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Chapter 4

"That was tha worst movie Ah've ever seen, Swamp rat." Said Rogue. They've just walked out of the Movie Center.

"Den you'll pay more attention t' your Remy," answered Cajun, his hand possessively circled around her waist. "Happy anniversary, mon amour." He kissed her forehead.

"Thanks, sugar." She hugged him back. That rare beautiful smile was shining on her face. Remy'd planed this for a week. They waited till Logan made his night round in the Mansion and go to the Danger Room for his "night sessions" so Rogue could sneak out unnoticed. "That was tha best movie session Ah've ever had…"

Sharp pain brought Remy back to consciousness. Remy's rib cage was hurt while the mission and every wrong move made him feel terrible pain. Trying to forget about the pain he looked around the room. Everyone was in the room except Scott.

"Remy sees dey took Sykes dis time." He met with angry eyes of Jean Grey. "T's not like it be a good ting." 'Merde, it hurts even t' breath.' "So you heard 'bout us, huh? Why didn't you tell dem?"

"I thought about telling, but she… seemed so happy. I desided to give it a try."

"Merci." Gambit thanked her.

"Gambit, we need to find the way out," said Piotr after a long silence. "I heard while one of the tests that they were going to separate us and take to different places."

"Sorry, mon ami, but Gambit doesn't see any way out. At least for all of us." His 'roommates' shocked stared at him. "Dey be very clever. Dey take only one of us and take off de collar only in de "tasting room" where we have no chance to leave de room unnoticed and without straight of Colossus or Shadowcat's power. Even little elf can't teleport not knowing his destination. And even if dere would be chance for us to take off de collars and leave dis room we under the ground for one or two kilometers without any map of dis anthill. Excusez-moi, but our chance of running away from here without help from outside be very close to zero." Everyone became gloomy. They suspected about it, but yet didn't want to lose the hope.

"We are gonna die!" Toud shouted.

"Gumbo is right," admitted Logan. "We don't have much chance, but we can't give up."

"Dat's right. We must use any possibility." Agreed Remy and exchanged glances with Logan. From now on at least till they would be free or dead they were one team and would do anything for the others to save them.


A dull sound reached their ears and the walls transmitted faint vibrations.

"What was that?" immediately reacted Toad.

"I don't know, but it sounded like explosion…" answered Gambit, but he was cut off by another *BOOM!*.

"Something is happening over there." Said Jean.

"Maybe they came to rescue us?" conjectured Toad.

"I doubt it." Said Logan. "All the X-men, Brotherhood and Acolytes are here except the little ones and I have never heard about another team with Chuck's policy."

"Agreed," said Gambit. "It must be another competiting team. Dis is our chance!"

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