Slightly cleaned up and polished. Uh, I don't own sailor moon or any of its characters... I just like making them do crazy things so uh don't try to like cut me and stuff... that would make me sad. So...this story is a little...long and out there but read anyway, you'll like it.

Haruka opened her groggy eyes and sat up in her bed, glancing up at all of the boxes filling the now empty room when the calendar caught her eye. Today is the day, the day they had to go back to their lives, their duties, and their princess. Usagi had insisted that Michiru and Haruka get away, away from danger, to enjoy their new lives as husband and wife…"er… wife and wife… "Haruka thought and shrugged it off.

Haruka glanced down at Michiru unable to resist smiling. Perfect aqua curls, gently disturbed by sleep, rested on the pillow framing her love's light skinned face.

"Beautiful… ", Haruka softly whispered as she placed a soft kiss on Michiru's forehead.

The sleeping beauty slowly opened her eyes, "Ruka…. ", she smiled and rolled over, "go to bed, no sex right now…" she mumbled as she went back to sleep.

Haruka stared at her partner blankly, "I'm not a horn dog…. ", she snorted, annoyed. She grabbed a near by spray bottle filled with water and sprayed 'little miss sunshine' "get up or we're going to be late for our flight."

"Oh shoot… ", she sat up and glared at Haruka… who was still spraying her down. "Stop it!" she said and covered her face with her hands. Haruka was laughing as she sprayed her relentlessly until the bottle was empty. An agitated Michiru got out of bed and started to walk out of the room. She was wearing baggy sweatpants pushed up to Capri length, crew length white socks and a loose fitting t-shirt. The blonde looked devilishly at Michiru, reaching and taking a hold of her love's hand. "Why must you taunt me every time I see you?"

Michiru looked angrily at Haruka, her deep blue eyes covered by a soggy strand of hair, "I didn't do anything". Haruka smiled.

"You don't have to do anything" she pulled Michiru closer to her, "you're just so damn sexy" with that she pushed her goddess to the bed getting on top of her.

"You think you're going to get me after drenching me in water?" she said in a teasing manner. Haruka just simply nodded, then hovered her lips over those of her partner… before she could taste the sweet splendor of the kiss….

" heh... heh "

Haruka twitched as Michiru started to laugh. "Well… at least her little lungs work…" Haruka got off of her partner and they headed to the nursery.

Michiru had painted the room with murals of pink and lavender sunsets gazing over the sea. Haruka smiled as Michi picked the infant up out of her crib, instantly stopping her crying, and Alexis's eyes latched to her mother.

Alexis had blonde hair and bright green eyes, if it hadn't been for the curls in her hair… no one would believe it to be Michiru's child. Haruka leaned over the baby and gave her a soft kiss on the forehead. "How are you this morning sunshine?" Haruka said quietly letting the infant grab at her papa's cheeks. "Ouch…. Owww…." Haruka winced; her daughter had more strength than the average 3 month old. She stepped back and let Michiru get to feeding her as she rubbed her cheek and went to wake up Hotaru.

Their teenage adoptive daughter, also known as the Soldier of Destruction, Saturn, was now barely over 16, well her body at least; she was far wiser than both of her parents. Smiling thinking about the new car she was going to surprise her with, brushing the hair out of Hotaru's eyes. "Wake up Hotaru, we have a long day ahead and I need you to help me finish packing the boxes before the movers get here.

Hotaru opened her eyes and looked at her Haruka-papa and nodded slowly sitting up from her bed. "Are you excited about seeing everyone again?" Hotaru's face lit up at the thought.

"I can't wait! I bought everyone the best gifts!", as she reached for four large shopping bags. Haruka smiled at the sight of her excited adopted daughter. "Setsuna mama is going to be so surprised!" Hotaru continued. "I bought her this and this and this… And for Usagi-chan…" the blonde couldn't help but chuckle. Hotaru very seldom was so enthused about anything; she had made friends in America and enjoyed school, but never so…excited. Haruka shrugged.

"Let's hurry okay?" Hotaru jumped up and ran in to the bathroom.

Hotaru and Haruka sat on the floor taping up the last of the boxes. "do you think the girls will be surprised?" Hotaru grinned as she looked at her papa.

"Surprised about what? The baby, they already know of Lexi and see her every night… I wouldn't think they'd be surprised."

