Kingdom Hearts III

By Yugijo

Chapter One

Broken Flight

There's something there that's always hard to get.
I want it but it won't let me have it...

Broken Flight

I need you to hold me tight.

I want you to keep me warm.
My heart can't take what you have to say.
Oh no.
There's no light if the darkness prevails.
Please don't.

I want to hold your hand.
My heart is dear.
My heart is precious.
You make me feel alive.
So please don't go.
Please help me to the light.
Don't let me fall behind your shadow.
The day will be clear when I hear you say.
Please stay another day.
I can't go on with out you.
Please hold me tight so I can take flight.
Don't let me go.
I'll hold on forever.
If you say my name.
Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh...

I keep running to them but I can't get to them.
My dreams are falling apart I need your help...