Taste Of Love

Kagome ran away from her demanding family and found herself right in the arms of Takahashi Inuyasha. Caught up in his world, it's getting hard for her to leave, for she has had her first taste of love.

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha. Rights are reserved fully to Rumiko Takahashi. This plot too isn't as original, so to those who have attempted before I have, they have full rights to this plot too. Anything else that is mentioned that isn't a figment of my imagination, I also disclaim.

Age Brackets: Kagome – 20, Sango – 22, Miroku – 25, Inuyasha – 26



In the current media, the Higurashi's claimed the highest ranking in the Film industry. Akira Higurashi, a tall man with black hair that collected at the nape of his next, was the highest and top of the line director that Asia had seen. He directed many major motion pictures such as Flight of the Cherry Blossom and as well as The True Colours of a Geisha. He was a man of his late forties yet he was still as active as he was over twenty years ago.

His wife, Korari Higurashi, a woman in her early forties with short curly dark brown hair, was a renowned costume designer. She had picked many outfits for box office sellers, such as her husbands movie, The True Colours of a Geisha as well as the sci-fi hit, Androids: Heaven Versus Hell. Her style and fashion sense give something for critics to rave about.

And then there was their fifteen year old son, Souta Higurashi, who had already climbed up what people wanted to call Teen Sensation and landed himself a soft spot in his career as a teen actor. He too went through many amazing directors, acting for even his father in a few of his movies. Akira and Korari were proud of their son…

Their daughter however was a different story…

And the young age of 20, with the body of an angel, the smile of a fairy, the attitude of a demoness and the flare of a woman, instead of working in her family's line, she decided to home a quaint job at the local… ice cream store…


"ORDER UP!" A young waitress grinned as she held a tray filled with various dairy delights as she wound through many of their customers to find the farthest table of a young family, a man, woman and their, what looked to be, three year old son.

"Here you go," Kagome Higurashi laughed as she placed the tray down and bowed. "Enjoy your desert!"

The woman smiled and thanked Kagome. "Thank you," she smiled, "you know—you look a lot like that model, Miko was it?"

Kagome hid the look shock as she smiled. "Thank you very much." She said as she stalked away, praying silently and thanking God that they didn't know who she was. Kagome Higurashi, after the insistence of her mother and father, took a few modeling shoots as Miko, since she was from a line of Shinto Shrine Maidens. Kagome walked to the back and dropped her apron and revealed her uniform, black pants, black runners, a deep navy blue top and a white hat that said Ari and Yoshi's Ice Cream Dilemma.

"Aye, Kagome!" Her manager, Ari Yamato said as she walked over and grinned.

"What's up?" Kagome said as she sat down on a chair and crossed her legs on it.

"Did you read the papers?" Ari said handing a small snippet of an article to her. Kagome raised a brow as she looked down and read the headline.

Takahashi Inuyasha, man of his word, opens Hospital

Kagome raised a brow. "Oh no way…"

Ari laughed. "Yeah I know! Kazu," Kazu's Ari's husband, "said that he might not do it. I mean a man of his status and group of friends; I wonder why he did open a hospital."

Kagome laughed as she read over the article. Takahashi Inuyasha was the most talked about man in her day and time and she was sure he had out-famed her family even. She stared at the picture and saw a man, who seemed really tall with long black hair that was tied back in a black pony-tail. He had amazing golden eyes that seemed stern and unfeeling. Inuyasha was wearing a black suit, dress pants and a white button up that wasn't tucked into his pants, with the top two buttons undone. He, Kagome found really amazingly good looking, didn't have a tie on and instead of a coat for his suit; he had a deep black blazer.

He was shaking the hand of, what Kagome presumed to be, the Minister of Health as they stood in front of a podium.

"He's pretty good looking," Ari grinned as Kagome laughed.

"Just let Kazu hear you!"

"Oh he knows I fawn over good looking famous men." Ari teased and Kagome giggled. She didn't like the entire famous thing. According to her family, being famous meant going to large banquets, dressing in fancy clothing and going to many balls.

Kagome didn't enjoy any of that. So, against her parents wishes, she got a local job, which she had to admit, she loved a lot. Due to her mother's nagging, she had taken three photo shoots as the name of Miko, so her cover wouldn't be blown in the real world.

"Anyways," Ari handed Kagome an envelope, "payday today, fun eh?"