"Not about the baby" she pointed at her papa and her much more feminine, fashionable attire. Skin tight dark jeans, a red lose fitting t-shirt covered by a black hooded jacket with fur on the trim. She had no point on hiding that she was indeed a woman here, in fact, being a girl allowed her to go as she pleased without the fear of being mobbed by all of her fans. When they had first arrived, she, Michiru and Hotaru had to fight them off with their luggage. Plus, Taping up her breasts everyday hurt.

As Haruka was laughing at how funny she thought she was… Michiru stood behind her and leaned against her putting hands on Haruka's shoulders. "Haruka is much more attractive this way anyway, don't you think?" Michiru teasingly leaned over and brushed her lips against Haruka's neck. The Blonde blushed and looked at her wife.

"We better get going eh?" Michiru said painting at her watch.

"Yeah" Haruka taped off the last box and stood up. Hotaru had already gotten all of her things and opened the door, Michiru grabbed her diaper bag, Picked up Alexis, and headed out the door putting on her oversized sunglasses. The Family sat crowded in with their luggage in Haruka's silver VW GTI; she started the car and revved the engine. Haruka had applied a turbo to the engine to her more family oriented car; It would be a shame, no a sin, to not take it out and put her to good use… Haruka got an evil look in her eye as she shifted in to a higher gear.

Haruka floored the gas and pushed the button to release the nitrous. Weaving through traffic she smiled and closed her eyes feeling the wind engulf the vehicle, blowing her hair in an attempt to be heard. She needed a hair cut, the wind wasn't used to having to yell fro her attention… between the new baby and the rest of her family… it was simply easier to ignore her duties, as well as the howling wind. She opened her eyes in time to see a car obstruct her path and swerve just in time to avoid the collision.

"HARUKA! What the hell are you doing! Slow down! We have a baby on board; I don't want senshi meeting her for the first time in a body bag!" Michiru angrily scolded her careless partner. Hotaru sitting in the back seat clinging to dear life, chalk white. Apparently Michiru and Hotaru weren't the only ones thinking Haruka was driving like a mad woman, a car with the sirens wailing appeared in her rear view mirror.

"…Oops…." Haruka looked over at her wife with an apologetic smile, as she grabbed her license and registration out of the glove box.

"Do you have any idea what you were doing out there, 110mph in a 45mph zone. You nearly hit five cars putting not only your family's lives in danger, but everyone on the road…. License and registration miss." Haruka handed the papers to the piggy…. And thought of how much damage it would do to her wallet.

The cop looked at the documents and then back at Haruka "…. You're…. you're… Haruka Tenoh….. The worlds leading f1 racecar driver and motocross champ… I went to that freestyle motocross event you did! I haven't seen jumps and tricks like that ever… OH WOW!" The officer couldn't contain his excitement, or the fact he was completely star struck. "You were driving so fast! Is that a Turbo engine? Can I take a look? I ever thought I would ever see you in action! "The officer took another look at the driver's id and looked confusedly at Haruka. "Wait…"

Haruka smiled at the officer," It can be our little secret that I'm a woman", as she winked at the officer. "Now we are kinda in a hurry, I have to make a flight to Japan so I don't miss the first race of the season". Michiru pulled out a picture of Haruka in her racing suit and a marker, handing them to her wife. Haruka quickly wrote a note to the officer and signed it. "Here you go!" and handed the personal autograph to the policeman.

"Thank you SOOO Much! Drive safe and I look forward to seeing you take the championships this year!" he waved at Haruka as she sped off.

The family arrived at the airport and stepped out of the car, grabbing their bags and Haruka wrote a quick note:

To the new owner of my baby:

Take care of her, she only takes premium.

Just had her oil changed, so you're ready to go!

-F1 driver,

Haruka Tenoh

She tossed the keys on to the driver seat along with the note.

Walking in to the airport, Michiru, despite of the sunglasses that covered half of her face, was instantly spotted and horded by her fans. Haruka grabbed their daughter and the delicate hand of her lover.

"Michiru! OMIGOD! It's really her! "

"Isn't her lover Haruka Tenoh? The racecar driver? ""Is that… OMIGOD! The baby looks just like him!" "Michiru where's Haruka?

Haruka quickened her step, praying no one recognized her, when Michiru stopped in her tracks and turned to the swarm of fans.

"Kaioh Michiru! Where's Haruka? "A plump woman yelled a voice recorder ready in her stubby hand, face red with determination.

Michiru smiled and lifted her left hand revealing a breath taking platinum band with a large diamond surrounded by brilliant aqua marines, "Tenoh Michiru", with that she turned with Hotaru and her wife, and ran to their private flight.

