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The Crazy Life of Libby Lee

Chapter 16.

A Triple Fun-Flower Birthday Party – With Cake!

"I can't believe that I get to celebrate my birthday with my siblings!" Maddie said, looking around the garden in awe, as all the handymen started hinging up lights, and getting all the tables ready. The big scene was already up, with microphones and everything.

They weren't gonna be too many people, but all their friends would be there. They had invited them from Boston, L.A., Pickford and Malibu, and they'd all be there. Maddie was so excited!

"No, it's great, isn't it?" Sharpay asked, placing an arm around her shoulders, "And it's gonna be so much fun!"

"When are the others gonna be here?" Ryan asked, making his way up to them, a smile on his happy face.

"Shouldn't you know?" Maddie asked, biting her lip, "You're the one who's dating Chelsea!"

"Stop making fun of me!" Ryan said, crossing his arms, "You should be one to talk, Troy and Zeke lovers!"

That wiped the grins of Sharpay and Maddie's faces, and they jumped on him, making him fall to the ground, his sisters on top of him. They struggled to fight him, because they wanted to win. And they won, 'cause Ryan wasn't the strongest person. However, when Rachel came outside to talk to her kids, she didn't want to believe that it was three 16 year olds, who were lying there. She might have believed they were 5.

"Guys, guys!" she yelled, standing there, hands on hips, "Get up from the grass, go into the house, and into your rooms, and get ready!"

The triplets stood up quickly, smirks playing across their faces.

"Sorry mom." Sharpay mumbled, acting like a guilty little kid, who had disobeyed her mother, "It'll never happen again, I promise you."

Rachel and Maddie both broke into a fit of giggles, and Ryan shook his head, hurrying into the house, to take a shower. Sharpay followed him, and Maddie went after, jokingly yelling:

"No, darling! Little Princess Sharpay! You want mommy to help you take a bath?"


The juke-box was already playing all their favourite music, when their friends from East High arrived. Maddie welcomed Zeke with open arms and a kiss, while Sharpay hugged Troy deeply, kissing his cheek. She grabbed Gabriella's hand too, and dragged her with her, towards the stage in the garden.

"We can all go on tonight." She told her best friend, "We can all sing. Miley and I will go on, and we'll sing songs from our new album, and we can all just dance and have fun. Sound good?"

"It sounds awesome!" Gabriella cheered, hugging Sharpay, "Does everybody here know about your secret life?"

"No." Sharpay shook her head, "But it's only around three people. The thing is jus that… I'm afraid I can't trust London, but on the other hand.. No one will believe her if she blows our secret. Miley and I talked about it, and we just figured we might as well let them know later. Truth is, Jesse is going to be here."

"Oh my God…" Gabriella said, covering her mouth with her hand, "JESSE MCCARTNEY!? HERE!?"

Taylor looked up from where she was standing, and rushed towards them, immediately, "Are you serious? SHARPAY?! Will he be here? Seriously?"

"Yeah…" Sharpay nodded her head up and down, watching as Taylor jumped into the air, and started singing Beautiful Soul, and dancing around like a mad woman.

Gabriella giggled slightly, "Do you think it's a sickness we can catch?"

"I dunno," Sharpay shrugged, her eyes following Taylor around the lawn, "…I guess I used to be like that. But not quite like that, 'cuz I was dating him, y'know? I was just crazily in love."

"Really?" Gabriella questioned, finally voicing some thoughts she'd had since she found out about Sharpay's secret life. She'd wondered a lot about her relationship with Jesse McCartney, and now she really wanted to know, "I mean… what was it like anyway?"

"What was what like?" Sharpay questioned, as they sat down on a bench, looking at each other.

"Being with Jesse McCartney?" Gabriella asked, leaned back against the wooden bench, "I mean, Miley told us a lot of stuff about you two, so it's really no secret that you slept with him… And I've never gotten that far with Troy, so yeah, I'm curious. To know… plus.. He is SO hot!"

"I know!" Sharpay giggled, "And you can ask, y'know, we're friends." She paused and looked thoughtful for a second, "He was my first. And it was great… I really loved Jesse, I still do. He may be Libby's best friend, or.. I dunno. I was happy with him, and the sex was… wow." She paused again, "But I sorta liked Troy all through it, and when you guys broke up, I… I felt like I had to break up with him too, but I couldn't do it. It was lucky for me that he had had the same thoughts."

