Dorm: 2:00 AM

It was the middle of the night and everyone was peacefully asleep, Cream, Blaze and Amy were sleeping in sleeping bags on the floor. Rouge was sleeping with Shadow, Knuckles was on the bunk beneith them. Sonic and Tails were on the other bunk bed.

"No Mr Blobby It's my Chicken" Sonic muttered in his sleep

The rest were all asleep unable to hear Sonic.

Dorm 6:00 AM

by now the alarm had gone off but like every morning, they failed to care and switched it off. Shadow on the other hand has gotten up but just to go to the bathroom to brush his teeth becuase his breath stunk. He opened a cabinet and noticed something he hadn't seen before. Shadow pulled it out of the cabinet and looked closer and closer till he finally knew what it was.

"Holy shit" Shadow said as quitely as he could "Pregnancy test?!...Maybe this isn't for Rouge"

Shadow hoped with all his heart that it wasn't Rouges but that hope was broken when he saw "Property of Rogue the Bat" Written on it


Shadow just brushed his teeth

Dorm 9:00 AM

Everyone was up, The Girls were wearing there outifts from the game. Tails was wearing a A Black shirt with Blue stripes down the arms. And Black pants. Knuckles was wearing a Yellow shirt and Red Pants, Sonic and Shadow had left the room. However Shadow was wearing a Black shirt and Blue Jeans. Sonic was wearing Blue Tracksuit pants and a Black Shirt

Sonic and Shadow were just walking around and ended up in up in an area next to some lockers with a balcony like view of the car Park

Sonic then lit a cigarette

"Sonic I really wish you wouldn't smoke here, we could get busted" Shadow Said

"Relax" Sonic said as he tipped a little Ash off his cigarette "No one comes here anymore, not even the teachers"

"Oh, then pass me a cig"

Sonic passed a Cigerette to Shadow and Lit it for him

"Thanks" Shadow Said before taking it out of his mouth and tipping a little Ash off "Well...Back to Class today"

"Yeah" Sonic said as he took the cigerette out his mouth "it's Shit ain't it?"

Shadow nodded

"Its Just good the 4 of us are in the same classes" Sonic said "...Y'know you've been acting kinda weird lately"

"Since When?" Shadow said

"Since this morning...Are you Sick?"



"NO! Look Sonic" Shadow Got closer "I'll tell you why BUT keep it secret"

Sonic Nodded

"Rouge MAY...be pregnant"

Sonic stood there stunned

"You...You "heavy breathing" You...And Rouge...di...di...d it.t.."


Shadow finished his cigarette and threw it out the lookout

Sonic remained Silent and finished the cigarette

"Dude, y'know what this means right?"

"What?" Shadow asked

"If you get Rouge Pregnant, next thing you know, you'll be married and you'll leave College"

"Sonic, That'll never happen I promise man"

DORM 10:00 AM

Sonic and Shadow returned from there walk when Shadow was approached by Rouge

"Shadow can I talk to you"

Everyone then looked at them

"...In Private"

Shadow and Rouge then left the dorm and went to the area just outside the Assembly hall.

"Shadow" Rouge said "On our last date...things may of gotten a Li'l to Extreme"

"You might be pregnant" Shadow said as Rouge gasped.

"How did you find out?!"

"Word of Advice, Don't leave your pregancy Test next to my toothbrush"

Rouge then hugged shadow

"I'm so sorry for putting you through this"

Shadow wrapped his arms around her.

"It's Ok"

The two looked dead in each other in the eyes before they kissed.

"ALRIGHT!, Break it up you two!" Said A voice in the distance

Shadow and Rouge stopped Kissing and turned their attention to the figure who talked

It Was the Princible, King Acorn

He then pulled the 2 apart from each others Grip

"You fine well know that kissing is forbidden on school grounds!"

Shadow rolled his eyes up sick of this already.

He let shadow and Rouge go as they made there way to there Dorm

"Asshole" said Rouge referring to Acorn

"Yeah," Shadow replied.

Class 12:00 AM

The first class had begun. It was Geography. They were doing an experiment were they went around School and took Tempertures of the school.