Kagome laughed as she tucked the envelope into her back pocket and dropped the newspaper article onto the coffee table that was in the crew area in the back of the store.

"Your shift is over in half an hour," Ari mused, "and it isn't busy, wanna go home early?"

Kagome shrugged. "Doesn't matter, Ari-chan."

Ari smiled at the beautiful young woman before her. Higurashi Kagome, to Ari, had to be the most beautiful woman that ever graced the earth. She had long black hair that cascaded down her back and ended at her waist. It was straight hair and then curled near the bottom, making it look like it was professionally done. Kagome had deep chocolate brown eyes, a tiny nose and rather full lips. Ari had taken Kagome to be her kid sister and Ari's husband, Kazu, too was protective of Kagome.

"Go home dear," Ari grinned, Ari was in her mid thirties as Kagome was in her early twenties, "let us old people take care of this store."

Kagome laughed. "You sure?"

"Positive. Now go home and do what young women these days do. Nails, hairs," Ari winked at Kagome, "boob jobs!"

Kagome stifled a horrified giggle as Ari flopped down onto the chair Kagome was sitting in a second ago. "Go home and sleep or something," Ari rolled her eyes, "you closed shop last night and opened today. I'm surprised you can keep your eyes open!"

Kagome smiled softly as she picked up her sweater, it was early June and the weather was getting very sweet. She slipped her brown zip up sweater on and waved at her fellow workers as she left the building. She pulled her keys out of her pocket and her car blared to life as she hit the auto-start button. Kagome eased into her dark black Lexus GS 430. Kagome made sure it was a shift car, since she found automatic gearing system to be a bore.

Kagome expertly maneuvered out of the parking lot and switched gears as she starting driving home to her mansion.


Kagome rolled up her large drive way and punched the code into the gate so it opened for her. She zoomed up the tarmac, expertly sliding her car into her designated parking spot amongst the many spots that were available. Her father's car was back, so was her mothers and the Limo wasn't out either, meaning Souta was home.

However, there was also another car and Kagome frowned, We weren't expecting company today… I least… I don't think…

Kagome pulled off her hat and left it in her car as she walked towards the house. The man in the front gate smiled as he opened it for her, she murmured a soft thank you and smiled at him before heading inside.

At once, voices from the living area floated to her. She raised a brow as she clutched her car keys, walking towards where the voices came from. She heard her mother laugh, her father chuckle, her brother snort and three other voices that Kagome couldn't distinguish.

"Ahh," Akira grinned, "the Princess is home."

Kagome bowed in respect before glancing at Souta who shrugged, meaning he had no idea who these people were either. Kagome sat down beside her brother on the loveseat as her mother grinned over at her, making Kagome feel even more confused than ever.

"Good afternoon," a rather short and stubby woman snorted out, sounding like a toad on helium. She had graying hairs that was tied up in a high ponytail. The woman had a pudgy face that was round and caked with makeup, making her have the visage of a clown.

"Afternoon," Kagome smiled as the woman moved in her seat, inching towards the edge.

"My, you are a beauty."

Kagome smiled. "Thank you."

The elderly man who had short greasy hair and the visage of a gerbil smirked, showing ugly black teeth.

"Miko lives up her expectation I see. I am Hiroshi Onigumo and this is my wife, Setsuna Onigumo. He," the man pointed to a man seated beside his mother, leaning against the rest, lazily examining Kagome, "is our son, Naraku."

Kagome smiled politely as she nudged Souta. Souta shrugged his shoulders and Kagome frowned, glancing at her mother. Korari seemed to be adoring Naraku, which disgusted Kagome since he was a hybrid of the clown toad and gerbil. Kagome suddenly stood up and bowed in apology.

"I'm deeply sorry. I just came home and I wish to get refreshed. I'll be down shortly."

Souta shot up like lightening and glanced at his sister hurriedly. "I'll come with you!"

Kagome nodded as the siblings made it towards the spiral staircase. Akira chuckled. "Kagome enjoys sometimes living like a commoner. She has a local part-time job above her modeling career."

Hiroshi smiled. "No problem. Children have their phases…"


"Who are they?" Kagome groaned as she picked up some article of clothing in her bedroom and waltzed into her bathroom, that was in her room as well. Souta lay down on her bed and stared at her ceiling, frowning.

"No idea, but they smell like fish."

Kagome laughed as she pushed the curtain aside and stepped into the shower, with her clothes on. She wanted to keep a conversation going with her brother so she didn't close the door. As soon as she was behind the curtain, she stripped herself of her garments and threw it over the bar.

