Thirteen Chronicles of Twelve

By Sofri

A/N: OK, I know you guys realized I haven't updated in like forever, and it's because I've been working on a big project, which I present to you now: Thirteen Chronicles of Twelve. These are a set of 13 stories featuring Larxene with every other member of the Organization, including herself (NO yuri). Some are short, some longer, some angsty, some funny, some fluffy…it's a mix

Disclaimer: I'm gonna say it once: Don't own KH, don't own Organization XIII.



One day, Marluxia came to me and asked if I would ally with him to break free from this place. That night, I went to him and told of the Graceful One's offer. He thanked me for the information, and I lay in his arms and he told me to come again. And I did.

The next day, Marluxia outlined his plan in detail and what parts I would play. That night, I returned to him and recited the plans as though I were in a trance. And maybe I was.

The third day, Marluxia set the plan in motion. That night, I returned to him and he told me how to foil the plan and told me to lay in his arms. And I did.

The fourth day, Marluxia found out. He called me "traitor" and "betrayer" and I wished to break free and beg for his forgiveness. But that night, I returned to him and he told me not to be ashamed, and that he was the only ruler in my sick and twisted little world. And I listened.

The fifth day, Marluxia gave me another chance. We ran and ran until they found us and brought us back. That night, I returned to him and he punished me, and bade me take my punishment. And I took it.

The sixth day, he had Marluxia killed. I went out to mourn at his grave, but Nobodies cannot cry, so I did not cry. And that night I returned to him and he kissed me and held me and then ran me through with his sword. And told me I should have known all along, as I lay in his arms, that he would grow tired of me someday.

And maybe I did.