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Sandaime Sarutobi was many things. Old, is an example. And a kage as well. At this moment though, he was panicked above all things. Now what do you ask could possibly scare an (approximately) 80 year old veteran of 2 shinobi wars, a crazed student hell-bent on learning all jutsu and the Uchiha massacre? Why no one else than Uzumaki Naruto, the kyuubi vessel and all around missing person for 2 days.

Leaping to a stop on a random rooftop, he took a moment to calm his train of thought. Any other day he would've looked at the view, admiring the look of dingy houses with caples and metal tubes spider webbing around them, and the hokage monument silhouetted under the setting sun.

But this wasn't any other day, oh no, it was the second day one Uzumaki Naruto was missing. Reports showed that the boy had left the academy in reletive good spirits, then at some point the ANBU that were watching him lost track of where he was. The thought of what may have happened brought new terror to the ageing man. What if he'd been assasinated, for the obvious reason, perhaps kidnapped? Or another run in with a drunken villager, looking for revenge against the fox sealed in his naval? How could he had let this happen?

With this thought in mind, he gave a sharp whistle and immediatley afterward at least 4 ANBU appeared. "Hokage-sama, what is it?" the one in the middle spoke in a slighty gruff, hushed tone. The hokage gave a slightly foreboding look to him before speaking: "Contact the Inuzuka, we can use them to track Naruto down, where ever he is in the village. We cannot let him go, he is far to important."

Nodding slightly all took off in a blur of movement, all except for the one in the centre. The ANBU spoke in a hushed tone again "And what if he isn't inside the village, hokage-sama?"

"Then call of the search and inform the caretakers at the orphanage that he is infact dead as of two days ago." "Hai, hokage-sama." and with that, the man was gone in a blur of smoke,

Now that they were gone, a look of pure sadness, age and exhaustion etched itself into his face and in one sentence summed up his feelings.

"Oh, Naruto..."


There movements were quick, precise and obove all, silent. They were Konoha's ANBU forces and they would find the boy no matter what, regardless of consequence.

Personnaly, many wanted nothing to do with the boy, much less his finding. But they were sworn to the hokage's word and as such did his will.

So here he was, kneeling on a rooftop, ackompanied by a Inuzuka woman and her fateful dog compannion, litterally sniffing around for a human boy.

Suddenly the owner and dog stiffened, and took off in a full blown run. Taken by surprise, the ANBU took off after them at full speed. Once beside is feral looking companion, he asked "What is it you smell?" her answer was delivered in a cool, hushed tone" Blood and Naruto."


An explosion rocked the small two story building as the ANBU layed siege against the unknown enemy. Whoever they were, they were taking no prisoners.

Villagers below scrambled around like scared chickens, squabbling around in fear and terror at the conflict before them. These actions oly seemed to send the enemy into a further frenzy of violence.

Sarutobi landed in front of the buildings doors, and took off through the doors. An enemy nin, dressed in basic civilion clothes and a mask, sadly didn't recognize the " Professor ninja" and attempted to decapitate him. It took him a second to realize the "frail, suicidal fool" was behind him before he died a painful death.The old man didn't bat an eye.

He rushed forward, and initiated a famous technique:"Katon: Goukakyu no jutsu." A huge fireball exploded from his mouth, carrying the flaming death of several on Naruto's captures, who were unlucky enough to be caught in the flames path.

He dashed up the stairs at a hurried pace, intent on finding the boy these supposed people had taken. A quick succession of handseals and suddenly The demon monkey king Enma was beside the old man, his intent quite clear as he dashed forward and delivered a devastating kick to an unsuspecting nin.

Now that Sarutobi had some breathing space. Naruto had to be there, he was probably higher up on the second floor. The hokage took of in a full run, using his nose to attempt to sniff out the boy. He was no inuzuka when it came to sniffing, but experience helped a lot. Now that he had the sent (and his fear increased when he smelled blood, a fair amount to), all he had to do was follow his nose.

Dashing up a flight of stairs, he came to a pair of metal double doors, both looking equally evil and imtimidating. 'This is it' he thought , and without a second thought opened the doors to one of the most horrible things he had ever seen.