As she plopped in to her seat, Haruka planted her head into her hands resting them on her knees, laughing as she tried to catch her breath. "You can't help yourself can you?" the blonde managed to inquire, as she fought back surges of giggles. Michiru HATED to be referred to as 'Kaioh' and had to make that apparent wherever they went.

"My fans deserve to know my name… is that so bad?" as she smiled innocently.

"…You just like to show off your expensive ring and my good name." Haruka smiled as she looked at her partner, she ordered a vodka and orange juice and prepared herself for the very long flight.

Usagi finished brushing her long golden hair and hopped in to bed with her dark haired fiancé. Mamaru was lying in bed reading a thick book about cross breeding some sort of plants… Usagi lost interest simply looking at the title.

"Tomorrow I finally get to hold the newest star in my very own arms, I'm so excited!" she cradled her arms as though she was holding the newborn. "I wonder what planet she'll rule under… she does look a lot more like Haruka than Michiru… so I guess Uranus." She pauses and looks at Mamaru, who hasn't once looked from his book only occasionally nodding. She looked slyly at her fiancé and devilishly grinned, "It just makes me think about our little star…" as she traced the lines of his chest with her index finger.

Mamaru blushed, and quickly put his book down and turned off the light.

Makato and Ami had been preparing the finishing touches on the dinner for Haruka's family. She owed a lot to that woman, without Haruka… she wouldn't have Ami the way she does.

One day Haruka was out on a run when she saw me sitting on a bench, drenched in my own sobs. Haruka sat next to me, although we had never quite gotten along, and wrapped her arms around me. Without even asking, she had known what was wrong with me. Haruka was so wise; you would never guess how deeply she understood love by just looking at the woman obsessed with motor sports. She said she could tell in the way my eyes ached whenever I saw Ami-chan, an ache of longing, of love.

She had taken me back to her apartment and told me stories of her and Michiru, how they had known they were destined to be together, how Haruka had pushed her away on their first meeting, awkward first kisses and her plans for their future. She also told me to not be afraid; she knew how Ami had felt though she left that to me to figure out, she paid for me to take her to the nicest restaurant in Tokyo, and even loaned me one of her cars.

Makato smiled and pushed the hair out of her eyes with the back of her hand, smiling at the rose she had perfectly completed on her two tear cake. Looking up she couldn't help but giggle slightly, her partner in crime was attempting to complete a rose on the other side of the cake, but was wearing more frosting than she was applying. Makato sneakily made her way around the kitchen and then got behind Ami, wrapping her arms around the smaller girl's waist, and kissed her delicate neck. "Let me get that for you". The smaller girl slightly moaned and a large smile grew across her face.

"Makato! We have to finish! ", she said in a playful tone.

"We'll finish the cake when I'm finished cleaning you up" a slight purr in the brunette's voice.

"Oh, Makato, you're terrible" the blue haired woman slightly moaned as her partner's hands found her breasts.

"I love you Ami".

Setsuna paced her apartment thinking of anything else she had forgotten. Hotaru was coming home tomorrow as well as her two best friends. After tonight, Hotaru would be living here, with her Setsuna-mama. The last time she had seen Hotaru, the little girl had appeared to be about twelve, and now Haruka says she's aged another four years. Now she would be raising a teen. A teen who could now drive, and crash, and, and…..

Setsuna sat down on the couch and placed her head in her hands. "What if I can't do this? I'm too old for teenagers! I'm the god damned sailor of time… I've been here forever!" she got up to fix her some tea, "maybe it will soothe my nerves…," she reached up for a cup when a picture on her refrigerator caught her eye.

It was a simple drawing done by Hotaru when she appeared to be about four years old. Blue, yellow, green and purple squiggles, composed the members of her family. Setsuna lightly touched the child's drawing and softly smiled.

"My family is coming home." She sipped her tea and went off to bed.

Usagi, startled by the alarm, jumped out of her bed and landed flat face on the floor. "oww…" she mumbled as she rubbed her head and reached for the dangerous clock. She smiled "only a few more hours and they'll be back". Grabbing a large shirt and quickly slipping it over her head and glanced in the mirror, she loved how she looked in Mamaru's dress shirts. Looking at her fiancé, giggling slightly at the sight of his bare rear end sticking out of the sheets, she had a good idea how to wake him up.

Quietly she climbed on to their large bed and got very close to her love. With an evil grin she lightly slapped Mamaru on his dairy air.