Gabriella nodded for a second, thinking, "Yeah, and it's okay, really, Sharpay… Me and Troy just weren't meant to be. And I got over him, because… I noticed how he looked at you, so I figured.. No need to be angry towards him. I guess there was a reason that he liked Libby Lee so much!"

Both the girls laughed, and Sharpay pulled her in for a hug, "Anyway, I've been thinking some things over, and… We need to give you a fake personality too! So you can go with me when I'm on stage!"

Gabriella's eyes lit up, as a happy smile occurred on her face, "Seriously? That's awesome! Do I have to wear a wig too, and do I get to dress up weirdly?"

"You can be whoever you wanna be." Sharpay told her, "So now it's time to be creative. I have to give Troy a personality too, so he can go as well. And the other guys if they want to!"

"That's be awesome!" Gabriella cheered, just as a loud bang was heard, followed by:

"That's it, girlies! Raven's in the house!"

Sharpay started laughing, and bounced up, running across the garden, and jumped into Raven's open arms. Raven wasn't quite ready for that greeting, so they fell onto the grass in a heap, Sharpay landing on top of Raven.

"Oh snap." She whispered, which only caused Sharpay to laugh more.

Troy and Eddie eventually came and helped them both stand. They got up, and dusted off their clothes, and the others greeted them too, and everything was great.

"Chelsea!" Ryan said, pulling the red head in for a deep hug, kissing the side of her head, "How was the flight!"

"It was okay…" Chelsea smiled, looking happily into his blue eyes, "I missed you, Ry! Happy birthday!"

"Thanks…" Ryan said, pulling her in for another hug.

"Oh, look at them," Taylor mumbled, nudging Kelsi in the side, "I can feel some love in the air."

"Me too," Kelsi said, putting her arm around Jason, "They're perfect for each other."

"I think so too."

They turned around, and were surprised to find Keely standing there, with a guy they hadn't seen before. Kelsi hugged Keely, and laughed, "Hey Keel!"

"Hey Kels and Tay." Keely said, "Plus some guy I don't know, and this is Phil…"

"Hi!" Phil said, shaking their hands, "Where's Sharpay?"

"Some place making out with Troy." Taylor mumbled.

"Hey!" Troy exclaimed, nudging her in the side, "I'm right here, and last I knew off, Sharpay was jumping on Raven, okay?"

They all laughed, and turned to sit down at one of the tables, where Rachel had placed a ton of sodas and candy for them to enjoy. It was supposed to be a huge garden party, and they couldn't wait to have fun. It was gonna be great!


Maddie had taken off with Zeke to greet London, Zack, Cody, Esteban, Carey and Mr. Moseby in the airport, while the others were waiting for Miley, Oliver, Jackson, Jesse, Lilly and Robbie Ray to arrive. They were pretty sure that Roxy was going to be there too. Miley had mentioned something about it, and Jesse was definitely going with them. They were picking him up on the way, since they'd decided to drive to Albuquerque.

Suddenly a loud honk was heard from the other side of the house, and they all ran out there to greet the guests. The first out of the mini van was Jesse, and Sharpay jumped into his open arms, hugging him to death. He chuckled and spun her around, earning quite some stares from Kelsi and Taylor, who were practically drooling.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" Miley and Lilly screamed, both jumping on Ryan to hug him.

"This is so tight!" Jackson said, looking in awe around, and when his eyes caught Sharpay, he took a step closer to her.

She took another step back, holding tightly onto Jesse, a weird look on her face, "…stay away from me!" she told him, which caused everybody to laugh like crazy, as they went around the house, and to the garden, where Miley immediately jumped onto the stage, starting a beat.

To everybody's delight, she started singing Nobody's Perfect, making everyone dance around, having fun and just enjoy themselves. Sharpay took Jesse's hand, and dragged him with her, to Troy, who was sulking a little, because of the fact, that she was hanging onto her ex-boyfriend.

"Jesse…" she said, pointing at Troy, "This is my boyfriend Troy, and Troy, this is Jesse McCartney, my ex-boyfriend. Yeah."

"Hey," Jesse said, sticking his hand out, which Troy took, with doubts though, "You're a lucky guy, Troy. She's an amazing girl. Not the right girl for me, she might be for you."

"Oh yeah, she is…" Phil mumbled, just as he walked past them, to get a glass of soda.

Troy shot him a weird look, and chuckled, "Well yeah, and I don't want to feel weird about you two working together, so I guess we're friends, Jesse."

"Great." Jesse smiled, "I gotta know my Libby's boyfriend, right." he smiled, pulling her in for a quick hug.