The, against the wall was eight year old Naruto. The grotesque sight before him tarnished any innocence the boy once held. Crusified with kunai to keep him upright, his sunny blonde hair matted to his face with grime, Naruto was barely recognizable. Every thing below his waste was gone, legs and all with a large pool of blood dripping down the wall, slipping into cracks that spidered it.

Taking this all in, the man took the the best course of action, he threw up on the floor.

"Not pretty, is it, ne hokage-sama?"

Spinning his head around, the hokage stared at a peculiuer looking man that look similar to a priest in clothing, only blood red and ragged at the bottom. The mans face was fixed in a sneer.

"He fought quite a bit, but he couldn't let him go. After all, if we did, how could we get Kyuubi-sama out? The boys life was meaningless anyways in comparison." As those words left his mouth, the hokage's blood boild. Because of these MONSTERS, Naruto's life would be utterly destroyed, if he ever survived this ordeal!

"Awwwww, it would appear I've bothered the old fool. Don't worry, the pain will be gone soon, once we free Kyuubi-sama from such a weak vessle." the sick bastard said in a mockup of a concerned tone."

Walking over to the hunk of child left on the wall, he pulled out a kunai, before bringing it down onto Naruto's prone form. A loud clang reverberated through the building as the kage's kunai met the preasts. "IN THE NAME OF KONOHA, I SENTENCE YOU TO DEATH FOR THE ATTEMPTED ASSASINATION OF UZUMAKI NARUTO! MAY SHINIGAMI HAVE MERCY ON YOU, FOR I WILL NOT!!" the aging man vowed.


Much later, as the last enemy were captured, and Naruto taken to the hospital, the Sandaime aloud himself a deep and long breathe. Putting it simply, the boy was lucky to be alive to no small miracle.

The people that abducted him turned out to be a small group of cultists who worshipped kyuubi, the demon within Naruto. Over the course of two days, had tryed every mean possible to break the seal. When they'd been discovered, as a last resort,they attempted to most forward method, cutting the seal in two, along with Naruto. Infact, the kunai the preast weilded was covered in seals, the most likely had there desired effect, releasing the fox.

Before him sat the damage that they had inflicted on the boy, the eight year old boy. Not only was everything below his waste gone, but they had hit a vital nerve in his arm when pinning him, rendering both his arms useless. He supposed that was to stop struggling. Not to mention there method to keep him from screaming was to shove a kunai down his throught, effectively destroying his voice box. And causing him extreme pain.

The mental damage would be staggering in the least, if ever the boy woke up, which was highly unlikely. Thinking this, the fire shadow was in a fit of worry and despair. He had already failed Naruto once from this incident, he wasn't going to let it happen again! There had to be a way, there just had to be!

His panicked thinking led to more panicked thinking, a continuous stream of random thought all with one goal: save Naruto. Then through it came one of Sarutobi's greatist if not craziest thoughts.

A thought revolving around a women by the name of: Chiyo.


In all her years as a Suna shinobi, she had never seen anything like this.

Before her, in a standered hospital bed lay the most broken thing Chiyo had ever seen, even her nefew Gaara (SP?) wasn't this bad!

At first she had been suspicious of the 3rd hokages request for her, after all it wasnt everyday she was called out like this. When he had asked here to do the deed, she at-first went into a fury at the prospect of doing such a thing!

I mean really, asking her to turn there Jinchuuriki into a half Pupeet! Obsured!

But now she saw why the old man wished this, and now she agreed. Chiyo could practically see the sadness rolling of the boy,and the horrible circumstances to his being, so she agreed, though she knew it would be no small feet.

She requested a team of Med-nin, some supplies and some of the most durable and light equipment, like wood they could find, and a few days to prepare.The third quickly agreed, hoping she could get to it soon as Naruto didn't have much time.


Only one emotion was present of the old mans face, complete and utter worry. Why you ask? Because of the operation taking progress. He knew the dangers that could happen, especially death. The process of attaching the parts to Naruto's body would be slow and tedious, connecting his chakra system to the parts, then making artifical tenketsu compatible with his original ones. If they messed this up, some really bad stuff could go down.