"Usako…" Mamaru grumbled as he covered himself up and rolled over on to his stomach.

"Mamo-chan" the blonde whined, "you're going to make us late, Wake up!" The muscular, black haired man smiled and sat up.

"Fine,fine… I'm awake. I'll hurry and get in the shower and go get Haruka's car" Usagi smiled and leaped in for a hug, and a deep, deep kiss.

'Haruka kisses a lot different than Mamo-chan', Usagi thought as she continued to kiss her fiancé. 'More gentle, with a strong sense of... ', she stopped herself, 'I'm doing it again, thinking of Haruka when I should be thinking of Mamo-chan. She closed her eyes and tried to block out the thoughts she had of the senshi of the wind... the powerful, mysterious senshi.

She remembered of how she first met Haruka, the confident heir that filled the room as she made her presence known, the determination and passion she had as she spoke of racing, the flirtatious spark, and the fire in her eyes. Haruka always took pride in her mission and never let anything get in the way of her goals, her own dreams, career, and the love of her life; she gave everything to save the world. Why did she have to be so gorgeous and sexy on top of that? She thought of when she had been sitting in the park and Haruka stole a kiss... how she had held her tight to her chest to protect her from danger, her perfume, her strong arms. She kissed Mamaru deeper as she thought about the woman.

Usagi closed her eyes and smiled as Mamaru pulled from the kiss and headed for the shower. She shot up as she remembered she had to call Makato, she leapt to the nearest telephone.

"Good morning!", chirped Makato as she answered Usagi's phone call. "You ready for me to come and get you?"

"You're awfully cheerful for it being so early", Usagi said to the other side of the phone. "Must have had a good night..." a perverse expression crept on the blonde's face.

"No, no... no... I just uh... have been up a while finishing the entrées for tonight..." Makato attempted to sound as cool as possible.

"Honey, is that Usagi?" a muffled voice from the background made itself apparent.

"OHMIGAWD! Ami slept over last night didn't she!" the expression grew on Usagi's young face. "You gave it to her didn't you Makato-chan! Oh la la!" Makato covered her face as Usagi cackled on the other line in between the smooching noises. Annoyed and embarrassed, "just be ready we'll come and pick you up on our way to Haruka and Michiru's place.

Usagi was gasping for air "I think a booger just came out! HA HA HA HA HA HA, snort...HA..." Makato twitched and hung up the phone.

Minako poked her head out of the covers and scanning the room as though someone were out to get her. Then she saw her, long raven hair, slender long legs slightly coverered by a pair of lacey short shorts, a red tank. She was making a pot of tea, 'so this would be a perfect time to scare her' Minako smiled evil to herself as she quietly crawled out of the bed. She crept to the kitchen, which wasn't a far distance in the tiny apartment, and stood silently behind her lover. Planning her best move, she began to reach for the woman's sides, preparing to tickle.

She moved in... "Minako, if you even think about touching my sides I'm going to have to light your hair on fire." The woman said calmly. Minako jumped slightly and couldn't help but gasp.

"How did you know I was here?" the blonde pouted and placed her hands on the other woman's hips resting her chin on her shoulder and looking at the other woman. Rei smiled and lifted her finger, pointing to a large mirror above the stove. "Oh yeah, I forgot that was there!" She laughed at her own stupidity as she brushed her lips around Rei's soft neck.

"We better hurry; everyone is going to be going to Haruka's house to get ready for the party." Minako ran into the bedroom to get dressed for the day.

Michiru was one of Rei's closest confidants, though she loved her princess and Minako, Michiru was the only one who knew exactly how far her love, for them went. Michiru also was one of the few who saw her visions as well so she helped take a lot of pressure off of Rei's shoulders. She missed her friend even though they still talked over the phone nearly every night when Haruka was racing and Minako was at home asleep. She was very excited to be able to have their sleepovers to talk the night away.

Rei envied the perfect married couple. They never fought, still had a crazy sex nearly every night... and they completely trusted each other. Minako, she loved Minako, but with her profession she meets a lot of hot guys that are always drooling all over her. Her music career had taken a turn and she was now a huge pop star in Tokyo, she shook her head. 'I don't know if I can take this pressure of keeping everything a secret, what if I'm not the only one who sees the senshi of love... lust in this light?' Rei sighed as Minako stepped out of her bedroom wearing jeans, a long tight orange t-shirt and pointy high heeled shoes. Her hair combed nicely and held back with an intricate barette in replacement of the childish bow she used to love. 'She is beautiful..." Rei thought as she briefly felt Minako's lips press against hers.

