Kingdom Hearts III

By Yugijo

Chapter Four

Bad Memories

Cloud walked through the streets of Hollow Bastion. The streets always got quiet just before it rained. Then with out warning the rain started. It started at as a drizzle then it lightly started to rain before the rain came down in buckets. Not even caring Cloud still walked the streets. It was peaceful until his cell phone started to ring.
"What now?" Cloud said as he held the phone in his hand to look at who was calling. For some reason there was no name or number. Afraid of who it could be Cloud waited a while before answering.
"Hello." Cloud said in a weary tone.
"Hey Cloud!" Said a very familiar voice.
"Reno!" Cloud said in an irritated voice. "How many times have I told you to stop calling me"
"Yah whatever… but I think we might have an offer you can't refuse." Reno said smoothly.
"Not interested." Cloud said before he hung up.
"Yah… well Rufus said you say that." Reno said from behind Cloud. Cloud quickly tuned around drawing his sword and swinging it at Reno. Reno dogged it and kicked Clouds sword out of his hand.
"Rufus said you'd do that too." Reno said and held out a card to Cloud.
"What's this?" Cloud asked taking the card from Reno.
"It's our number. Call us if your interested." Reno said before walking past Cloud. When Reno was out of sight Cloud crumbled up the piece of paper and picked up his sword.
"I'll never help you again." Cloud whispered and walked down the streets again.