"I'm Sharpay right now, Jesse." Sharpay giggled, joy written across her face, because it seemed like the two boys would get along.


After the rest of the guests arrived, it was time to open presents. There were a lot, but it was cool, because they all liked presents. They got through them all, and got some pretty weird things, but it was also fun, because Rachel, had wanted to give her kids something crazy, so she's gotten them each a fun-flower.

Maddie's was blue, Sharpay's was pink and Ryan's was green.

They all started laughing because of them, and Rachel went to put them in the grass, and install the water, if they wanted them play with them later.

After the others sang Happy Birthday for them all, which sounded kinda funny, since they had to include three names.

Then Sharpay decided that it might be time to hold some sort of speech, so she went on stage, getting everybody's attention:

"Hello." She giggled, smiling at them, "I wanna thank you all for coming. It means a lot to Ry, Maddie and I. You're the best friends anyone could ever have. I wanna say that… recently, a lot has been going on in my life, and a huge secret was revealed, but it's okay, I guess.. Now I can be honest with you all. And I can stop acting weird."

That caused them all to laugh.

"Ah maybe not, totally, but I'll do my best to try." Sharpay continued, "And I wanna thank Jesse for coming tonight, I know it can't be easy on you, so yeah.. Thanks for the great gifts, and I hope you all have fun. This stage is free for you all, and you can sing for us, or whatever. Right now I'd like to ask Miles up here, 'cause I want us to sing!"

Lilly and Oliver pushed Miley onto the stage, though she really wasn't up for it, but when Sharpay whispered in her ear, which song they were going to sing, she smiled. It was one from the new album.

"And we're singing…" Miley said, waiting Sharpay to finish the drum roll she had going on "…You and Me Together. I love you, Shar."

"Love you too, Miley."

The music started, and they got ready to sing, while the rest of the guests, got ready to dance.

(Sharpay singing, Miley singing, both singing

Looks like we found ourselves
Up against a wall
In need of a little help
But no one wants to call
After all we've been through
Do we let our friendship end

You need me and I need you
No, we will not break
Never break
But even if we bend, yeah it's…

You and me together
(Together, together, together)
Yeah, I'm always on your side
(On your side)
No one, no one, no one can ever change it
C'mon let 'em try
(Let 'em try)
'Cause it's you and me together now

Anyone can have a day
When their heart is on their sleeve
No one wants to see it our way
Can't agree to disagree

You'd think it'd be easier
But it feels like you just can't win

But somehow we'll make it work
Cause we deserve it- you know we're worth it
You can't give up on friends, 'cause it's…

You and me together
(Together, together, together)
I'm always on your side
(On your side, ooh)
No one, no one, no one can ever change it
C'mon let 'em try
(C'mon, let 'em try)
'Cause it's you and me together now

You and me together
I'm always on your side

No one, no one, no one can ever change it
C'mon let 'em try
'Cause it's you and me together now

They all clapped, and the two girls giggled, hugging each other close. They really did love each other, even if they fought like crazy. They jumped down from the stage, and Jesse took a seat instead, wanting to play a few slow, calm songs, for them to listen to, while they talked. He wasn't really in a party mood, and it was fun enough to just play for them. Therefore he started Feelin' You – the song he once dedicated to Libby.


"Time to get some cake, everybody!" Rachel yelled.

They all ran to her, pushing Sharpay, Ryan and Maddie in front of them. There stood a lovely cake with three candles in, one for each of them. Maddie sent Rachel a big smile. She loved her "new" family, everything was really great here and she had all her friends from Boston there too.

"Here are the knife so you can cut the cake," Rachel said and handed Ryan the knife. He took it and cut three pieces for them.

"Anyone else who wanted a piece of this delicious cake? Else I'll just take the rest." Ryan said with a big laugh and put a spoonful of the cake into his mouth. He moved so the others could get some. Sharpay was standing with Troy, who was waiting to get a piece.

"Aren't you gonna share with me, baby?" Troy asked, looking at the cake. Sharpay giggled and put a little bite on her spoon holding it up to Troy's mouth. He opened his mouth to get it as she pretended to eat it herself.

"Why are you so mean?" Troy said, looking hurt at her.

"You only get it, if I get something from you?" Sharpay teased. Troy slowly leaned in and planted a kiss on her lips. She tasted like the cake; sweet. "That was not what I meant, but it'll do," Sharpay said after the kiss, putting the spoon into his mouth. Troy let out a moan.

"Uhm, this cake is really good. Can I have some more?" Troy said, his mouth full of cake.