"Let's go." She held her hands and dragged Rei out the door. Rei smiled, until Minako dropped her hand as soon as they stepped outside of the apartment. Rei rolled her eyes, Minako had let this star thing get to her head. It was Michiru who even started Minako's career...

"What do you mean a year off? What about work, the concerts? How am I going to get my money!" the stalky man in the business suit angrily questioned the violinist.

"It's only a year, Haruka and I need time to clear our heads and enjoy our lives without races and concert tours." Michiru calmly spoke, her manager boiled his blood even further.

"You're the best...What will I do for a year? You won't need an agent... I guess I'll have to start over, find some new talent." Michiru's manager mumbled as he calculated how much this was going to cost him.

"I do have an idea," Michiru explained of her good friend who very much loved to sing and dance. "How would you like managing Tokyo's newest pop star?" Her manager's face lit up as Minako auditioned.

"Three, Two... ONE!" A loud announcer boomed over a speaker to attend the very large crowd. "The woman you've all come to love and admire...M I N A K O!" the crowd exploded as Minako ran on to the stage followed by her guitarists...

Maybe the return of Michiru to the spotlight will clear that big head of hers.

All of the girls worked hard on cleaning the house that had been vacant for the past year. The dusting and vacuuming was all finished and Usagi ran outside, coming back in with a big box of decorations. "I hope I got enough", Usagi looked in the box and then studied the very large house. "I always forget how big this place it"

"It will be fine; less stuff is less we have to clean up!" Minako smield and winked at Usagi. Makoto smiled and laughed slightly at their pop idols laziness.

Pulling out a large tray of cookies, she knew that at least two jaws dropped and she could practically feel the drool of the girls as they hovered over her. "Those look so good Makoto! Can I have just one, please?" Minako and Usagi begged in unison, Makato shook her head and handed each girl a cookie.

"Just one, we need them for our guests tonight."

"Well Haruka hates sweets so, I should be able to have another one" Usagi rationed as she grabbed for another cookie when the tall brunette turned her head. Rei hung the last small bit of crinkled blue and gold streamers across the room, and hopped down off the chair.

"It's time, their plane should be here in about a half an hour", Rei announced as she looked at the clock mounted on the wall. Mamoru finished tuning the piano and grabbed the keys to Haruka's car; a smile crept across his face as he thought about the fast ride he was going to have in the racers vehicle.

"Mamo-chan, get that idea out of your head. You, unlike Haruka, are not a professional. You try and race that car, I will tell Haruka and you'll be a dead man." Usagi lectured shutting down the man's fantasy.

"Fine. Let's go Usako" he opened the door and led the young girls out of the house.

"Where are they?" Usagi stood on her tip toes in an effort to see her senshi come off the plane. She lifted her hand to her brow and scoped the terminal. "OH! There they are!" The women stepped off of the plane and stood as the perfect little family, as random cherry blossoms began to fall the family caught Usagi's eye. "HARUKA! MICHIRU, HOTARU!" She darted to the women she had missed so much, Usagi extended her arms and then shortly after, she noticed she was airborn. Afraid of the thud that was to soon follow, she closed her eyes and waited. Some reason, she didn't hit the ground. Smiling she looked up at Haruka, "Arigato Haruka-san!", Haruka smiled and pulled her odango- head close to her, she squeezed her tightly as the rest of the girls followed Usagi and soon the entire senshi family were together as they were supposed to be.

"SETSUNA!" Hotaru dropped her luggage as she saw the eldest senshi.

"Hotaru!" She extended her arms and caught her daughter and squeezed her tight.

"Oh my god! Michiru you look so beautiful! How'd you get all of that baby weight off so fast?" asked Rei as she reached for the baby, a bright smile on her face "And how did she get so big?" Rei held the small child in her arms and looked at Haruka. "I still can't believe you pulled this off..."

Haruka smiled and with a very cocky tune, "Well I am amazing in bed so... doesn't surprise me much." Haruka smiled as Rei blushed and Michiru glared. "I am the luckiest woman in the world though" she kissed her daughter's forehead and smiled at her beautiful wife.

"I still don't understand why you had to give her such an English name" Haruka laughed as her odango-headed kitten tried to pronounce the name. "Arrekseees...Areksees..." she laughed at attempts at the name.

"It's and 'L' sound", Ami attempted to teach her princess.

