Hey guys! Kisa here!

So listen, this story is still complete, but I figured if some of you past readers, or even new readers who just discovered this fic and liked it, would like to know that I do have a sequel out

It's called 100 Occurrences of the Fantastical

You know thos fics you see around fan fiction, where its like 100 oneshots of a particular couple or fandom, well that's what this is, a 100 chapter fic in the making of just random snippets of the turtles lives with and without the girls (shocking I know)

I decided to write this fic because ive hit a major ninja turtles kick once again, and I missed writing about the girls. Also there was a lot of loose ends I realized I didn't tie up at the end of WCWYA, so that's why im here. This next story includes the dramatic reunion of Cam and her Mother, interactions between the turtles and the girls who aren't their girlfriends, A mini story called "fading past close future" that is a Usagi/oc story (my beta says its coming out really good, and the first two chapters are included in the sequel already) And much much more. I seriously love writing this fic, but since it does include the girls, and not everyone has read who cares what you are, im afraid it isn't getting the attention I hope it deserves. I work really hard on this Sequel(trust me, the writing is much better than where I started off on this fic…ugh, I go back and read it then cringe) and I want people to enjoy, so I thought I'd post a friendly little authors note to let people know what it's about, and what it includes, in case any past fans of the girls want to check it out, and if any new fans who liked the story want to give it a try too.

I hope you enjoy it and please, remember to read and review. It truly does help me write because I know what people like about the story so I can include more of it. Also it helps me spot the things I need to work on.

So yeah…if you can spare a moment check it out…