"NO, go get your own piece. I have the rest for myself." Troy sent her a death glare and then ran off to get a piece by himself. A little after Troy came back, with a big piece of cake. He had whipped cream all over his face. Sharpay started laughing at him and couldn't stop.

"What is wrong?" Troy said and put a new bite into his mouth, which already was full.

"You got something right there!" Sharpay said and leaned in, licking his cheek off for whipped cream.

"EW, what was that for? Couldn't you have warned me or something? Should I lick your cheek too?" Troy said, getting really chick-mad, which just caused Sharpay to laugh even more.

"Sorry, but I couldn't resist. You just look so damn cute with it." Sharpay giggled. Rachel came near them.

"Troy, look I got another piece of cake more for you." Rachel said and Troy spun around, a blitz blinking. "Nice picture." Troy looked evilly at her, but she just smiled at him.

"Can a have some of it?" Sharpay asked, referring to the cake. Troy looked down at it.

"Okay," he put some on the spoon. Sharpay opened her mouth and closed her eyes. Troy couldn't resist and put it on her nose.

"Trooooooooooooyyyyyyyyyyyyy, what was that for?!" Sharpay said and opened her eyes, to see Troy had ran away. "Get back here, you annoying kid!" Sharpay yelled and ran after him.


Maddie and Zeke who had followed the scene from a distance were dancing and laughing of the lovebirds.

"I don't think he will ever grow up." Zeke said, looking into his girlfriend's beautiful eyes.

"Me neither. As long you don't do the same I am happy." Maddie smiled and kissed him lightly on the lips.

"As long you keep doing that, I'll never do that to you, okay baby?" Maddie giggled and kissed him deeply. They twirled around to the music, just enjoying the moment. Another pair who was dancing, were Ryan and Chelsea.

"Gosh… this is a really cool party." Chelsea mumbled, resting her head lightly on Ryan's shoulder, "Thanks for inviting me."

"Of course you're invited." Ryan chuckled, brushing her head lightly, "You're Sharpay's friend, and… I sorta like you."

Chelsea pulled back, a huge smile erupting on her face, "You do? Seriously? I really like you too, Ryan!"

Ryan smiled too, and softly leaned in, placing a delicate kiss on her lips, "That's great… we can make this work, right?"

"We have to," Chelsea agreed, nodding her head a little, "And it won't be a problem. We'll see each other when Libby is in concert. It won't be that big of a deal. She's doing one almost every week!"

"Good!" Ryan chuckled, kissing her again.

Phil and Keely were dancing right next to them, discussing Shibby's future.

"Well, then I guess she found Troy now…" Keely whispered, as she rested her head on Phil's shoulder, "They'll be together forever, right?"

"For ever and ever," Phil promised her, with a smile, "Sharpay's secret is blown when she's in her 30s, and then she just become Sharpay, and starts taking acting more serious. Troy was playing basketball professionally until then, but they star in a movie together, which becomes a success. In the end, Troy dies, 87 years old, and Sharpay dies a year later. They have four kids."

"That sounds wonderful," Keely mumbled, softly lifting her head, to quickly look at him, "I wish I could have such a wonderful life. Except I wouldn't be a pop-star, I'd be a famous journalist."

"You'll get a wonderful life too, Keel. I promise you that." Phil said, kissing her cheek.

"But you won't be there. You'll go back to the future!" Keely said, "I want you there, Phil… I love you."

"I'll be there, Keely, I promise." Phil assured her, while kissing her lightly.


"Gosh, Pay-girl," Lilly said, as she sat down next to Sharpay and Troy, who were talking and still eating cake, "This party is the bomb. It's so cool."

"Glad you enjoy it, Lilly." Sharpay replied, turning away from Troy, "It's kinda the thing about a birthday party! To just have fun, y'know?"

"Gosh, you make me feel so dumb!" Lilly giggled, before walking off again.

Sharpay turned back to Troy, and put the plate of cake in his hand, "I gotta go for a minute, Troy, I have to talk to Jesse… I'll be right back, kays?"

"Sure," Troy said, narrowing his eyes in on her though.

"I promise, Troy," Sharpay said, kissing him on the lips, "I love you. Jesse is just a friend now."

"But you slept with him…" Troy mumbled, "We haven't even slept together."

"I'll sleep with you…" Sharpay told him, kissing his lips again, "I love you, Troy. You can sleep in my bed anytime you want to!"

"I love you too…" Troy whispered, before pulling her head down for a really passionate kiss, which left her in a daze, after he got up and left her alone. She looked around for a second, before focusing on Jesse by the stage. She slowly went over there, and kissed his cheek, lovingly.