Tails was paired with Knuckles who didn't have a clue

"Tails' Knuckles don't hold it by the metal Part...HEY!...NO MAN, DON'T THROW IT OUT THE WINDOW!"

Blaze, Cream and Amy were working in a 3. as were Sonic, Shadow and Rouge.

Sonic, Shadow and Rouge had taken the temperture of the Hall. Shadow then went to the bathroom

"Sonic...Can I talk to you for a second?" Asked Rouge.

"Sure" Sonic Said.

"Well...It's About Shadow,,,,Ever since i told him I may be Pregnant. He's been acting Strange. When we kissed I didn't feel that Hedgehog I love"

"Look" Said Sonic "Shadow is in Love with you very Much. He's just a Little Shocked by the turn of events"

"Yeah..." Said Rouge "Guess your right"

"look, Shadows like a brother to me. Trust me, He still loves you"

Shadow then returned

"Okay Guys lets go"

Class 1:00 PM

The next class was English. All were doing a Test. Knuckles was repeatidly copying from other people. Knuckles also used the Classic Crib notes where he wrote the Answers on the Bottom if his shoe. Every time he got stuck he dropped his Pencil and went to pick it up and looked at the bottom of his shoe. Sonic and Tails were helping each other with signals. If tails pointed his pencil up it ment Answer one. If his pencil was pointing left it ment Answer 2, If it pointed Down it ment Answer 3. and if it pointed Right it ment answer 4.

Shadow,Tails and the girls weren't cheating due to them being the honest ones.

After they were done with the tests. The 8 were allowed outside for some fresh air.

"God" Said Sonic "Glad were out of there"

Shadow and rouge walked to a fence and he was looking out to the distance as Rouge showed up beside him.

"Hi" Rouge said as Shadow paid no attention as he took something out of his glove.

"Whats that?" Asked Rouge.

"It's a note Maria gave me...before she died...It was the last thing she ever wrote"

"What does it say?" Asked Rouge

"Shadow' it says...when you find the woman you love...never let anything get in the way...not even an Incident..."

Shadow was shocked. He had finally Relised What the note ment.

"Rouge' Maybe Maria saw this coming"

Sonic And Knuckles look over to the 2

"I wonder what they're talking about" Said Knuckles

"Maybe there Talking about The fact that Rouge may be pregnant"

"Oh...Wait WHAT?!"

Sonic slapped his mouth as couldn't believe he blurted it out


This got Tails, Amys, Blaze and Creams Attention

"SHUT UPPPPPPPPP!" Sonic Shouted but in a quiet voice


Hallway 1:30 PM

"So you're pregnant?" Asked Amy

"I MIGHT be Pregnant!" Rouge snapped.

Shadow was back in the dorm with the curtains shut, The lights off and sitting on His Bunks holding a picture of himself and Rouge

"Why...WHY DID I GET HER PREGNANT!" Shadows eyes began to fill up " I'm an Idoit...I might of ruined my life...And Maybe rouges too"

At that moment Sonic walked in

"I thought you'd be here..."

Sonic shut the door and sat down beside Shadow

"So...You might of gone too far in the bedroom this time shadow"

"Just Leave me alone...I've already been excused from todays classes...I told them I was sick...Maybe now I can pull myself together"

Sonic stood up and placed his hand on Shadows shoulder

"If you need anything just ask"

Sonic then left the room.

MATH 2:00 PM

All were doing Equasions, (I know nothing about equasions so lets skip this part)

History 3:00 PM

All were doing a project (Lets Just Skip a Huge Bit)


All those That Didn't live in the college went Home. the Others Returned to the dorm only to discover Shadow Wasn't there

Sonic ran out there

"SONIC!" Tails Shouted

Sonic ran around asking if anyone had seen Shadow but everytime he got a big Fat NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Sonic then found his Science Teacher Professor Eggman


"Yes Sonic, What Can I do for you?"

"Have you seen Shadow?"
"Actually Yes, Just a few Minutws ago He said he was going home, He Got a Taxi there"
"He Has a Home?"

"Yes Somewhere in the east, I'll give you an address"
Eggman handed Sonic a Piece of Paper with Shadows Adress. Sonic then dashed to the parking lot

Sonic couldn't open his car, He had left his keys in the Dorm, It Was Then he spotted Shadows Motorcycle, Shadow Always hid the keys in a Small Secret Compartment that Only He and Sonic knew about.

