Disclaimer: Although I would love to be Amy, I'm not. She's a brilliant writer to have come up with this show with so many interessting characters. My writing this fic says nothing against her, it's just an idea I had that I wanted to try out. Great thing about fanfics is that we can.

Title: Scenes in the Gazebo

AN: This is my entry for the JJ baby ficathon, written for Ky. I originally intended to make a one-shot, but as the promt demanded an adult rating, I revised the idea, but before you think this will turn into another "Comfort Food", I can already say it won't. You will be getting five chapters, plus this prologue, nothing more. The promt will be displayed at the end of the last chapter.

AN2: Thank you, La Rose Bleue for betaing this for me.

Prologue: The History of the Gazebo

Of course it had always been a structure of much importance, not only to the town of Stars Hollow. Being a milestone aged a hundred years plus, not to mention located right in the middle of town, it was a given that the Gazebo had witnessed both highs and lows. Taylor, at least, had labelled it part of Stars Hollow's great historic heritage in the town's many tourist brochures. What specifically made it historically significant had never been explained, but then again no one had really asked. The general public's opinion in the town was this; if it wasn't worth fighting over, let Taylor get his way.

On the more individual level, there was no doubt about the structure's relevance. Many big, personal moments had taken place there; first kisses, first 'I love you's, proposals and at least a couple of weddings. There had also been plenty of smaller, but still significant moments, that just weren't as easily measured on a general scale.

It was where Luke's parents had officially met. It had been during one of the town's many crazy festivals. By a stroke of luck, the Gazebo had been left empty that day, serving as a sanctuary for William Danes who had no desire whatsoever to be involved. There was no doubt Luke was his father's son, having inherited pretty much the same detachment from the insanity that was town activities. William had sat on the cold bench, watching the town, trying to figure out the sheer size of the insane asylum that would be needed to room its residents. He'd been so deep in his thoughts and calculations that he hadn't heard the soft steps closing in on him until he felt a hand graze his shoulder. He jumped up, only to find himself facing a beautiful brunette with incredibly intense blue eyes that simply took his breath away.

This too seemed to run in the family. Or maybe it was just sheer coinsidence that thirty odd years later, Luke found himself in quite a similar position, when a vivacious, nutty and slightly rude brunette, sporting the same intense blue eyes his mother, walked into his diner in search of coffee and walked out carrying a piece of his heart...

Katherine James ('Kate' for short, later to be known to the town as Kate Danes) had seen William's attempted escape from the festivities and taken it upon herself to convince him to return. Even though every sane thought in his mind told him to avoid the event completely, there was something about Kate. Be it her smile, her soft, inviting voice or maybe those intense blue magnets that he couldn't take his eyes off, something about her simply possessed the ability to make him ignore reason and give into the insanity. He never missed a town event again. He still hated going, but somehow Kate's presence made him not hate it at the same time. Even after she was gone, William still brought their two children out to every festival, not necessarily out of obligation towards his late wife, but because the festivals and especially the Gazebo itself served as reminders of the wonderful woman that had graced his life, even though their time had been cut far too short for his liking.

Having had her taken away from him at such a young age, Luke had only a few precious memories of his mother. Everything else, he'd been told, by his father, through stories. It was those stories that made him sure that his mother, if given the chance, definitely would've approved of Lorelai. Not that she wouldn't've respected his choice either way, but she really would've liked the woman that became to her son, what she'd been to his father. If she'd been able to show any sign of dissatisfaction about anything, it would most likely be a kick in the behind for letting so many years go by before finally daring to let Lorelai know how he felt.

Luke hadn't mentioned his parent's connection to the town Gazebo to Lorelai. She probably would call it kismet that they too began their 'journey' at the same location. Not really believing in things like 'fate' and 'destiny', that was probably the only reason Luke hadn't yet told her about it. That and the fact that he didn't really feel it to be relevant to what the two of them had. At least not until Lorelai one day brought it up, during one of her many crazy ramblings that seem to come at the most inconvenient times, such as during the lunch rush at the diner, the middle of a movie in a fully packed theater or his personal favorite; right in the middle of sex.

Luke had originally found the location of their 'beginning' to be completely irrelevant, but the more Lorelai talked about it, Luke too came to the conclusion that the Gazebo more or less had been a central feature in almost every important moment that graced his life with her, big as well as small...