I don't own YGO. I do own some phobias, which you can take off my hands.

Phobia: A completely irrational fear with no logical explanation.

How did you explain to a person that, well, their hair terrified you? This is what Yugi was currently musing over. Expecially when said person was your other and had the exact same hairstyle. Except, his hair was more... Alive.

Yes, that's it. Alive. So alive that it shot up even straighter than his own, and wiggled and curled and moved ever so slightly when the other moved his gaze from the TV to Yugi.

"Is something wrong? You're staring at me like I'm dead or something. You have been for an hour."

"You are dead Spirit," Yugi pointed out. "And it's... your... Hair."

"Is something in it?"

"Well no..."

"Then what?"

He shrugged helplessly. "I'm afraid of it."

Pause. Blink. "What?"

"I'm scared of your hair, ok?"


"Well, cuz... Because... I just am."

"Yugi Motou, are you saying you are phobic of my hair, which is exactly the same as your own?"


"That makes no sense."

"But ... Well.. Your hair seems alive!"

"...If I didn't know any better, I'd say you were crazy Yugi."

"Am not. I'm just phobic."

"Of my hairstyle. Which is your hairstyle."

"No, not the style, just the hair itself. I dunno why. I just am."

"...Pass me the soda."

Yugi did so, watching his hair warily.

After a moment, the other sighed and grabbed a blanket off the couch, and wrapped it around himself, setting it so it covered his hair.

"Thanks Spirit."

"You're welcome Yugi."

A few minutes of silence interrupted only by the TV.


"Yes Yugi?"

"I'm also afraid of the Dark Magician."

"Oh for the love of Ra!"

xD Yeah. The definition is the one my psychology teacher gave us. So, nyeh. Did you like the story?