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Beast Boy, Happy and Timid continued down the path through the maze, Beast Boy and Happy doing most of the talking in an attempt to cheer Timid up and keep her apologies down to a minimum. It was kinda working… kinda.

"And that time a couple days ago when I told you to grow up and slammed the door in your face, I'm really sorry about that too…"

"Dude, that one was kinda my fault anyways, no big!" he said smiling. He was determined not to get agitated with her and to stay up beat.

"Yeah!" agreed Happy in an attempt to help, "he was being a goober brain tattle tail!" She crossed her eyes. "Thbbbbbbbbbbbbbbp!"

"Dude!" exclaimed Beast Boy, "Watch the spit!" Happy just giggled.

Timid looked out ahead. Suddenly she let out an "eek!" and hid behind Beast Boy and Happy.

"What's wrong?" asked Beast Boy trying to peer behind him.

"We're at the end," Timid whispered in a hushed tone.

"Oh, hey! We are!" He marched the group through the portal, causing Timid to shudder.

"Why you freakin' Glorple brain?" Happy asked her.

"This scares me."

Beast Boy looked confused. "How does this-

Out of the shadows came two statues with glowing red eyes.

"Oh, right, forgot about that part…" Beast Boy nervously confessed. He glanced around as the two statues started to form together. "Come on Brave, where are you…."

Beast Boy slid Happy's arm off his shoulder and helped her lean on Timid. If Miss Marine didn't show up soon it was going to be just him against this thing. He braced himself as the statue, now with four arms, began to glare down on him. Suddenly from behind he heard what he'd been waiting for.

"Hey Stony!" A green cloaked Raven soared over Beast Boy to hit the statue in the chest, knocking it backwards. "You never learn anything do you, Brick Brains?" She leaped up again. "You can't beat this Green Machine! Raven rocks!" she shouted as she sliced it neatly in half with a mighty kick. "Oh Yeah! Other Ravens! High Fiv-

Brave stopped short as she turned around and caught site of Beast Boy. "Brave! Long time no see!" Beast Boy said in greeting, not noticing anything wrong. "As usual, that was totally AWSOME! How do you do that? Is it just-

"EEP!" Brave dove behind a bush. Beast Boy looked confusedly at Happy and Timid. "Uhhh… What just happened?"

"She just went bush diving!" Happy commented giggling.

"Well I know that! But why?"

"She looked scared to me…" Timid put in.

"Brave?" Beast Boy ventured to peer around the bush, getting down on his knees to Brave's level. She was practically curled up in a ball. "Brave, what's-

"Don't look at him and he'll go away, he'll just go away…" Brave repeated this over and over, hands over her ears and her eyes squnched tightly shut.

"Is she afraid of me?!" Beast Boy asked backing up slightly in alarm.

"Brave's afraid of BB," Happy stated, giggling some more. Beast Boy looked at her and sadly down at Brave.

"It's not very funny…" he said quietly. "Brave?"

"Don't look at-

"Brave!" Beast Boy pulled her hands off her ears and cupped her face in his hands. "Why are you scared of me?" He was on the edge of desperation.

"You'll hurt us. You'll see too much, then you'll hate us, then you'll hurt us, and I will not let that happen, I will not!" Determination was back on Brave's face. She may have been scared of Beast Boy but that didn't mean she wasn't going to face him down.

"Hurt you? I'd never hurt you, I'm…"

"You had better get out of my head, Fanggy, before I'm forced to do something to you."

"He's going hate us forever for this!" wailed Timid.

"But I can't leave!" Beast Boy pleaded, "I've got to get Happy to Raven! She's sick, see?" He pulled Happy over.

"Hi Brave!"

"That's why we came here!" Beast Boy explained, "We need your help!"

"So if I help you find Raven, you leave?"

"I do everything humanly possible to try."

"How about Beast Boyly possible?"


They shook hands to seal the deal and stood up. "Let's do this people!" Brave shouted as she began to take command. "Beast Boy, you help Hap before T falls over. T? You're rear guard…"

It took quite awhile for them to convince Timid that rear guard was really the best place to be. As Beast Boy pointed out, anything new would be in front of them anyways, where Brave was.

"But what if we miss something, and it sneaks behind me?" she asked nervously.

"What on Earth could you possibly have to worry about in here?" asked Brave. She was a mite touchy, having to help the thing she apparently feared above all else.

"Well, Rage isn't very nice…"

"If rage shows up, I'll take care of it," Beast Boy said, cutting off any remark Brave could make, "I've dealt with her before." He finished in a very macho way, his chest puffed out.

"Yeah, Mope," agreed Happy, "No worries!" She coughed some more, doubling over and almost pulling Beast Boy to the ground.

"One thing we need to worry about," said Beast Boy as he helped her up, "We need to get you some help."

"Then what are we waiting for?! March!" came Brave's command as she spun around and began the trek forwards.


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