Sonic got the keys and Turned the Motorbike and Sped off to the East side of town.

Sonic eventually found Shadows house, It was a Small Suburban House panted all white.

Sonic then wacked the door


Someone stood beside him

"Shadows Not in"
Sonic turned his head to see who it was

"Rouge?!" Sonic Said "How'd you get here so fast"
"I took your car and sped here" Rouge said as she threw Sonic his keys.

"How'd you know he's not in, and more importantly how do you know he lives here?"
"Whenever Shadow and I took a Walk, We Always Came here...To Make Love"
"Wow, Wow, Too Far!"

"He's Not In, He Answers the door in a second, I waited a whole 10 minutes"

Sonic then heard a rumbling noise

"Oh, He's In"

Sonic then kicked the door breaking the lock and he and rouge entered

"SHADOW!" Sonic shouted

Sonic went into the Living room, It was A Big room with 2 Sofa's, Several Cupboards and a TV. Rouge went into the Kitchen, It was your regular, Normal, every day Kitchen, after a while there was only one room left, The Bedroom, The bedroom was just a Big Double Bed with a TV in the corner, There Shadow was sitting, Head Down with a Bottle of beer in his hand and with several on the floor, He was One bottle away from being Drunk

"Shadow, SHADOW!" Sonic said as Shadow looked up


Sonic then stood infront of him

"What Happened to you"

"He's Drunk" Said Rouge

Sonic then picked him up

"C'mon we gotta Sober you up"

After hours of Puking, Drinking Water and Eating Raw Coffee (It Works BTW) Shadow was finally Sober.

"Look" Said Sonic "You Can't run off when something bad happens"
"I Know" Said Shadow "I'm Just...I can't even Describe It"

Rouge walked Over to him

"Shadow, I Took the Test, During Lunch, I'm Not Pregnant!"

Shadows eyes Beamed as He Jumped up and Kissed Rouge

"I'll Leave You too Alone..."

Sonic Said as he left the room

"From Now On...Use a Condom" Rouge Said Only to get a Laugh from Shadow "I'm Serious"



All of them returned

Shadow was Kissing Rouge, They had been Kissing for 10 Minutes.

Sonic was Smoking (Again)

Tails and Knuckles were Drinking Beer while watching TV.

The Girls were doing...Girl Stuff

Sonic coughed Repeatidly after smoking

"You Need to Lay of those things" Said Sonic

"Can't Help It" Said Sonic

"Well" Said Shadow "The Ski Holidays Tomorrow" said Shadow who had finally stopped Kissing

Tails and Knuckles Spat out the Beer and Sonic Dropped his Cigerette


All Packed for tomorrows Holiday

7:00 PM

All went to a Restraunt For Dinner.

9:00 PM

All Returned. Shadow & Rouge Continued Lip Locking.

"Guys" Said Sonic "Let's Leave them alone"

Shadow and Rouge looked at him Smiling

All Left the room except Sonic, Shadow, Rouge

"Condoms are in the Cabinet" Said Sonic

"Great" Said Shadow "Now Get Out...Please"

Sonic left without Without Question

Rouge went to the cabinet and pulled out the Box of Condoms and handed them to Shadow

"Shadow, I Want you"

Shadow was Arroused By This as Rouge Undressed

(Note: Slight Lemon)

Rouge was Completly Naked As She Shoved Shadow on his Back. Rouge Slipped His Shirt of and Unbuttoned His Jeans

"Shadow, This Proves our Love" Said Rouge

"yeah" Said Shadow "Lets Do This"

Rouge and Him Lip Locked for Several Moments Before Finally Having S...E...X

24 Minutes Later

"ROUGE!" Shadow Said "I'm Gonna..."


With that being Said Shadow Put it on before Unleashing His Load


Shadow and Rouge were Dressed and Had Stopped the Sex and the others returned. They Went to Bed Early Cause the Ski Holiday was Tomorrow



THANK GOD! 5th Chapter coming in 4776347357835235273 Days (Bad Joke : )