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The Ritual of Doom

"Don't even think of going anywhere!" said a deep voice, "I'll be back in a couple minutes to start the ritual."

"No, please you don't know what you're doing! If you complete the ritual, who know what might happen, you could destroy the whole world!" the prisoner yelled. A blond haired girl, in her twenty's was left alone in a dark room, her eyes filled with fear. She sat and thought of a way to escape. Once her eyes adjusted to the dark, she started to think of a way to escape.

"Okay," she thought. "There're no windows, or any other exits but that door. If I can free my hands I could probably shoot him since he didn't bother to remove my weapons, but what if there are more? I can't use alchemy, and I only have one gun, so I'd probably run out of ammo before I could kill them all. They wouldn't dare kill me though; I'm needed alive for the ritual. Oh well, it's the only choice I have. But how to free my hands?"

The girl looked around the room; but she didn't see anything that would help her escape.

"Wait, I feel something sharp behind my wrists, I can use that to cut the bonds!"

She rubbed her wrists against the sharp object, until the rope that bound her hands was cut. She readied her gun.

"Hey Al, this is it! We're finally going to get the Philosopher's Stone!" Edward exclaimed as the two brothers approached a busy looking town.

"What if this is a fake as well Brother? I mean we always think that we have finally found it, but then it turns out to be a fake." Alphonse replied.

"I'm positive this time, the other times even I had my doubts, but there's just something that makes me think that we'll come to the end of our quest. And if it does turn out to be another wild goose chase then we'll have to keep on looking," The blond haired Alchemist assured.

"Okay Brother, if you say so."

The two entered the town. They walked around in search of the museum that should be the location of the Stone.

"There it is Brother, I see the building!" said Al excitedly as he pointed towards the museum, which was quite ugly with it's chipping bricks, and torn curtains.

The two boys ran towards the building, only to be stopped by the entrance's guard.

"Tell me your names and why you have come to this museum," The guard commanded.

Edward looked around to see what lie he could make. He saw a sign advertising a new exhibit. "My name is Edward, and this is my younger brother, Alphonse. Were here to see the new exhibit." He lied

"You're older!" said the guard with surprise in his voice, "Then how come you're so much smaller that your brother? Anyway, where is your pass?" questioned the guard.

"Who are you calling small!" snarled Ed as he prepared to fight.

"We're very sorry," cut in Al, "but why do we need a pass to enter the museum?

"I'm sorry, you must be visitors, but I'm afraid that because of all the thievery attempts, you cannot enter the building without a pass signed by the governor of this town." Stated the guard.

"Thievery eh?"said Ed, distracted from his rage of being called small. "That could mean that the new exhibit is the Philosopher's Stone, and the Homunculus and other alchemists that desire it must have tried to steal it. But, if the Homunculus did try to steal it, then this town must have some alchemist experienced enough to drive them off, which would mean that I'd have a had time getting away with the Stone." He thought.

"Come Brother, we should go get one of those passes." Suggested Al.

"You're right." Agreed Ed, and they went off to find the governor.