't react too bad to the sleepover idea. "Um on Saturday the club will be having a sleepover party." I said watching him closely to see his reaction.

"Whose house?" he asked wryly. He put down his book at looked me straight in the eye. Probably trying to go for the manly protective father look. He also probably alreaddy knew it was going to be a guys house and that it would be one of the host club members, I didn't exactly have many female friends. Although he had met all the members of the club, the fact that I was the only girl still got to him.

"Tamaki-senpai's" I said in a quiet voice that surprised me. I sounded like I was guilty of something but didn't want to tell the truth about.

"Are you all going to be sleeping in the same room?" He asked. Moving over the low table so the his face was closer to mine.

"Not if I have my way" I crossed my arms and put my nose in the air.

"Good. OK you can go" he turned back to his book leaving me puzzled. Usually he would ask more questions or throw a fit at me sleeping over at a guy's house. Then it donned on me… Kyouya.


I got up and walked into the kitchen to get a glass of water before starting on the homework for that day.


Ding dong

I got off the couch, where I had been going over the notes I had taken in class the day before.

Ding dong, ding dong, ding dong ding dong

''Jeez this person is inpatiant.'' I thought as I opened the door and stared at Tamaki.


"Daddy here to pick up his beautiful daughter!" He exaggerated about to glomp me.

I dodged and walked back inside my apartment leaving the door open so he could come in. He was in full abandoned puppy mode. I refused to look at him, remembering that I got into this sleepover mess because I look at him when he was like this.

"The party doesn't start til six. It's four." I said

"I know, but I was afraid my daughter might get lost because you have never been over to my house before." He whined. Kneeling he wrapped his arms around my waist looking up at me with the best puppy-dog eyes he had. "Please let me drive you there"

I rolled my eyes and sighed. He must know that I can not resist those eyes. "Fine you can drive me."

so this is the rewrite of chapter 1. Hope you all like it. It's about 500 words longer now.