They had decided before hand that leaving nerves and blood vessles out of the pupeet arms and legs were a good idea, but still giving him chakra circulators so he could use jutsu. The chakra circulatory system was easy to attach, but things like capillaries just weren't.

Now all he could do was wait

...and wait...

...and wait...

...and wait some more...

Until, BANG! went the front doors as our short suna nin walked out (ryhmage, ha!) to the hallway. With his chest beating a million beats a minute (not to healthy I woud imagine) he looked right into her eye and asked: "how is he?"

She gave him a stern look, before her face softned and she spoke: "He died a shinobi's death."

His world came crashing down, all hope lost, he had faild, AGAIN! What about his promise to the fourth? And the honorbound oath to protect his village?

Then the second unhealthy thing happened: Chiyo burst into guffaws of laughter, with no end in sight. When she had calmed down enough, she spoke in a light tone:"Jeez, Sarutobi, you really let yourself go! Your actually didn't pick up that I was lying?! Man your senile!"

That comment got The Thirds attention, and both infuriated and calmed him."So how is he really?" he spoke in a highly controlled voice

"The operation was a complete success, although you'll have to deal with the psychological part of things. I would imagine he won't be the sanest person."

That was a relief! Naruto was alive, thank goodness! Now to see how he was and get away from the cackling old crow.


...The world was hazy and out of focus.

he could vaguely make out the old man before him, probably due to his small coma, or the killer of a headache.

The old man was saying something, we couldn't hear what though. Where was he? Who was that old woman?

His memory came careening back with the force of a speeding truck. All of it slightly hazy but he could make it out. The people over his prone form, knives and blood, anger and sadness, his unheard cries for help in vain, all of it.

That set him in a deep depression. How could he be hokage now? Or for that matter, how could he be a ninja? Would he ever find someone who would acknowledge him, or was his existance in vain?

Naruto groggly began to hear the voices around his prone form, talking hurriedly. He tried to find his voice to get their attention.

He Finally spoke, though all that came out was a faint whisper intangeble to the ear. The old woman (Chiyo), bent forwards and spoke softly "Dear, put this on." in her hand she brandised a sort of mask like object,pitch black in color, with three lines going long-ways in the middle (similar to the mask the guy from those mist ninja used in the chuunin exams).

Naruto gently opened his mouth and place his mouth onto in, preparing to speak into into it. He got quite the shock when a clicking noise came form it and and attached itself to his face! He almost gagged before his panic died down.

All present (three people: Sandaime, Chiyo and a nurse) watched expectantly as coherent sound came out of the mask

"How long was I out?"came the raspy mechanical voice that vaguely sounded like a quiet Naruto." about half a week, give or take a few hours." came the head nurses reply, giving the air she didn't want to be there (I did it again!).

All present were surprised when Naruto shrugged and started taking in his form. He was quite surprised when instead of stubs, there were wooden body parts in there place! That put him through the loop. Not only that but most of his torso was covered in a wooden plate(s), the only thing that wasn't was his head, neck and some of his shoulders!

Now in full panic mode he hastilly asked in a very polite tone:"WHAT THE F&CK DID YOU DO TO ME!?!?"Yes very polite.

The Sandaimes rebuttle? "All will be explained if you just-".

That just sent the blonde into an even bigger craze, which was difficult as he was only a head "OH MAN, I CAN'T MOVE MY ARMS, WHERE ARE MY LEGS, I CAN"T SEE-" before the older women swiftly wapped him over the head and said "All will be explained soon young man, in the mean time I would appreciate if you would SHUT UP!" she ended in a shrill voice, for an (approximately) eighty year old women.

Now that calmed (scared) Naruto) right down, she continued "Naruto, I am Chiyo of the Sand, and Sarutobi has asked me to explain some of your predicament." Naruto nodded slightly at this, as it had been explained before.

"Now before I begin, Do you Know what a Pupeeter does..?"she said as chakra strings extended to naruto's limbs, making him stand up and float oddly, before slamming into a wall several times, causing the three to sweat drop...

...Well two anyways, Chiyo just laughed at the helpless blonde.


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