"Hey Shar…" he said, smiling at her, "Did you like your gift?"

"Yeah, it was awesome," Sharpay told him, "I dunno how you do it, but you pick out girls clothes, just perfect."

"It's a gift…" Jesse laughed, as he hugged her tight, and they jumped onto the stage, to sit there, "What's up? Having fun with Troy?"

"A lot, he's awesome," Sharpay replied, "But I figured I'd like to spend some time with you, you wanna sing together? We could sing A Song For You, I really love that one."

"Hmm, that'd be great," Jesse replied, before stiffening for a second, "Oh no…" he whispered, trying to duck behind Sharpay.

Sharpay turned her head to the side, and watched as London determinedly made her way towards them, without a doubt, doing her Jesse-hunt. She had to annoy them, always. It was like, a rule she made for herself or something. And Sharpay hated it – Jesse did too, a lot.

"Let's get behind the stage or something!" Jesse quickly said, pulling her down, as they ducked behind the side of the stage, trying to get out of London's view.

"JESSE!?" she yelled, as she went right pass them, "Jesse? Where are you!? JESSE!?"

Sharpay and Jesse both laughed, as they kept hiding from her, and Sharpay leaned up and whispered in his ear; "What does she like about you – us – we're not even that appealing!"

Jesse laughed again and threw her his famous 'I don't know'-look. Then Sharpay grabbed his arm, and jumped onto the stage, giving him a mic, while taking one too.

"We're going to sing A Song For You, and we wrote it together!" Jesse told them all, while Sharpay blew a bunch of kisses to Troy.

(Sharpay singing, both singing, Jesse singing

I don't care what people say
I love you ev'ry night and day
I guess you are the one to blame
I know they say that love makes blind
If that's the truth, then I don't mind
I'll love you just the same

I know we're young; that's okay
I love you very much, though they
Say it all is just a game
I know it's true so what they do
Does nothing to us, you know it too
I'll love you just the same

Nothing like love
It's you and I
You life me up
And make me fly
I love you so

Gabriella wandered around in the garden, feeling a tad left alone. Sharpay had Troy. Chelsea had Ryan. Keely had Phil. Taylor had Chad. Kelsi had Jason and Maddie had Zeke. They all had someone, and she didn't. She hated it. It was unfair. She wanted someone to love as well.

She was wandering and thinking so much, that she didn't notice the single person right before her, which caused her to walk straight into him. They both ended on the grass.

She sat up and rubbed her head, "Oh my God, I'm sorry!"

"It's okay," Eddie smiled, as he stood up, and helped her too, "It's fine, it was my fault too."

"Nah, I was… absorbed in my own world." Gabriella giggled, as they walked towards the cake table, together, "So yeah? You having fun?"

"It's okay," Eddie smiled, "I need someone to entertain me though."

"I guess I could be that someone, huh?" Gabriella suggested, as she locked eyes with him.

"Yeah," Eddie agreed, taking another piece of cake, "I guess you could."


"You guys wanna play a fun game?" Maddie questioned, as her eyes landed on the three fun-flowers in the middle of the lawn, "'Cuz I've got an idea!"

"What is it?" Oliver asked, arching his eyebrow, in a really funny way, which made Lilly and Raven burst into giggles.

"We have to jump over them, run through them, so we'll all get wet!"

"No way," London said, crossing her arms together.

"Say London?" Jesse questioned, "What if I kiss your cheek, are you up for it then?"

"Anything for you my future husband…" London sighed.

"Yay!" Sharpay smiled, clapping her hands together, "Let's play then! Maddie, you go first!"

Maddie nodded, and soon started running towards the fun-flowers, which had made the grass all slippery, but it looked fun, so the rest of them quickly followed, where several of them ended on the grass, in a heap. Zeke, Maddie, Ryan, Chelsea, Kelsi, Jason and Raven decided to play Christmas tree around one of them, and danced hand in hand, singing Best of Both Worlds, while Oliver, Miley, Gabriella, Eddie, Jesse, London, Chad and Taylor splashed water at each other, guys against girls. Phil, Keely, Zack, Cody, and Lilly goofed off by the last flower, and Troy and Sharpay…

…they were just lying together on the grass, Sharpay on top of Troy, kissing each other wild and passionately.

God, it seemed like both Sharpay Evans and Libby Lee had crazy lives. But maybe Libby's was just a tad crazier. That was okay though, because for Sharpay; life just couldn't get any better.

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