"Bad vibes?" Kagome said as she turned the water on.


"So how was your shoot today?" Kagome asked her brother as she started soaking under the water, "I'm hearing gossip run through Ari's place about how Souta is going to play the exchange student in Latin America."

Souta snorted. "No! I'm supposed to help a Latin American girl live in Japan and fall in love with her!"

"That's what I thought. I read your manuscripts. Really, internet sucks these days."

"You said it." Souta muttered.

"Say, who's leading?"

"Amelia Cortez." Souta said instantly, naming a famous Latin actress. Kagome whistled low, well as best as she could while she was wet.

"Really? She's really pretty."

"Did I say there was a kissing scene?"

"Your director is letting two fifteen year olds kiss?"

"So? I see ten year olds making out in the sandbox these days." Souta snorted and Kagome laughed as she turned the shower off. Her arm shot out from the edge of the curtain and grabbed her towel.

"Souta? Kagome?" Korari's voice sounded as she walked into Kagome's bedroom.

"Yeah?" Souta said as he sat up. Kagome grabbed her clothes from the rack beside her shower and pulled it into the shower so she could get dressed.

"You two have been up here for almost an hour- what are you doing? The Onigumo's are waiting."

"We're talking." Souta snorted.

"And I'm showering!"

"Souta get out, I need to talk to your sister."

Souta frowned but got up and left anyways, heading downstairs to entertain their greasy guests along with his father. As soon as Souta left his sisters room, Kagome walked out of the shower in a knee length white skirt and a black lacey shirt.

"Kagome, can I talk to you?" Korari said as Kagome sat down beside her.



Kagome raised a brow as her hair was tied up in a towel bun. "What about Naraku?"

"Well see," Korari started, holding Kagome's arm, "your father and I have decided that Naraku and you make an amazing match. A heaven send. His family is from the business industry and our family is from the film industry and if you two get married- no, when you two get married, it'll create an uproar within our social group."

Kagome couldn't believe her ears. "Wh-what?"

Korari smiled. "I know you're surprised, we were too when the Onigumo's brought the proposal, but you have to say, it is a great opportunity. We have already promised them your hand, we know you would like him." Korari laughed, "We even finalized an engagement day while you were showering."

"And if I want to say no?" Kagome said tensely.

Korari frowned. "No? Why would you want to say no? Besides, it's set, you two are getting married."

"And if I don't want to?" Kagome whispered dangerously, her temper rising.

"You really have no say anymore," Korari whispered, "we already said yes to them. Don't worry, he's a sweet man."

Kagome felt like her world just broke and shattered as her mother stood up and kissed her forehead. "We're proud of you," Korari said, "for doing this- getting married to Naraku. We knew you'd say yes."

Kagome felt her tears start to come as her mother left her room…

When did I say yes?


Kagome crept down the stairs so that nobody would hear her. Her eyes burned with tears as she knelt down behind the railing so nobody would be able to see she was there. She was glad to see that everybody was sitting with their backs or sides facing her and only Souta was sitting so he had clear view of her.

Kagome stood up and waved her hand so her brother would get her attention. He looked at her for a moment before standing up.

"Excuse me; I have to go to- the bathroom…" He said as he walked hurriedly out of the room and raced up the stairs, following his sister as she bounded up, running to her room.

"What happened?" Souta asked.

"Liked your chat with future brother-in-law?" Kagome said in a dangerous voice as Souta's eyes widened.

"Don't mess with me, Nee-chan…"

"That's the talk mama had with me like five minutes ago." Kagome whispered as she lay down on her bed, her towel bun had come off and her hair was strung all over the place. She didn't care however, her life just ended.

"What're you gonna do?" Souta said as he closed the bedroom door.

"What can I do? I'm gonna have to marry him. Mom gave me no choice. Apparently Dad and Mom already said yes before I even got home from work."

"You can," Souta shook his head, "never mind…"

"What?" Kagome said sitting up…

"I was gonna say run away but…"

Kagome's eyes widened as she shot out of her bed and grabbed a small duffel bag from her closet. She pulled out a few clothing, shoes, socks, undergarments, shampoo, toothbrush, soap and three of her exquisite dresses, if need be. She shoved a few of her shoes in there and then picked up her hairbrush, first running it through her hair, and then dropping it into the bag.

