Ok, so in this story I'm using a lot of different theories about many different things. I support some of these, like Snape's innocence. But other theories I'm using I don't support, like who RAB really is and Pansy Parkinson's parentage. Anyway, I love reviews, just please no flames. I also like to hear and collect interesting theories about the seventh book so if you have any feel free to share. (When I say interesting I mean something like "Dumbledore is a phoenix that was reborn from the flames in his funeral pyre." I do not mean "Voldemort will die.")


"You killed him!" Harry accused.

"That I did, but I'm no murder, or at least not in cold blood," Snape informed the troubled boy.

"You killed him!" Harry stated again, this time throwing his fist.

Professor Snape caught it and noticed the locket sticking out of the fist.

"What is this?" Snape said tugging it away.

"It's a locket! Why would you care, you're a death eater!" Harry yelled, wishing Snape would let go of his fist so he may throw it again.

"Boy, how can I prove to you that I didn't want to hurt him?"

"You can answer this for me: What do you know of RAB, whoever destroyed this horcrux is on my side, and if I can find him we might be able to work together," the boy said.

"RAB, now there's a topic I know much about. First thing you should know is she's a girl, and second is that she isn't on your side. Regina Berlinson has her own side, I was once on it, but I left her there alone," Snape sighed.

"Your quiet good at leaving people!" Harry accused.

"No, I didn't leave her, she pushed me away, Reggie was always good at pushing people away."

Chapter one-

My friends were boring me for the time being, so I had escaped. I was indulging myself in my latest hobby: watching the strange quartet of friends. It was like bird watching but with four guys instead of birds.

Sirius was staring at his empty wine glass, trying to refill it. It was his latest homework, and he was enjoying it more then any other assignment. Of course his teacher had figured it would be too hard, and at the most he would have only been able to fill it up two times while still getting some practice in. His teacher had been wrong. He was on his seventh glass, and it was becoming harder for him to practice without spilling wine all over his lap.

"It's amazing your still sober," Remus said putting a piece of chocolate in his mouth.

Without taking his eyes off his wine glass Sirius responded, "It's amazing you're not fat."

The boys didn't do much, but just watching how their individual characters painted a much larger picture was amusing to me.

I watched Peter try to steal a piece of Remus's chocolate only to be stopped, and Remus didn't even have to look away from his book. All the while James sat quietly sketching in his history book, who knew what he was drawing, but my guess was Lily Evens, or something to do with quidditch.

I sighed and continued to sketch in my own book. I was recording things I'd picked up about them, but not in a creepy way. Each day I worked on different sketches of the four boys. One boy was repeated more then the others though.

I drew the perfect roundness of the glass, and tried to capture the intense glare in his eyes, but in my sketch he didn't look focused, just frustrated.

"HA, that's not wine. It's scotch!" Peter said in pure glee, watching Sirius lose his ability to think straight right in front of our eyes.

"It's alcoholic," Sirius said, shrugging and downing the entire glass in one gulp.

"Why are you watching them?" Malfoy said in his usual icy tone

I started. I didn't know I had been being watched myself.

"Would you believe I was practicing legilimency?" I asked.

"What's James thinking?" Malfoy asked, still unbelieving.

"He's thinking about how he's worried about how much Sirius is drinking, and trying to break the glass with his mind," I lied.

"Sure he is," Malfoy said, still unbelieving.

Just to drive my point home I shattered Sirius's glass with my own mind. Luckily James was so involved in his drawings, or maybe he was used to Sirius breaking things, whatever the case, he didn't look up. Remus looked startled as he tried to clean what I could only assume had been an apple martini off the pages of his library book, and Peter burst into animated hysterics.

Sirius looked confused but his mind was too far-gone on his fifteenth alcoholic drink to care for too long before he began to bug James about his drawings.

"Wow, your good," Snape breathed.

"Sure she is," Malfoy said, still watching me suspiciously, "Berlinson, we were headed out to see Tom, wanted to know if you were coming." I hated the way Malfoy, one of my best friends, talked to me. When he said 'are you going?' it normally meant 'your going.'

"No, I've been feeling a bit sick lately, I think I'll go to bed early," I said, really not wanting to see Tom.

"Whatever," Malfoy said walking away.

"It's such a shame, you know how Tom favors you," Snape said.

"Is it just me, or has Malfoy changed a bit since he started listening to Tom?" I asked.

"It's not just you…but at least he's not as…well…you know," Snape said smiling as he walked off.

"Yeah, he's not as carefree, happy, nice?" I guessed.

To be fair I didn't lie to Malfoy completely. I decided to head to bed early, or I would have been in bed early if I hadn't taken and alternate route back to my dorm. One that passed the Gryffindor common rooms.

I sent a wine glass up to the boys' dorm with a small note that simply read: From RAB. I perfectly imagined the glass with a big dog carved into the glass chasing it's own tail around the glass. I don't know if it came out as perfectly as I imagined it, but I hoped he would enjoy it as much as he had enjoyed the last one I broke.

Then I went back into my dorm where my roommates Narcissa and Patricia sat waiting. Now Cissy I liked, she was one of my best friends, but Patricia was…well I didn't trust her. She could be nice to have around, but I wouldn't leave her alone with my boyfriend if my life depended on it, not that I had much going on in the boyfriend department. The closest I got was a creepy, but popularly persuasive stalker named Tom. And a crush that as far as I can remember I had never once said more then hi to.

"Where were you, Tom was looking for you?" Patricia asked, hardly interested.

"We told him you were in the library, but would be back soon," Cissy said.

"Well, if he comes by again I'm not here," I said burying myself head first in my blankets and pillows.

"No problem. If you want I'll even keep him busy, some say he only likes you, but I can fix that. It's not that hard to forget a skinny little girl with frizzy hair," Patricia said. Yep, us Slytherin girls are bitches.

"Fine, do what ever you want, I'm just not here," I muttered.

"Hey, Regina! Are you up there?" Tom called up the stairs.

I shook my head no.

"Promise you'll introduce me to your blonde friend?" Cissy asked.

"Deal," I whispered.

"She's sick. Please don't wake her up. She said she thinks she caught the flu or something, and I think she had one to many butter beers at lunch," Cissy yelled down the stairs.

"I want to talk to her!" Tom yelled back up. Apparently he didn't care for my own well being.

"The poor thing would sleep through a tornado, just let her rest, you can talk to her tomorrow," Cissy insisted.

"No, now!"

"That's my cue," Patricia said, standing up from here bed, "But only if you do me a favor. Your introducing Narcissa to Malfoy, I want to meet your other friend, what was his name again?"

"The only guy you haven't made out with?" Cissy guessed.

"Yep, that's the one! What was it?"


"No, it was like Snape or something," she said.

"That's Severus," I corrected.

"Is his first name like Snape or something?"

"No, Severus is his first name."

"Then why do they call him Snape?"

"Goodness, Patricia, don't have kids," Cissy said pushing Patricia out the door.

"So, why not Tom?" Cissy asked once Patricia was gone.

"It's Tom, would you date him?"

"Probably…. Ok, so if not Tom, then who?"

"It's not important, you probably wouldn't know him…"

"Ok, so he's either a Gryffindor, or younger," Cissy said laughing

"He's not younger…"

"Oh, don't tell me it's Potter, please say it's not Potter," she begged

"It's not Potter," I offered

That seemed to be enough because she turned around and went back to her bed. I fell asleep shortly after that, and was troubled with dreams of a giant black dog chasing its tail.

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