The clanking of metal and grunts born of frustration filled the chapel as the two forces fell into a repetitive rhythm of attack and deflect.

"This is going nowhere!" Jupiter clenched her fist and looked towards the other girls, "why the hell are we just standing here?" she gritted her teeth as she called her element to a small rod at the top of her tiara.

"Your right!" The senshi of love lifted her hand; "CRESENT BEAM!" with that she threw the first blow of a wave that would ensue, landing the attack head on causing the small nun to fall to drop her guard, allowing the titan to land a devastating blow.

"SUPREME THUNDER!" a high scream pierced through the air as pain circulated from the electricity, with that the winged titan lifted her sword and held it to the neck of her opponent.

"Surrender and perhaps we will go easy on you." A satisfied grin curling her lips as she watched the demon in front of her wince in pain.

"Surrender? Surrender? How could I give in when the battle has only just begun?" as the words dripped from the small woman's mouth and trickled in the Uranian's ear, she quickly slid the large blade threw the frail body, laughing as she was covered in the small woman's blood as the decapitated corpse lay on the floor. ((AN- try to save that bad guy sailor moon… ha ha ha ha… . no one fucks with Ruka. Sailor Moon: But no one should have to die, I can save everyone! I slap the annoyingly optimistic carton in the face then hand her the head of the bad guy me: beat it doofus, save Uranus you tard. I walk away as the perky blonde makes a lame speech on the goodness of people and so on and so forth… anyway, back to the story.))

Sailor moon gasped and covered her mouth. "Oh…my god…."

"Well… as the saying goes 'if you become a religious nut you'll lose your basket'" Venus said as she nodded to herself.

"I'm pretty sure there is no saying like that…" Mars looked around almost embarrassed.

Slowly the titan turned its back towards the corpse and began walking to the se senshi who hung motionless. The deep voice succumbing to a faint but familiar voice from within, "Michi…you'll be okay." The titan quickened her step as the soul of the senshi allowed their guard down, not aware that a dark presence was quickly approaching. Just as the Titan reached up for her love, she was grabbed from behind. A foul stench of death lingering on the breaths that taunted her cheek as her capturer tightened his grip.

"Did you really think I would be destroyed that easily father?" a cynical laughter filled the room, the titan growled as the sarcasm sank in making her blood boil.

"You bastard!" with that she jumped and flapped her wings freeing herself from the grasp of the devil. He stood a good 8 feet- not including the large curling horns atop his brow, his flesh a blood stained Crimson, and empty yellow eyes stared at the being taking flight in front of him.

"I don't think so…" The devil reached up, easily catching the large raven wings, pulled his opponent to the ground. The younger senshi's eyes shot open as a pain inflicted shriek burrowed into their skulls as Hades ripped the titan's wings clean off of her body. "I don't think so daddy dearest." With that he chucked the wounded figure across the room into an organ against an opposing wall.


"That's it! We have to stop him!"

"How?" The younger girls huddled together trying to think of a solution.

"…sailor planet attack, I don't know how effective it will be without Uranus and Neptune but… we have to try" Sailor moon glanced at the demon who was strutting over to the body of the former senshi of the wind. The smaller senshi, joined by Saturn and Pluto nodded as they formed a circle, closing their eyes.

"Sailor moon…"The girls all said in unison as their planet symbols appeared on their foreheads, as they were engulfed in the bright light of the silver crystal. Proudly, the princess held her crystal high as she focused an attack on the devil lurking nearer to the still Titan.

"Sailor…planet…"the senshi focused their energy on the powerful force, "ATTACK!" Released, a glow filled the room heading straight to Clawed Devil who quickly summoned his pitch fork to his hand in an attempt to protect himself from the energy who was already pushing him back. Contact, he flew back before smashing a large crucifix on his way down.

Exhausted, Sailor Moon quickly dropped to her knees; she was quickly supported by her seven senshi.

"We got him!" Venus exclaimed happily as she embraced her princess.

"Let's go get Neptune, the barrier around her should be disabled now." They all worked on pulling their leader up off of the ground, when slight movement caught the corner of Mars' eye. Quickly the fire goddess whipped around to see the demon getting on to its feet once more.

"You guys!" Mars screamed as she pointed to the large beast like figure,

"DEEP SUBMERGE!" the command echoed through the room as a new light shone through the rubble of a roof and as their threat fell face first in to the crimson pool on the marble surface.

