Okay... this is the first time I've posted a story on this site - hopefully it all goes well! I thought of this story after watching a slew of episodes - and when my brother wondered why Mikey was the most natural ninja. Anyway, here you go!

It was hard to breathe. He gasped for air. This fight was going downhill fast. He could hardly see anymore. His weapons were shattered. He could just see the shapes of his brothers. One of them reached for him.

"Come on, bro," Raph croaked. "We're counting on you." Suddenly a sword flashed, and Raph went silent. His hand slowly dropped back to the ground.

"No!" Mikey cried, sitting up in his bed. Clunk, who had been sleeping on his chest, meowed and jumped off. Mikey looked around. He was still in his room in the lair. According to his clock, it was three-thirty in the morning.

Clunk looked up at him with his big eyes. He meowed. "Hungry, huh?" Mikey asked. He sighed. He wasn't going to get any more sleep tonight anyway.

He slid his door open and quietly headed for the fridge. He didn't want to wake anyone up. It was to no avail. "Mikey? Are y-you okay?" Don said through a yawn. "I heard you yelling."

"I'm fine," Mikey called. "Go back to bed."

"Okay," Don replied, and headed back into his room.

Mikey poured some milk into a saucer and set it on the ground. Clunk began lapping it up. Mikey leaned against the counter. He hadn't gotten a decent night's sleep for two weeks, and he could feel it. He was a teenager, even if he was a turtle, and he needed sleep. Rubbing his neck, he went and sat on the couch. He put an old horror movie into the movie player and sat back, trying to force the troublesome dreams, and the horrible premonitions they brought, from his mind.

Beep! Beep! Beep! Don wearily reached for the "Off" button on his alarm clock. He needed to check on Mikey. Tossing the blankets off himself, he stretched and headed for the first floor. He frowned. The TV was on - again. That meant that Mikey hadn't been able to sleep - again. Ever since that first night over two weeks ago when Mikey'd woken up screaming like he was being murdered, Don had gotten up early to check on his brother. He vaguely remembered getting up after hearing him scream earlier that morning. Why hadn't he stayed up? Don wasn't the strongest of the turtles, but that didn't mean he didn't care or watch over them. Mikey was the fun-loving one, but he'd barely said anything the last few days, and hadn't pulled any pranks on Raph for a while, either. Don was worried.

"He's still not sleeping," said a voice from behind him, causing Don to whirl around, his bo staff in hand.

"Oh, it's you, Leo," he said. He put his bo away. "Don't scare me like that."

"Sorry," Leo replied, looking regretful.

Don sighed. "His dream last night was really bad. He was screaming again." He leaned against a pillar. "I just wish he'd tell us what's going on."

"Michelangelo has never had to deal with such problems before," said Master Splinter, emerging from his room. He leaned on his staff. "He will open up in time."

Leo watched as Don crept over to the couch, then walked back. "He's sleeping okay now," he whispered.

Splinter nodded. "Let him rest. I shall make some tea."

Mikey was alone this time. He ran through the sewers, looking for the hidden entrance to the lair. As he pushed the brick that would open the door, a white light blinded him. Then he heard someone yell.

"Hey, guys, what's for breakfast?"

His eyes popped open. He could hear Leo and Don shushing Raph. He slowly sat up. He was glad Raph had woken him up. The running through the sewers was usually the start of the nightmare.

He heard someone get slapped on the head, presumably Raph. Normally he would've laughed when someone else got slapped, because it wasn't him. But now it just brought back memories of the nightmare.

Mikey sighed. He knew when the nightmares had started - just after his Battle Nexus rematch. At first they came occasionally, and didn't bother him much. But over the last two weeks, the dreams had gotten much worse, and he didn't know why.

"Michelangelo, my son, come have some breakfast," Master Splinter called. Mikey wearily got to his feet and headed for the table.

"D'you want some eggs and bacon?" Don asked, offering a plate.

Mikey shook head. "No, thanks, I'm not hungry. I'll just have tea."

Raph's jaw dropped. He never thought he'd hear Mikey say the words "not" and "hungry" in the same sentence. And why was he drinking tea? He hated the stuff. He looked at Leo, who was just as surprised.

They sat in silence for a while, just eating and drinking. Suddenly Mikey said, "They're really bad, guys."

"What?" the others said in unison.

"The - the dreams. They're really bad," Mikey croaked. "We - we get into a fight and you - you all d - d.ie. And it's my fault."

Leo suddenly thought of the dreams he had after their last battle with Shredder. "Why do we get into a fight?" he asked gently. Mikey shrugged.