"Yeah it's amazing you of all people have a baby Haruka, your planet isn't even straight" a small white cat pitched in to the conversation, the girls laughed as Usagi looked blankly not understanding how a planet wouldn't be straight. "Speaking of your planet Uranus, you need to go up and get some training done. Makato will be going with you to keep you on track."

Haruka looked blankly at the cat, "Way to ruin the moment Artemis..." glared Minako.

"When, now?" Haruka asked a bit of sadness in her voice.

"As soon as possible, perhaps after breakfast, just for a few hours today, then for about a week. You'll keep training until we can get you toned up a bit." All of the girls looked at the very much different looking Haruka. She had let her hair grow a bit past her shoulders and was wearing eye liner and a darker shadow. She wore clothes that made her gender obvious and had become so skinny that falling down a crack in the floor was a possibility. Usagi looked up at Haruka, she had stolen the baby from Rei and feeding her the bottle Michiru had given to her.

"You are basically a skeleton, do you need my help?" asked a semi concerned Usagi. "I am really good at fattening people up, Plus I read an article about the anorexia over in the states. It seems you're either really fat there or deathly skinny..." Usagi trailed off as Haruka looked at a shrugging Michiru.

"I don't eat sweets because I don't want to get too fat; other than that I do eat a lot I promise..." Haruka explained.

"It's true, Haruka has a hollow leg."Michiru laughed as she looked at Haruka.

The girls smiled all taking turns embracing the other senshi and holding the baby.

"Well let's get going to breakfast, our reservations were for 9 and its 8:50" Ami said as she looked at the beautiful watch Makato had bought for her. The girls all head out and Mamaru gave Haruka her keys. The tall blondes features lit up as she took the keys and happily headed out to her car.

Driving down the street, Haruka stared off getting lost in thought. 'I have my destiny, my tranquility and bliss is over and here I am, ready to fight for my princess' she thought as she zoned off staring at the road. 'I just hope I haven't got too soft...' she closed her eyes suddenly overwhelmed in her thoughts. Michiru looked at her wife as they drove off, softly placing her hand on her wind goddess' leg.

"I don't think you've lost your edge" she smiled at her love, and Haruka sped up, glancing at her daughters through the rear view mirror. Hotaru sat quietly listening to her Ipod and the baby girl reached up as the wind blew about, carrying messaged of pride, embracing the future warrior. The child laughed and squeezed her fist and squealed happily. Michiru leaned over and waved a finger, playing with her happy baby in the backseat. "You love the wind, just like your papa don't you" she said in the most irritatingly cute baby voice she could, Haruka couldn't help but laugh as they pulled in to the parking lot of the restaurant .

"Are you serious... they made reservations for an ihop..." Haruka said under her breath only loud enough for her Michi to hear. Carefully she lifted the baby out of her car seat and Michiru grabbed the diaper bag.

"They probably thought an American style breakfast was just what we needed, wouldn't want us to miss the states... Plus, I love ihop." Michiru smiled and headed towards the door, Haruka, rolling her eyes, she looked at her daughter.

"Your mommy is crazy" She said in her baby voice and rubed her nose against that of her daughter's, a little to loud at that she thought as she caught Michiru's evil glare, laughing, Haruka and her daughter joined the other girls.

"Oh my god, I'm stuffed", Makoto said as she leaned back in her seat.

Ami smiled and looked at her brunette, "me too, those pancakes were delicious!"

Haruka sat, sipping on a cup of coffee as she watched her kitten shove another pancake in her mouth getting whipped cream and chocolate sauce all of her face. Her plate however, still had nearly all of it contents remaining; she had only eaten half of her egg and a few bites of her toast. She very much hated breakfast food. "Well, at least she's enjoying herself." Haruka smiled. Her daughter was pulling on Setsuna's hair and chewing on it, as her mother tried to pretend she wasn't watching so she could eat her meal in peace.

Haruka leaned over to Hotaru "Hey,make sure you keep your schedule open tomorrow, I have to teach you how to drive." Haruka winked at her daughter. "Maybe after that, we'll go shopping for your present". Hotaru's eyes grew wide, "Just don't tell Michiru-mama or Setsuna-mama, it will be our little secret," she looked over at Michiru, "I'm pretty sure she's going to kill me" the blonde and her little ball of destruction laughed quietly together as Usagi stole Haruka's uneaten pancakes.

"Well we have better be going Haruka." Makato stood and looked at the senshi of the wind; nodding in agreement Haruka paid for the meals and stood up with the younger girl.

"Let's go", she said coolly as she walked to the door.