All that in ten minutes. Kagome opened a drawer and pulled out her passport and clutched her cell phone.

"I'm not marrying him!" She said definitely. "This is just a ploy to get our names bigger in the social status. I'm not ruining my life for them."

Souta frowned. "You're leaving, where?"

"Hong Kong," Kagome said and Souta knew exactly where she was going.

"Call my cell when you reach there," Souta said, "do you want me to keep them busy while you leave?"

Kagome nodded and hugged her brother. "Thanks Souta."

Souta smiled. "No worries. You're 20, you have your own life. Go have fun and keep in touch, okay?"

Kagome nodded as she slung the bag over her shoulder and headed towards her window. Souta left her room with one last look and Kagome waited for five minutes before launching herself at the tree that was out her window. The tree was on the opposite side of the house, so she had quite a run to get to the front. She clutched her car keys as she climbed down the tree, a sweat breaking out, but she didn't care.

Kagome touched base and slowly started creeping; keeping sure none of the workers saw her. She finally made it to the front and glanced at the window and thanked got Souta had gotten all of them out of the room. She made her way to her car, started and revved out the driveway before anybody noticed she was missing…


"Where's your sister?" Korari asked.

"In the bathroom," Souta said quickly and Korari nodded. Setsuna and Hiroshi stood up and proclaimed that they should leave. Akira was annoyed that his daughter didn't decide to see their guests out but it didn't matter.

Akira and Korari walked the guests out to the door and Souta stood back.

"Well," Korari smiled, "it's been a pleasure. I'm so glad we have this arrangement set…"

"Yes," Setsuna laughed, "ditto! Oh, I would love to see Kagome before I leave!"

"Yes, I'll call her." Akira said. As he was about to turn around, his eyes widened…

"Where is Kagome's car?" He said and Souta froze.

Uh oh…

Akira whirled to his son.

"Where is your sister?"

Souta took in a deep breath of air. This was for his sister.

"I don't know! All I know is that she was in the bathroom when I came downstairs."

Akira snarled. "Korari, police- call them… now!"


Kagome rushed into the airport and slapped a wad of cash down.

"Any seat you have to Hong Kong." She said as the lady behind the counter clicked some keys. Kagome pulled out her phone and called her manager and told her she couldn't come to work for quite some time.

Ari said it was okay.

The lady behind the counter gave Kagome a boarding pass and Kagome saw that the flight took off in half an hour and boarding would happen soon. She quickly dashed towards her boarding gate, her cell phone clutched in her hand.

She, then, dialed her best friends number, even if it was long distance.

It rung seven times and nobody picked up.

Kagome groaned as she sat down, her heart racing and tears starting to build up again. She roughly rubbed her eyes, hoping she wouldn't cry. An intercom buzzed to life and said that her flight was taking off. She quickly stood in line and got her boarding pass checked and entered the plane, taking her seat as she pushed the duffel into the overhead compartment.

Just as she sat down, her cell phone rung. It was Souta.

"Yeah?" She whispered.

"Mom and dad found out and flipped. They sent Japan police enforcement around the country. I don't think they'll hit Hong Kong for a few months, after all of Japan has been searched."

"Okay," Kagome whispered, "I'll be gone for as long as it takes for them to not get me married to Naraku."

"Take care." Souta said softly as he hung up. Just as Kagome closed her eyes, her cell phone rung again.

This time, it was her best friend returning the missed call.

"Hey!" Her voice said sweetly and Kagome chocked back tears.

"Sango," She said, her voice quivering.

Sango, her best friend on the other side, frowned. "Kagome? What happened?"

"I'll tell you later," Kagome closed her eyes, "all you need to know is that I'm coming to Hong Kong. I'll call you from the airport when I land."

"Okay," Sango said seriously, "are you alright? Want me to bring anything when I come?"

"Yeah," Kagome murmured, "just bring Miroku and Ai along." Kagome said, naming her best friends husband and daughter, "I miss them."

Sango now knew something was definitely wrong. Kagome never asked for Miroku and Ai to tag along when she came to Hong Kong. Sango's mind started working, thinking up anything that would make her best friend upset.

"Alright, you sleep during the flight. Call me when you land and I'll come, okay?"

"Thanks," Kagome whispered, "I love you Sango."

"I love you too sweetie. Now take care." And they hung up.

Kagome closed her eyes and leaned her head against the backrest of the seat. I'll never marry Naraku, she thought, never!