"Do you know why you're having them?" Splinter asked.

Mikey shook his head. "They started after the rematch."

"But that was a few months ago," Don said, surprised.

"I only had them every now and then. But now I've had them every night for the last two weeks. I - I'm afraid to fall asleep."

They fell silent again. Then Splinter said, "I believe I need to go back to the Battle Nexus. Perhaps the Daimyo can give me some answers."

He stood to walk out of the lair. Mikey followed him. "Sensei, wait," he said as Splinter walked out of the lair. He quickly shut the door so the others wouldn't hear. "There's something else." He pulled the wrap off of his right wrist, revealing a mark. It was a crescent shape with two slashes through it. "This showed up when the dreams got worse, I think," he said. "What's it mean?"

Splinter traced the mark with a paw. "I may - no, it can't be - but maybe…"

"What? What is it?"

"I can't say for sure," Splinter replied after a moment. "But do not show this to anyone else. Not even to your brothers. At least, not until I return." Mikey nodded, wrapping his wrist up again. He watched Splinter make his way down the sewer. Finally he punched the brick to let himself back in the lair. Leo had cleaned up and was doing dishes. Don had moved over to his lab area. Only Raph was still sitting at the table. He was trying not to look interested, but Mikey could tell that he was both curious and concerned. Raph was always itching for action, so he was normally very fidgety. But he wasn't even drumming his fingers.

His brothers were still worried, but Mikey was suddenly very happy. Master Splinter would solve his problem, and life would go back to normal again - well, normal for a teenage mutant ninja turtle, anyway. The only thing that still made him uneasy was the mark. He wouldn't have noticed it if Klunk hadn't accidentally clawed him. He had taken off the wrap to look at the scratch and saw the mark. There was no telling how long it had been there. It was probably nothing. "Hey, Raph, bet you I could whip you in Zombie Aliens," he said with a sly grin.

Raph glared at him. "Bet you you're wrong," he replied.

"You're on," Mikey said, flipping towards the couch.

Don looked up from his table in time to see Raph do a flip off of Mikey to get the good controller. He smiled, relieved. Whatever had been said between Mikey and Master Splinter out it the sewers had worked. Mikey was Mikey again.

Mikey and Raph had been playing for more than two hours. They had gone from best of two out of three to four out of seven, and were now working on six out of eleven. They were tied at five apiece. Don would glance over at Leo, who was reading a book, and grin at him every now and then. Leo would reply with a thumbs up.

Suddenly Don's shell cell rang. The others stopped what they were doing to listen in. "Hello?" Don said. "Oh, hi, Casey. The news? No. Hold on." Don covered the receiver and said, "Put on the news. Something's going on." He said goodbye to Casey and hung up.

Raph grabbed the remote and flipped the channel. Suddenly the screen changed from a space background to a close up of a news reporter. "…take you now to Times Square, where the aliens are having a press conference."

"Aliens?" Leo exclaimed.

The screen changed to a shot of two figures. They looked sort of like humans, but had shimmering white hair and bluish-tinged skin. "We have tracked the Chosen One to this planet, and this city," one of then said.

"Who's the Chosen One?" someone in the audience called.

"The one who can either save or destroy our planet," replied the other one.

"How do we know who the Chosen One is?" asked another reporter.

"He will have some kind of mark on his wrist," replied the first alien. Mikey unconsciously rubbed his right wrist. The others didn't notice.

Suddenly there was a huge blast of light, followed by a near-deafening explosion. The screen went fuzzy for a moment, then went back to normal. The turtles watched, shocked, as one of the aliens fell. Then new figures appeared. Over the screams, the reporter's voice said, "It appears new aliens are now attacking!"

The new aliens were very ugly. They were large and muscular, with gray, warty skin. They didn't have any noses, and their eyes were very small. "You shall not win this war, you Acon scum!" one alien cried. "We shall find the Chosen One ourselves. He will be the downfall of your planet!"

"You Gigens will never find him," replied the Acon who was still standing. "You don't know how."

"What the shell is going on?" Raph suddenly exclaimed.

Then a small figure appeared on the screen. He looked like the Gigens, only older. "Our sage has learned the incantation that will awaken the Chosen One!" cried another Gigen. The Acon was horrified. The old alien began chanting something.

Suddenly the mark on Mikey's wrist began to burn. He gasped in pain. "Mikey? What's wrong?" Raph asked.

Mikey stuck out his wrist. The mark was burning through the wraps. The others gasped and watched in horror as glowing white lines began snaking their way up on Mikey's arm. Mikey screamed in pain. "Mikey!" the other turtles cried, gathering around him.

