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A Desirable Female

Written By June x


Naru was a very desirable female, ever since she was young males had found her attractive, many of them ridiculously persistent, such as Inuzuka Kiba. Kiba stalked Naru day in and day out, she was a beautiful blond angel in his eyes. When they reached twelve Naru was the dead-last of the class, but still the most desirable kunoichi of the academy.

Kiba was the first to fall in love with Naru, when he first met her she was wearing orange shorts and an orange jacket with a hood, it didn't show very much or the girls body shape, all her really saw was the tanned legs and feminine hands, he found her mysterious and stalked her. One day she took down her hood and within one look Kiba fell madly in love, She had long blond hair in pig tails, sparkling blue eyes, three kawaii whisker-like scars on each cheek and at that very moment her lips were in a pout.

Shino wasn't sure when he had fallen in love with Naru, it had been very gradual. Naru though being a dead-last was very quiet, even though Sakura and Ino were forever insulting the girl not once did she speak. Shino liked her because she didn't show her face and was very quiet like him, even though he didn't see her facial features he was in love.

Chouji fell in love with Narus cooking more than Naru herself, one day when some kids beat him up and then ran away with his lunch, Naru came over and gave him a bento box, he loved the cooking and from then on claimed ever-lasting love for Naru.

Shikamaru didn't fall in love with Naruto till the same day every guy in the Academy did, much to Kiba, Shino and Choujis dismay...

... Naruto had been dared by Sakura and Ino to come into school without her jacket, she didn't turn down the dare and so trying to be modest put on a pair of black combats, when Naruto got to the academy every males reaction was the same.

Shikamaru looked up when the door slid open, he guessed Naru was late again. When he actually looked up his jaw fell open. Naru stood at the door, in a pair of tight fitting black combats which hung low on her hips, she wore a orange strap top which ended just under her chest, showing a pancake flat stomach. Shikamaru looked at her long blond hair that was in pigtails, the sparkling cerulean eyes, the pink lips and the b-cup breasts, he and every other boy were completely overcome with lust.


Naru had just passed her genin exam, just being the keyword. She couldn't believe she had come into the academy without her jacket, boys kept on gazing at her, it was really irritating. So here she was sat in the classroom, STILL being gawked at and dreading her team. When the teams came to be announced almost everyone was on edge, who would be with their friends? which girl would be with Sasuke? and which lucky guy would have a shot with Naru?

"Team 7, Uchiha Sasuke, Haruno Sakura and Uzumaki Naru" Sakura cheered, Naru sighed and every guy in the room glared at Sasuke, who just smirked.


Surprisingly enough Team 7 was a very functional team, Sasuke helped Naru with her abilities, and Naru was very close friends with Sasuke and Sakura. Kakashi was proud of his team, he had originally favoured the Uchiha as he was the one with the most promise, but Sakura had perfect Chakra control and Naru just needed to learn it. The team advanced quickly, and when it came to the chuunin exams, Kakashi had full faith in them.


Naru walked up to the academy and seeing both her team mates there, gave them a huge grin. Sasuke nodded to her and Sakura linked arms with her. When they entered the academy they come across Team Gai, upon seeing Naru, Lee immediately asked her out, the Hyuuga also inquired her name, this all made Sasuke silently fume, the competition for Naru was heating up.

When they entered the room where the genin were gathered, Kiba Shino, Shikamaru and Chouji made no hesitation on surrounding Naru and promptly dragging her away from the glaring Uchiha. Everything was a blur for Naru, for that boy had caught her eyes, just in her view she could see Team Gai approaching, but all her attention was focused on him. She had met him the day before, there was something special about him according to Kyuubi-niisan, and that intense gaze so full with lust, but not the usual kind, the boy radiated killing intent and blood lust. Consumed by her thoughts she didn't realise the boy get up and walk towards her, his team mates flanking him on either side. He stopped directly in front of Naru, his intense gaze on her curious one, he lifted his hand and cupped her cheek, she was completely immobile, most likely with fear, this was how he liked his prey. He drew closer to kiss those sweet pink lips, he suddenly heard a growl from her raven haired team mate as the boy snatched her away from him, she fainted in his arms, the other boys promptly glared at the red head. "who are you" Sasuke asked, worry for Naru evident on his face. "I am Gaara of the Sand".


They were love rivals, competing for Narus heart, but Sasuke had the advantage and he planned on using it. That was until Orochimaru, he changed everything. When Kakashi found Naru in pool of her own blood at the Valley of the End, he feared the worst, she was rushed to hospital. Her friends stood by her side, the whole of rookie nine except sasuke, team gai, the Jounin, Tsunade, Jiraiya, Shizune, Iruka, Konahamaru and co., the Sabaku siblings. They all patiently waited for Nau to wake up. Narus eyes began to flicker, she came to looked around her surrounding, took in the people around her and then with a gasp, sat up, only one name left her lips "Sasuke...?" Kakashi shook his head, Naru began to shake, her eyes closed and tears began to flow, she began to cry. The Jounins ushered everyone out and left Tsunade in the room with her, when they were outside, the volume level of Narus sobs increased. Everyones heart shattered, when the sobs were accompanied by her pleading screams for Sasuke to come back, Sakura at that point realised that her love meant nothing compared to that of Narus.


Sasuke POV

It had been 3 years since I had left Naru, in the time I was away I realised I truly loved her, I was only returning to Konoha now for information gathering, I was nervous at seeing her again. What if she was with someone? What if Itachi had succeeded on capturing her? My heart sped up at these thoughts, I loved Naru, and I would be with her. I entered Konohas gates and was brought directly to Tsunades office. One by one, the rookie nine, the jounin senseis and team Gai gathered, all except for one. I greeted them all, but all they did was glare at me, even Sakura and Kakashi. Tsunade then snarled at me and said "Gaki, I think you owe someone an apology" I was confused at first, who could she mean? I then realised the person I had hurt most... Naru. I then heard it. "Sasuke?", I turned round my heart aching at hearing that melodious voice again, "Hello Naru" I replied looking at her, she was even better looking than before. She then caught me by surprise, she ran to me and threw her arms around my neck, crying into my chest all the time murmuring "your back, your really back" realising her evident distress I soothed her by putting my arms around her waist and pulling her lithe figure even closer to my body, all the while whispering soothing words into her ear.

Normal POV

The onlookers could only watch as they saw the two reunited, many feeling a pang in their hearts, realising that the two belonged together.

Sure enough, Sasuke and Naru became a couple the next night, they could regularly be found kissing in public, they loved each other and they showed it in everything they did.

But 3 months in from Sasukes return, Narus heart was broken again. Sasuke returned to Orochimaru with his gathered information, Naru caught him leaving, she begged her lover to stay with her, only to be hit away and told by the man she loved "I never loved you, you can't give me power, you are weak, keep out of my way or I will kill you Uzumaki" Sasuke hissed at her, he then backhanded her into a tree, effectively knocking her out, Naru had been too shocked to do anything.


When Naru came to realising what Sasuke had done to her she fled Konoha crying tears of heartbreak, she ran right into someone, with a gasp Naru stood back and looked up into the red Sharingan eyes of one Uchiha Itachi. He looked at the obviously upset girl, she was trembling, he put an arm around her and pulled her close, gently wiping away her tears with one hand, he bent down and whispered softly into her ear "Who did this to you?".

"Sasuke" once again overcome with grief she clutched at the elder Uchiha, who held her close and stroked her hair foolish little brother, you hurt the person you cared for the most she belongs to me now...


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