Mon Ange… Mon Protecteur

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"Y' be foe bastard!" shouted demon-eyed young man.

"You gonna pay for this, bub," growled Wolverine. He, Storm, Prof. Xavier, Cyclops, Jean, Magneto, Pyro and Gambit were in a cage. In front of them near a huge monitor was sitting Bolivar Trask. The cage some unknown way was blocking all mutant's power, so neither X men no Acolytes could find some way to get out of this place.

"I don't think so, Wolverine!" laughed crazy man. "Very soon your little friends would join you... or die. Anyway, I'm going to clean this world from you, dirty muties! And now, enjoy the show. My people are controlling cameras, which you put inside your Mansion, so now we can see how your "little army" will be crushed by my solders..." Trask pushed some bottoms, and the monitor was separated for some parts in which appeared picture of one of the rooms in the Mansion.

Jean couldn't believe that this was really happening. Few days ago Magneto proposed to the X men to find a secret base, where a lot of mutants were cept as prisoners. And now they became prisoners themselves! Task someway knew about their plans and prepared a trap. Many X men were hurt; those who steel could stand were brought to the mane center room where Trask was waiting for them. There were only little kids at X mansion; they couldn't control their power yet. And now they were in grate danger and no one could protect them...

Rogue left the bus station and decided to walk her way to the X mansion. Couple days ago she left New York for her native Caldecott. Irene felt very bad and asked Rogue to come for a few days to visit her. How could she say "no" to her guardian? Rogue loved her so much, that flew to Mississippi by the next plane.

Now, when Irene was OK, Rogue came back to Bayville, but decided not to call to the Institute - she could take care of herself very well.

When Rogue came to the gaits... well, shock was the least word that could express her emotions. The Mansion was surranded by six black vans and five flying helicopters! She could hear screams and shots from inside the building.

"What tha Hell is gohin' on here?" dropping her bag at the bushes, unnoticed, she went to vans... "Someone's got a big trouble..."

Jamey was trying his best to attract the solders by his clones, while kids were looking for the safe hidden places at the mansion.

"Man, we should pay more attention when Mister Logan told us about secret doors!" almost cried Jubilee.

"Tell me about it! If we ever gonna get out of this mess, I will remember every word that he says!" said Bobby.

"We doomed!" shouted Amara, when they passed the library.

"This way!" they herd a very familiar voice.

"Rogue?" kids turned around to find the Southern belle near the doors leading to the library. "You're back!" cried Jamey and hugged girl's waist.

"Are you all allright? What happened? Where's everybody?" asked Rogue, checking kids for cats and bruins.

"They went to rescue captured mutants. We can't contact with them."

"Okay... Is there anybody left there? How many of you staid at home?"

"Eighting." answered Jamey.

"Okay, now listen to me very carefully. You 4 now will go threw secret door in the library. After a long corridor you'll get to the forest. Hide there and wait for my coming. You'll be in safe there... "

"What about you?" Jamey didn't want to leave Rogue alone with house fool of solders.

"I'll be fihne. Follow me," Rogue led them to the library. Between shelves she opened the secret door. "Go!" She didn't have to repeat it twice. Kids ran to the darkness of the cage as fast as they could. Rogue closed the door. Nine kids were out of danger. "Let's get it started..."

"What the Hell?.." Trask was shocked that one girl fought his best solders and won!

"Remy likes this fille," chuckled Gambit.

Wolverine growled to warn the raging Cajun to stay away from Rogue, but couldn't hide a smile when hi saw how she fought the enemy. 'That's my girl.'

"Looks like someone's got some problem, bub"

"Don't be so pleased, Wolverine. The problem'll be solved in a few seconds..."

Rogue was passing the There left only one kid – Emily. She came to Xavier's school about month ago. She was about eleven.

"Emily!.. It's me! Rogue!.. Come on, Em! Where are you?"

"Warning! The Mansion is under danger of explosion!" the voice if main computer was herd over all building.

"Great! Now I know why they left so fast… Emily!.." Rogue ran to the wing with girl's rooms…

Eight mutants with horror watched how the X Mansion was destroyed by huge explosion…