"Neptune!" The others jumped up and ran towards the frail woman. Her body was trembling as blood trickled down his delicate flesh, but as the other women approached her she quickly pushed them away, using her strength to run to her lover…her wife.

"Uranus…" her voice was drenched in sobs as she saw her pale and lifeless partner.

Pluto swung her time staff and held it above Hade's head, "As the god of time and space, I condemn you to the underworld, banning you from this world forever!" with a flash of light the threat was gone and the sounds of birds outside began to pour in through the shambles, but they were ignored as the only sounds audible were the cries brought on by the evil once concealed in the walls.

"Sailor Moon…use to crystal to extract the titans…" the odango-headed woman slowly nodded as she placed her hand gently on the head of her dead senshi.

"As queen of the new millennium, I order you to return to whence you came; leave the body of my friend… Haruka… queen of Uranus…" she laid her head on the motionless chest and began to sob silently as the corpse slowly returned to the form of the famous racer. Her body still contained the unmistakable scent of the wind, and all though faint, she could still hear the wind rustling through the chapel; she opened her blue eyes and stared at the violet sky unveiling itself in front of her, a beautiful hawk flying into the chapel caught her attention.

"Shoo bird…" Mars and Venus tried to get the bird to leave by wailing their arms towards the exit, but the bird shook its head. Slowly, the bird developed arms instead of wings and legs instead of talons, taking his true form he stepped forward once the transformation was complete.

"Excuse me, but allow me to introduce myself. I am Cronus, leader of the titans…"

"But… but I… I just banished you." Sailor moon wiped a tear as she stood up slowly making eye contact with the man as she did.

"Well… I know… but, I know you need my help…as well as my queen does." He glanced at the body that lay in front of him. "I simply can not allow her to die." He extended his hand and opened his palm, inside were shattered pieces of a brilliant crystal. "Her star seed… I can repair it…but…" He looked away momentarily before bringing his focus back to the senshi leader, "She doesn't have enough energy to survive, please… allow me to save her." He dropped to one knee and bowed deeply to future queen, "you can trust me." He closed his eyes, "my queen…she's like no one else…" he looked at the blonde standing before him. "I've never seen a mind as strong as hers… …" he smiled at the small woman, "but her heart is twice as strong my majesty…and you and her family mean more to her than anything…" Sailor moon nodded and motioned him to stand. "Please, allow me to save her…"

Without a word, a bright light filled the room as Eternal Sailor Moon smiled genuinely. "You're not just going to believe him are you?" an angry sailor Jupiter spat.

Cold and lost in her own thoughts, Neptune stared helplessly at her dead wife, as the other girls simply stood and tried to soak in what was going on around them.


"Oh Usagi!" Michiru beamed as she gently placed her hand on her queen's growing belly. "I can't believe it has already been five months, are you getting nervous?"

"Yeah, I'm just glad she hasn't started kicking yet… I know how vicious chii-usa can be and I'm not looking forward to my bladder being her punching bag" the two women laughed as Michiru rubbed her own belly. "Hopefully chibi-usa will be as lucky as I was to have such amazing friends and senshi" Usagi beamed before heading on a journey to the kitchen for some milk and cookies. "So how's Alexis' cold?"

"Oh, she's feeling much better… I can't believe how big she has gotten." Michiru took a sip of her tea until she was hit by a dull pain in her abdomen. "…oww…" she winced as she placed her cup back on to the table and held her belly.

"Are you okay?" Usagi hurried over to her friend who was obviously doing her best to breathe.

"..I'm…fine…just a contraction…." Inhale…exhale. Slowly the pain began to subside until it was finally gone. "there we go…" the older girl laughed nervously as she wiped her forehead, "One thing about Haruka's children… niether them or their papa can hold still for ten seconds. The two laughed as Michiru resumed drinking her tea and Usagi put away a few more cookies.

"Oh, I forgot to show you, I got an ultrasound today." She began digging through her purse; a smile crossed her face as she found what she was looking for. She pulled out a small black and white photo of the child that would soon grace their world as princess, quickly she handed to Michiru.

"Oh my god! Look at that nose, it's so tiny! It already looks like her!" She thought about the statement and nervously giggled, "Well…it is her but… you know what I mean."