Rarous sat on his bed thinking about the stuff that's happened to him. He thought mostly about Xaspirpeh and what Axel said. He stood up and looked out the window from his room. The sky was clear and pure. Then it slowly and quietly started to rain. The sky turned dark and thunder started in the distance.
"Rain?" Rarous said in a puzzled voice.
"Rain rain go away…" Rarous turned around and saw a guy standing out back of him. He wore the same outfit as Xaspirpeh.
"Who are you?" Rarous asked getting ready for an attack.
"Name's Demyx." He said pulling back his hood to reveal short brown hair.
"Did Xaspirpeh send you?" Rarous asked.
"Who are you talking about?" Demyx said walking over to Rarous's bed.
"So who sent you?" Rarous asked.
"No. No. No dear Rarous. I think the question is were is Axel?" Demyx asked. Rarous shivered as he said Axel's name.
"What's it to you?" Rarous asked.
"Well… He's been a bad boy, and now he must be punished." Demyx said in a sly voice giving off a light chuckle.
"Well your not getting any information!" Rarous shouted charging Demyx. Demyx sidestepped Rarous and kicked him in the back.
"Oh so sorry." Demyx said in a cool tone.
"I won't give up!" Rarous moaned as light formed around his hand. Then with a burst of light he held the Keyblade.
"No not that thing!" Demyx said shaking all over.
"Here I come!" Rarous said and ran after Demyx. Demyx was able to dodge his attack again.
"See yah latter." Demyx said and walked through a portal.
"Come back you coward!" Rarous yelled just as the portal disappeared. Gasping for air Rarous sat on his bed. Just then he heard screams and crashes. Rarous rushed to his window and saw the small black creatures again. Rarous quickly rushed outside to help anyone in need. As he dashed across the street he got a glimpse of Axel fighting with two circular objects in his hands. Rarous ran towards Axel ready to fight the black creatures. He took aim and hit one right out back of Axel. The creature turned to dust and disappeared.
"Good job!" Axel said turning around.
"What are these things?" Rarous asked as he hit another one.
"There called heartless. Their dangerous so when you see one you better kill it." Axel shouted throwing one of his rings at a heartless. It hit one in the head and then returned to his hand.
"And were did you get those?" Rarous jumped over a heartless and cut it in half.
"You know here and there." Axel replied as he slashed at three of the heartless. Rarous threw his Keyblade at a near by heartless hitting it in the stomach. Rarous ran and recovered the Keyblade just barely dodging a heartless. Rarous and Axel were back to back as the heartless closed in on them.
"You ready?" Axes asked Rarous. Rarous replied with a nod. Axel Linked on arm with Rarous and swung him around in circles. Rarous slashed at the heartless with his Keyblade killing each and everyone of them. Black dust flew everywhere from the heartless causing Axel and Jin to stop.
"What's happening?" Rarous asked as he shielded his eyes from the back dust.
"I don't know!" Axel shouted as a heavy wind blew at them. Then it stopped but the black dust was now swirling around them like a twister. The wind started up again but this time it was stronger than ever causing Rarous and Axel to float up in the air.
"Rarous grab my hand!" Axel shouted as they spun around in circles. Rarous stretched out his hand to grab Axel's. Their finger tips just touching each others but before they could get a grip the wind pulled them apart. Rarous was flung into a wall and Axel crashed into a parked car. The car buckled in as Axel crashed into its side. Then without warning the car exploded.
"Axel!" Rarous shouted as he tried to stand.
"Lock and load baby!" Came a voice from above Rarous. He looked and dogged just in time as red lasers hit were he was just sitting.
"Please don't move and it wont be painful." Came a voice from behind Rarous. He turned around and was hit with a tremendous force. Rarous went flying and was just about to hit a wall when out of no where's someone caught him in their arms. Rarous took a look and saw the silver hair of Xaspirpeh. She put him down on the ground before taking out her bow.
"Are you ok?" She asked him while stringing one of her arrows.
"Yah…I think so." Rarous answered her.
"Good." Xaspirpeh said and shot her arrow.
"Who are those people?" Rarous asked.
"Their nobodies from Organization XII" She said quickly and pointed to a man in an outfit like hers. He had an Eye patch on his left eye and a scar on his right cheek. His hair was tied in a pony tail.
"That one is Xigbar." She quickly pointed to another strange man. "That one with the staffs is Xaldin." and finally she pointed to a boy probably a little older than Rarous.
"And that one is Zexion." She then stood up and held her hand out front of herself. As she did this six strange creatures appeared out front of her.
"Attack!" Xaspirpeh shouted and all six of the creatures sped toward Zexion.
"Fool." Zexion said under his breath and shot shuriken from out of no where's. Two of the creatures were able to doge the shuriken.
"I got it!" Shouted Xigbar as he shot down the last two things.
"You fool!" Axel shouted from out back of Xigbar. Axel then jabbed his weapon into Xigbar's back. Xigbar let out a scream of pain before disappearing into a portal. Axel watched as he left. His cloths were torn and smudged and he let out a sigh as Xaldin and Zexion vanished. Axel then started his decent from the top of the building.
"Axel!" Rarous shouted as he ran to were Axel was. Axel put his hands on his knees and took in a few deep breaths. He looked up at Rarous and smiled.
"We did good." Axel said and stood to his full height. He looked at his torn shirt and ripped the remains off revealing lots of cuts all over his body.
"You really took a beating." Rarous whispered.
"Its because he was careless." Xaspirpeh said walking up to them. Axel tensed at her presence.
"I was wondering who sent those nobodies." He said as he forced a light chuckle, but never let his eyes off of her.
"Hello Axel." Xaspirpeh said not even letting out a smile.
"Hello Xaspirpeh." Axel said back to her. She turned around and opened up a portal. Before she walked in she turned her head around.
"I'll remember what you did to me." She said coldly before she stepped threw the portal.
"I'm sorry." Axel said as he bowed his head in shame. A tear trickled down his cheek.
"Axel do you know Xaspirpeh?" Rarous asked Axel as he walked him to his house.
"Yes." Axel said in a soft voice. "She was my fiancé"
"What!?!" Rarous shouted in surprise.
"Yah… Me and her were engaged." Axel started. "I met her while I was in Hollow Bastion. I thought she was cute so I bumped into her on purpose. She said her name was Sapphire and greeted me warmly. Soon after she invited me to her house. It was warm and cozy inside. She told me to sit down. We sat on the couch and talked some more. All I could think about was her crystal blue eyes staring at me. Then after we"
"You made out!" Rarous shouted in surprised. Axel blushed and turned around.
"Yah-well you could… sort of say that." Axel said and faced Rarous again ready to continue the story, but was interrupted by Rarous.
"So then you got engaged and she turned into a weird person like those other freaks." Before Rarous could apologize he was punched in the face by Axel's fist. Rarous fell to the ground with a loud crash.
"Ow! What was that for?" Rarous asked as he rubbed his cheek.
"Don't you ever judge her by them ever again!" Axel shouted. His face was now pure red and his eyes burned with fire. For a second Rarous thought that Axel's hair was on fire.
"Ok I'm sorry. No need to get huffy." Rarous said and stood up.
'Let me show you something." Axel said in a calm voice. He closed his eyes and stood were he was for a while. Then his body started to glow white. It got brighter and brighter until Rarous couldn't see Axel anymore. When Rarous looked Axel had on a suit just like Xaspirpeh and the other three guys.
"Your one of them?" Rarous asked in a soft but scared voice.
"Yes Rarous I'm sort of one of them." He replied.
"What do you mean by sort of?" Rarous asked backing away slowly.
"I don't act like them. That's what I mean Rarous." Axel sighed and turned around in shame.
"Axel were still friends." Rarous said and put a hand on his shoulder. Axel turned around and gave Rarous a hug.
"Thanks for being my friend Rarous. Without you I would be like them." Axel cried softly as they hugged.
"Yah but what about Ariki?" Rarous asked as he pulled away from Axel.
"Oh. She's already on the gummy ship." Axel said and pointed down the street to a big black gummy ship.
"You have a ship." Rarous said in surprise.
"Yah and we have to leave right now." Axel said just as the ground shook. Axel grabbed Rarous by the arm and dragged him to the ship.
"Axel let me go!" Rarous shouted but Axel just kept dragging him to the ship until they were onboard.
"Ariki close the hatch!" Axel shouted as he climbed into the cockpit.
"Ay! Ay! Captain!" Ariki saluted as she pressed a button on the control panel. The hatch closed and the ship rumbled.
"Fasten your seat belts!" Axel shouted and strapped himself in. Ariki and Rarous did the same just as another rumble struck.
"Blast off!" Axel shouted as the ship began to lift off the ground. Rarous looked down at the ground and saw it break way into nothing.
"Axel were not going to make it!" Ariki shouted as she looked at a monitor.
"Oh yes we are!" Axel shouted back and pushed a square white button on his seat. The ship sped up and Rarous felt the ship the ship blast away from a tremendous force. Then the force vanished and Rarous unbuckled his belt. Before he new it there was a loud explosion and he was thrown agents the control panel. He saw white and black flashes before everything went black.