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Chapter 1: Anger.

"Bella, for the last time: I am NOT changing you!" Edward was mad. Very mad. And apparently so was Bella, as she was now turning around and stomping out the door of the Cullen home. God, you could practiclly see the steam coming out of her ears.

"Bella I-"


Edward shuddered. Behind him came Emmet's booming laughter.

"You sure managed to fuck that up, eh Edward?" Edward sighed. Lately almost every conversation they had, turned into the same fight. Bella just didn't understand. There were lots of things Edward wanted to do to Bella, but they were all too dangerous. Even when she was just standing next to him, her...her...presence was intoxicating. He couldn't stand it--but then, he couldn't stand not being near her.

"Damn." He muttered.

Bella slammmed the Cullen's door shut and stomped angrily to her truck. "How dare he!? Don't I get a say in my future!?" She then slammed the door to her truck shut, and even the door to Charlie's house was slammed.

"Honey, you okay?" He asked glancing up from the baseball game. She glared at him.

"No Charlie, everything is FINE! Can't you tell?" God, one more stupid question from her oblivious father, and she was going to tear the hair from her head.

He cleared his throat and turned back to his game, obviously not wanting to get involved. Without moving his eyes from the TV he called up, "What's for dinner?"


Bella pounded her head onto her pillow, barley able to contain the frustrated scream that had been building up inside her since her conversation with Edward. She got up and both shut and locked her bedroom window, knowing full well it would fail to keep him out. At least she felt a little better.

It was 9:00 when Bella got out of the shower. She had almost managed to shut Edward completely out of her mind, for the time being, when she made her wasy back into her bedroom. She opened her door and gasped in surprise. There Edward sat, on her bed, grinning. She glared at him.

"I don't want you here right now. Go away." He groaned, and lifted himself off the bed.

"Bella, please. You have to understand. Being immortal isn't as great as humans seem to think it is, I don't want to take you away from your human life." She was still glaring at him. He closed his eyes for a moment, searching for another way to get it through her head.

"What if the roles were reversed? What if you were a vampire and I deperatly wanted to be with you--"

"EDWARD!! I am so sick of hearing this...this...complete BULLSHIT!!" She stepped forward and placed her hands on his shoulders and shook him as she spoke. "I.WANT.TO.BECOME.A.VAMPIRE!" She stepped away from him still fuming, and crawled into bed. She turned away so her back was to him.

It was later that night that Bella awoke and found Edward's arms around her. She couldn't help the tiny smile that formed on her face, as she drifted off again.

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