"Yeah, I just wish Haruka was here to see it."

"yeah…" Michiru beamed while she looked at the photo, scrunching her nose as she tried to make out more of her princess. She handed it back to Usagi and stood to take their dishes back in to the kitchen. "Well…" she was cut off by another dull pain.

"Another contraction?" Usagi looked at the clock, "That's two in ten minutes…maybe we should go to the hospital?" she walked over to her friend and rubbed her shoulders.

"I'm fine…... It's probably just false labor" she held her belly and closed her eyes. Inhale…exhale…. With the last breath, the sound of the front door opening.

"Honey, I'm home! The doctor said I'm fine and that he doesn't want to see me again for another year!" the voice grunted as its owner struggled removing a shoe, "so I decided that we should play hookie and pick up Alexis, Hotaru and Suna and go on a picnic…" the voice got louder as it came nearer, before too long Haruka walked in to the room with a big grin on her face. "Oh… hey Usagi. I didn't know you were here" the smile grew as she wrapped her arms around the small woman. Michiru had just regained her composure and sat back down in her chair. Haruka walked to her and placed an innocent kiss on her love's forehead, "And how's my beautiful girls doing today" she leaned down to place a kiss on the belly of the expectant mother.

"She's getting anxious in there" Michiru laughed tiredly.

"Oh Haruka!" Usagi again brought out the small black and white photo, " I wasn't sure I was going to see you today! I'm so glad you came home early!"

"Wow, she looks…" Haruka turned the piece of paper upside down and then tilted her head trying to make out an image, "…blurry…" the others rolled there eyes as the racer scratched her head laughing awkwardly, as Michiru tried again to take the dishes to the sink.

"um… ruka…" Michiru tugged on the tomboy's sleeve looking down at her feet.

"Yes Michi?" she looked down at her wife's blushed face, "what's wrong?"

"I think you need to go get our bags… she doesn't want to be in there any longer" Michiru continued to stare at the puddle forming at her feet.

"OH MY GOD!" Haruka darted to their bedroom returning seconds later with two large suitcases, stopping only to kiss her wife before running out to the car.

The two women laughed as Usagi helped Michiru clean up, "Who would have guessed that she had died like…twice within the last year. Four times within the last four…" Michiru laughed.

"Yup, she's something else."

Cronus entered the lifeless body, merging himself with the soul within. The senshi stood around waiting for any change in their friend's condition, all but Neptune who held Uranus tightly to her own body.

Slowly… the pale skin that covered the senshi's face was painted with a new lively color; her hair regaining its shine as her chest remembering that familiar rhythm of life.

"mmm…ichi…" the simple name forced past the woman's crusted lips, the taste of blood making her stomach squirm. "What….what happened? Did it work?" so full of questions as she looked confused at the girls hovering over her. She gathered her strength and gently placed her hand on her wife's flat belly, a genuine smile crept across her face. "Michi… you're pregnant… I saw our new seed. She's absolutely beautiful" The sea goddess held tightly to her wife as she again lost consciousness.

"We have to get her to a hospital!"

A loud joyful cry filled the room as the new life entered the world.

"It's a girl Mrs. Tenoh" the doctor smiled, her eyes giving away her smile hidden by a thin face mask. She held the umbilical chord and instructed Haruka to cut it.

"michi… I told you she was beautiful" the tired mother lay on the bed, a smile never leaving her face despite the exhaustion. Haruka watched as they hurried and cleaned off her new daughter, hoping no one would notice the sign of her daughter's guardian planet glowing slightly on the forehead. Finally, the new baby was placed in her father's strong arms.

Sweetly, she placed a kiss on the babe's soft cheek, tears of joy trickling down her face. "You know what michi?"

"hmmm?" the woman in the bed falling into herself as the wryness dragged her to sleep.

"..If our love is an abomination of god…then how the hell did we end up with such a perfect family?" she sat next to Michiru as she began to feed the newborn a bottle supplied by a nurse. "I think we must be doing something right."

"yup…" Michiru looked at her wife and her new baby, "Ruka?"

"Yes dear?"

"Will you tell the doctor I need some more medicine… I can feel my toes…" the tall blonde laughed as she kissed her wife's head.

"Of course, because I love you so much, I'll get you more drugs if it kills me."

" I love you too, but if you die on me again…I'll have to punch you in the face"