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In my story, Haruhi has more cleavage than she used to, and she has straight shoulder length hair w/ side bangs.


When Haruhi walked out of the restroom, she looked relieved, but was still trembling. Kyouya noticed that she was back, and ran up to her and looked at her questioningly. Haruhi then shook her head, and started to cry. Kyouya enveloped his arms around Haruhi's tiny body, and pulled her towards him.

Right in the middle of the hug, a voice rang out towards them, "Haruhi-san? Is that you?"

Haruhi recognized the speaker and tried to walk away, but Kyouya stopped her. Before Haruhi knew what was happening, a girl about Haruhi's age started to walk towards them, her heavy assets bouncing with each step. What intrigued Kyouya about this girl the most was that she was donning a designer bag, and was hanging out in a commoner's mall.

"Haruhi-san! Long time no see! How are you?" She saw Kyouya and said, " Who is this? Is this your boyfriend?"

"Riiko-san, I haven't seen you since junior high! No, this isn't my boyfriend, he's just a close friend." Haruhi deadpanned.

" Really? A close friend? How close are you? Because from what I saw a few minutes together, you couldn't keep yourselves off each other!"

There was an awkward silence until someone shouted " Haruhi! Kyouya!"

" Ugh, why is the host club always on my back?" Haruhi thought.

Tamaki and the others walked up to the three of them, noticed Riiko and said " And who are you?"

" I'm one of Haruhi's best friends! Saito Riiko, It's a pleasure to meet you." Riiko said.

"We're Haruhi's friends from Ouran!

Then, Riiko got a text from somebody and said, " I gotta go now, but you can come to my party tonight Haruhi, and you can bring your friends," she meant the host club. " See ya later!"

" She's such a bitch!" Haruhi said. Kazumi, her friend, had drilled it into her that Riiko was a bad person, because she bought designer labels, and said that she was really rich, even though she wasn't.

Tamaki yelped, " Why are you using such foul language! I always taught my children to use proper language! Okaa-san! What have you taught your daughter?"

Kyouya said, " She's not my daughter." And Tamaki went to his corner of woe.

Hikaru and Kaoru wrapped their arms around Haruhi and said, "Can we go to your friend's party tonight?"




" We'll convince Kyouya-sempai to reduce your debt by a third"

" I don't think you can, plus, I think Kyouya-sempai is on my side"

"Yes, we've had a very stressing day today, and I don't think we should go to this party"

Tamaki crept out of his corner and said " Please!! Okaa-san! Haruhi!"

The twins said, " Please! We'll dress you up in our mother's latest designs! And we promise not to bother you for a week!"

Haruhi finally complied, and said " When do we get ready?"

Everybody brightened up and they said " Now!!!"

The twins dragged Haruhi with them and Tamaki followed. Mori, Honey, and Kyouya walked to their respective limousines.


At The Hitachiin Mansion


Tamaki and the twins were already dressed, then, they had to get Haruhi ready.

"Never! I'm never going to wear that" Haruhi said to the twins and Tamaki who were holding up a frilly hot pink dress.

"Why? It's really pretty!"

"Whatever, I like this one" she pointed to a short kimono dress, which had a deep V-cut, and long sleeves.

"Ok, try it out!" they said.

Haruhi changed, and stepped out to look at herself. Tamaki and the twins were amazed. Haruhi was less than impressed.

"Oh my god I look like a slut!" Haruhi was starting to head back to the changing room when Hikaru said, " Oh wow! Look at the time! We're going to be late if you change again Haruhi!" since he liked the dress, and he didn't want her to change.

Then, Tamaki, being the king, gave orders to Hikaru and Kaoru. " Hikaru, go get some makeup for Haruhi, so you can do it in the car! Kaoru, go get the stuff you need to get for her hair! And I'll call the limousine!"

"Yes Sir!" The twins saluted to Tamaki.

The limo drove up to the front of the mansion, and Tamaki dragged Haruhi to the limo. The twins ran behind them, and sat next to Haruhi on each side. Hikaru was doing Haruhi's makeup, while Kaoru was doing Haruhi's hair.

Tamaki told the limousine driver " Take us to the Ootori residence please"

"We're going to meet Kyouya there, but Honey-sempai and Mori-sempai can't come because they have to practice at the dojo." He explained to the rest.


As Riiko opened the door, Haruhi thought " Well, here goes nothing!"

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