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Ed attacked the Wyrm again and again, but with everything covered in ice and Hyrounimaru countering his attacks with it's own, he was soon on the ground, covered in sweat, blood, and bruises.

"Ed!" Roy screamed. He ran to his lover and kneeled beside him. "C'mon Ed, get up!" But poor little Edward Elric just laid there, his eyes closed. Roy checked the blonde's pulse, it was weak.

Roy looked down upon the face of his Eddo, his eyes filled with tears. "Ed, come on, get up, why couldn't you be more careful? I told you to be more careful, why couldn't you listen to me?" He muttered sadly. He stopped crying. "This isn't Ed's fault, it's the disgusting, heartless Wyrm's fault." He realized with anger. He balled his fists in anger. He then spoke. "You, how dare you do this! You disgusting creature!" He spat. "What type of cold-blooded monster would go around ruthlessly killing everything? Do you care nothing for anyone else?"

"No, I guess I don't care for anything else. And you know what? I don't even feel sorry for you humans. This is just the order of life. You humans will kill anything than is smaller that you without a thought, not even necessarily. You kill other animals for fun and so you can show off to other humans. Have you not thought about the future of you world? What will become of it if you keep killing each other and everything else around you? If you keep staining the ground with blood do you know what will happen? Let me explain better, you humans kill other animals; their blood gets spilt on the ground. The plants will soak-up the blood like it is water. Herbivores eat the grass and you and other predators will eat the herbivores. The whole world will be uninhabitable in a few centuries; I'm just speeding up the process. You should be thanking me." The great ice beast announced

"I don't think so. You're about to go back to where you came from you disgusting monster!" With than Roy slowly raised his head. His black eyes with filled with anger and his fists tightened even more. He stood. "You have never met an angry state alchemist before have you? Well you're about to." Before the Wyrm could speak Roy had snapped his fingers and a great wall of blue fire had appeared around the infuriated alchemist. Roy walked slowly towards Hyrounimaru and summoned even more blue fire. The inferno started to change colours. From blue to white, back to blue, to yellow and red, and then blue and white. The whole area than would have been the room was filled with fire. The carnage that had been the ground was incinerated. Even more fire appeared, circling itself around Mustang. Hyrounimaru looked at the blaze. Mustang couldn't tell whether he was scared or not as he was just sitting there, expressionless. Flame finally released his creation upon the beast.

"Hmm, not bad. If I was anything other than a Wyrm that that would have killed me for sure, but I'm getting bored now. The time has come for your world to be destroyed." Hyrounimaru complimented. He walked confidently towards Roy, who was about to collapse on the ground from exhaustion, and picked him up with two sharpened claws. Hyrounimaru popped Mustang into his mouth and swallowed him whole.

The Wyrm opened his gigantic wings and gave a great thrust upward. He rose into the great, clouded sky. He opened his mouth and breathed his magic ice onto it. The ice was a temperature of negative one thousand degrees Celsius. The frost spread quickly and soon it covered the entire world. All life was destroyed. Earth was now an ice wasteland. The only thing that could possibly live there was Hyrounimaru, being an ice Wyrm.

"So," Shinju, the talking bar of mutant soap concluded, "that is how the planet earth became extinct. That is why we are so careful with what we do on this planet. We don't want the great Wyrm to come and eat us. Now go to bed, it's quite late."

"Yes mom." The two children talking bar of mutant soap agreed reluctantly and they waddled towards their beds.

--The End--

YAY! What a sad and strange ending! Oh and the mutant soap waddled because they can talk but they don't have legs. Hope you like it, and if you ddin't, then suck it up 'cause I did!