Then the alien on the screen stopped chanting. The marks on Mikey's arm faded, leaving him gasping for air. "What - the shell - was that?" he panted. The others stared at him in wonder and worry.

Suddenly the figures on screen vanished. "Now they've disappeared!" the confused reporter announced. "They apparently found what they were looking for."

Suddenly a blinding flash filled the lair. The aliens were now standing right in front of them! The turtles leapt to their feet, weapons drawn. "Get out of our home!" Leo ordered.

"Which one of you is the Chosen One?" one of the Gigens asked.

"We don't know what you're talking about. Now leave!" Raph said angrily. He, Leo, and Don instinctively stepped in front of Mikey.

"Enough!" said the old Gigen. "There is only one way to settle this!" He began chanting again.

Leo, Don, and Raph whirled around as Mikey's nunchucks fell to the ground and he began screaming again. This time there were lines snaking up from his hands and feet. His body went rigid. "Stop it! Leave him alone!" Raph shouted, turning back to face the aliens. His jaw dropped. Except for the old sage, the others had bowed down, reverence on their faces. The sage stopped chanting, and Mikey collapsed, unconscious.

"Mikey? Mikey! Wake up!" Don cried, kneeling down next to Mikey's limp form. The lines faded more slowly this time, and where they had been was a paler green than the rest of his skin.

"We've found him at last!" one Gigen breathed. "Our victory is near!" They started moving towards Mikey, but were stopped by Leo and Raph.

"Donny, get Mikey out of here," Leo ordered. Don put one of Mikey's arms around his shoulders and pulled him to his feet. Mikey's body sagged against him.

"Whoa, Mike, looks like you'd better start laying off on all the chips and pizza," Don groaned softly.

"Go, Donny!" Raph exclaimed, twirling his sais with anticipation. The aliens looked unsure of what to do.

"What about you guys?" Don asked.

"We'll catch up," Leo replied. "Go!"


"Donatello!" Leo said sternly. "I said move!"

Slowly Don dragged Mikey towards the exit. But he hadn't moved more than two steps when suddenly one of the Gigens appeared in front of him. "Hand him over!" the Gigen ordered.

"No way!" Don replied. He felt Mikey stir. Mikey looked up at him.

"Donny?" he whispered. "What's going on?"

"I'm not sure," Don replied. "But apparently these guys kinda want to take you with them."

"Sorry, I can't - I still have to finish beating Raph in our tournament!" Mikey joked weakly as he pulled away. He staggered a little, but stayed upright. He bent down to pick up his nunchucks.

"All right, guys. Let's do our thing and get them out of here," Leo said as they formed a tight circle.

"You okay, Mikey?" Raph asked, glancing over at Mikey.

"I will be once we start kicking some Gigen butt," Mikey answered. "Hey, Raph, bet you I can beat you."

"You're on!"

"On what?" Mikey asked, looking down and lifting up a foot. Raph groaned.

"You're definitely okay - you're making bad puns again," he said.

Mikey didn't reply. Instead, he leapt at the nearest alien. The others followed suit.

Suddenly there was a huge frenzy. Both aliens and turtles were flying left and right. Raph sent a Gigen into the television sets ("I just fixed those!" Don exclaimed). Leo sent one into the wall. Don and Mikey ganged up on one and sent him into the kitchen.

Finally the turtles regrouped. "We should head out before they trash the lair completely," Mikey said.

"Good idea," Leo replied. The turtles quickly retaliated when the Gigens attacked again.

Suddenly someone cried, "Stop!" A silence fell over them. The old Gigen stepped forward. "It is time for the Chosen One to come with us," he said, looking at Mikey.

"There is no way he is going with you," Raph growled, taking a step in front of Mikey, who was swaying slightly.

The sage sighed. He raised a hand. Suddenly one of the Gigens threw something at them. Tiny little disks landed on their chests. "What the shell?" Don exclaimed, reaching up to pull it off.

Then the alien pushed a button on another disk. They all cried out as electricity coursed through their bodies, and they fell down to the ground, immobilized. Leo, Raph, and Don watched helplessly as one larger alien grabbed Mikey's stiff body and hoisted him over his shoulder. As the alien turned to join his counterparts, Mikey cast a fearful look at his brothers. "Guys-"

Suddenly a bright flash filled the lair again. They squinted from the light. When they could see once more, they saw that the Gigens had finally left - and had taken Mikey with them.

You want more? I think you all know what to do...