Everyone had left the church except for four people.

There was a dark looking boy who was using anger to shield him from his tears. He was about Seventeen and he wasn't meeting anyone's eyes. His dark glare was fixed on a floor tile; his mind was repeating the phrase 'what now?' He stood alone, away from the other three people in the church.

Draco stood holding Cassie in his arms. He was worried about the four-year-old who refused to cry; this little girl was much like her mother. He hadn't even needed to explain what was going on, the little girl seemed to understand. Draco couldn't understand why she had been left in his custody. He wasn't a father; he never would be a good father. He was only twenty-one. Wasn't that supposed to be an age for fun? Why did he have to be a father now?

The man next to him stood in silence, his eyes filled with tears, but out of respect for Regina's no crying policy he refused to let them go. The man held a single red rose in his hands. Regina wouldn't have wanted this. The sadness and all the tears. She had loved parties: happy parties. There should be balloons and confetti, she would have wanted that.

"It's time to go," Matthew said stepping forward and taking Cassie out of Draco's arms. In the wizard world he was old enough to live on his own, he was an adult, but he wouldn't. He had been a loyal friend of Regina, so he would be a loyal friend to Cassie. He would help Draco raise her.

"You go ahead, I'll be there in a minute," Draco said. After Matthew had left he placed his hand on the man's shoulder. "She died in her sleep, it was peaceful. It was her time, and you can't say she hadn't lived enough. Her life was full of wonder and adventure, so don't get depressed, you know she wouldn't want that."

"She was so young," the man whispered.

"Maybe physically, but you know mentally she had seen enough. We were lucky to know her, you were lucky to know her," Draco said. He slowly left the church; it was time to go, just like Matthew had said. Draco had a lot to think about in the near future.

The man with the rose remained. He knew he should leave too.

"Reggie, I never stopped respecting you," he said, placing the rose on her casket. A single tear escaped his eye, but he quickly wiped it away. Reggie wouldn't want him to cry, she would want him to be happy, she always wanted him to be happy.

The memories flashed before his eyes, it was strange. Reggie was dead, but instead of her seeing her life before she died, he was seeing her life now as it flashed before his own eyes.

He saw the twelve-year-old girl sitting by the lake with the thirteen-year-old boy's head resting on her shoulder. She was doing her best to fix the gash on his temple left by James. Loathing was a funny thing, but even stranger yet was how Reggie didn't support his feelings about James, but she knew of them, and understood them. She didn't bother to lecture him about how he disserved the cut because he had started it; she simply went about healing it the proper way. Her gentle touch was all he needed; to him it told him that if he were seriously injured he wouldn't be the only one to be upset. It was a new feeling, he thought he loved her.

The scene by the lake faded and now it was in the dungeons. The fourteen-year-old girl sat, her head on his shoulder as tears streamed through her eyes. How could anybody be so insensitive? Reggie was a better quidditch player then all the other people on the team, but Lucius didn't want a female on his team. He told her about how Malfoy would understand he'd made a mistake soon and she'd be back on the team soon as possible. He soothingly stroked her hair as he thought to himself about the perfect potion to place in Malfoy's drink to make him pay.

Again the scene faded and reappeared to a dark ally outside of a brick house. He was fumbling with his keys while he tried to keep Reggie in his arms. She was unconscious, and yet there were still tears appearing on her ghostly white ashen cheeks. How could she miss Sirius? So he was in jail, and he might not have disserved it this time, but he was still an ass. But he quickly dismissed the thought. If Reggie were sent to jail he would miss her, even if Malfoy wouldn't understand.

This scene faded too eventually and then reappeared in a small muggle cottage. He hugged her goodbye, and he knew it was really goodbye this time. They had parted ways before, but this time both of them knew it was for good. He made a mental note of her frantic expression as she gathered her two children together and rushed them out the door with Draco following behind. She didn't look back at him. She had never been one for long farewells. But he would often look back to that last moment. Always.

He thought about the potions he had made over the last two years for the people who had lost loved ones. Potions to forget. George Weasley had ordered one against his mothers protest. It must have been hard losing his twin in battle. Remus had been another when Tonks had died. So many people, but Cissy stuck out the most, she had claimed not to miss Lucius but to want to forget the time before he died. It would be so easy to make a potion for himself, but did he want to? Reggie was too good to forget, no it was hard now, but in years to come he would like to look back and remember her. Forgetting was not an option.

"I will never stop respecting you," he whispered.

And with that Severus Snape left the church.

The end

Yes, I do feel it necessary to put "the end" at the end of all my stories. I know this chapter didn't have much point, so I'll tell you it's main purpose was to include my three favorite scenes in Reggie's past that I had cut out of the fanfiction for being too short, or too pointless. Once again I have the sequel syndrome and will maybe write one about Cassie, I'm not sure. Anyway thanks to Brianna for pointing out all the mistakes I made, and thanks again for not getting mad when I didn't fix them. I like my flawed story. Also if anyone has theories about the seventh book I would love to hear them (Thanks to 'The knights who until recently said Ni' for your theories, I found the reference to the locket and your right, it does seem kind of like Sirius's brother is RAB. It's amazing that I had not seen that since the fifth book is my friend's favorite book and I swear she has it memorized word for word.) Well, I guess that's the end of my story, so I'll see you guys later if I ever get another fanfiction posted on this site.