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Chapter 2: A bet gone awry

The certainly most interesting memory the two of them had concerning the old town Gazebo started off with something as innocent as a simple wager. Luke was still not convinced Lorelai had won the bet fair and square, as he had a long time ago deemed it impossible to separate her from the love of her life; the beverage more commonly known as coffee for the general public, for more than a couple of hours. Sure he'd always secretly hoped that one day she'd see the light and order tea instead and they had their share of arguments on the subject, but they both knew it was only for show and that it would always end with him giving in. So when Lorelai claimed she could go a week without coffee, Luke had no other choice than to bet against her. It was really a win-win situation. However the condition was that if she pulled it off he had to go along with whatever she had in mind for him.

As he was sure it would be something like supplying her free coffee for a month (it wasn't like he let her pay now anyway) or having to eat something really unhealthy (which he wasn't liking too much, but he'd handle it if it came to it), plus the chance Lorelai would pull it off was minimal at best, Luke hadn't been too concerned about the condition. Had he known she'd drag him out to have sex with her in the middle of the town Gazebo, he might've been a little more hesitant on entering that bet...

- Luke, Lorelai whined, dragging out his name. - Come on.

- Are you sure no one will see us?

- Well, I can't guarantee it, Lorelai shrugged. - After all, that's half the fun. But seriously, it's like three in the morning, if anyone's up and about now, I'm almost tempted to say they've earned to see the show.

- Tell that to Taylor when he's reprimanding us for defiling a historical landmark, Luke replied, dryly, hoping the possibility of the town selectman possibly seeing their activities was as efficient in talking her out of it as it was for him.

- And miss his solid eight hours, Lorelai asked, raising her brows. - Please.

Luke shrugged, admiting defeat on that one.

- How about Kirk, he suggested.

If he had to name every single townsperson he knew she didn't want as audience to this to talk her out of it, then so be it.

- You suggesting threesomes now, Lorelai asked, teasingly.

- Aw geez, Luke exclaimed, visibly shuddering from the mental image.

Lorelai giggled.

- Serves you right for trying to weasel out of our agreement, she told him.

- I didn't agree to this, he retorted.

- Sorry, hon, she shrugged. - No one forced you into entering that bet with me.

- I'm still convinced you cheated, Luke mumbled, barely audible.

- Need I remind you how everyone in town betted against me? The only reason Kirk even betted on my behalf was because of the great odds, Lorelai pointed out. - I mean, for cripes sake, even Rory said I couldn't make it a day without coffee, let alone a whole week.

- Well, you can't, Luke pointed out.

- Talk about having faith in someone's ability, Lorelai scoffed.

- I have faith in your abilities, Luke countered, dryly. - Your ability to manipulate me into doing something I have no desire to do.

- Come on, Luke, Lorelai laughed. - Stop being such a grouch and join in on the excitement.

- This isn't exactly what I would call exciting.

- What? You don't find me attractive anymore, Lorelai asked, her bottom lip quivering.

The worst thing about Lorelai when she got like that was that he really had no idea if she was being serious or not. He didn't want to joke it away if he really had hurt her feelings, nor was he that eager to let her manipulate him... Oh, what the hell? Who was he kidding anyway? She had him in the palm of her hand since the very day they met. He knew that and she really knew that.

Words couldn't even begin to cover the gratitude he felt that the suggestion of putting lights up in the Gazebo had been shot down (by Taylor of all people due to the increase that would mean for the town's power bill). At least even if someone were to take an impromptu walk around town in this late hour, they would be less likely to spot the town's 'it' couple (as Patty and Babette had dubbed them) 'spicing' up their sex life.

- Okay, he sighed. - Let's do this.

- In a hurry, are we, Lorelai teased.

- Forgive me for not wanting the entire town as an audience, Luke gruffed. - Exhibitionism has never really been my thing.

- Mine either, Lorelai assured him. - If it had been, I'd be more likely to suggest the diner in the middle of the day. I just wanted to do something different, you know... make a good story to tell.

- You are not gonna tell anyone we did this, Luke exclaimed, horrified about having his dirty laundry aired out in public like that. - Bet or no bet, if you plan to tell anyone about this little escapade, the deal is off.

Lorelai laughed and leaned in and kissed his lips, then the corner of his lips, slowly making her way to nibble on his earlobe while slipping her hands around his waist, cupping his but. She pulled him close, rubbing her thigh up against his crotch and he felt the blood rushing towards a certain part of his anatomy. He let out a moan.

- You can't even admit you're a little bit turned on by the idea of possibly being caught, she asked, stroking him through his pants.

- Trust me, he muttered in a guttural groan. - That's not what's turning me on.

- As long as you're turned on, she grinned. - That's all I need.

Luke responded by pressing her up against one of the pillars, capturing her lips in a kiss, slipping his tongue into her mouth. His hands wandered downwards, cupping her butt before stroking her thighs, thinking to himself how bad a strategic move it had been of her to wear jeans. He slipped his fingers underneath the fabric of her blouse, stroking the soft skin on her belly, moving upwards to play with her breasts. Lorelai responded with a moan and began unbuttoning the top three buttons of his flannel. She traced kisses down his jaw line, moving down to suck on his Adams apple.

While in any other situation, they would have an ocean of time for foreplay and exploring, this was not really the place to make anything last longer than what was strictly necessary to get the deed done. Normally Luke would take his time, removing her clothing piece by piece, a little like unwrapping a Christmas present. He would kiss her neck, her collarbone, he'd thoroughly explore the sensitive spots on her breasts and then he'd tease her mercilessly, kissing the insides of her thighs and other semi-intimate places before reaching her lips and that little bud of nerves. Usually, by the time he finally slipped into her, she would be dripping wet, literally. Of course, they'd had their share of quickies. Quick romps taking place above the diner during their lunch breaks. Sex in the shower before going to work. A couple of times, they'd even found themselves a convenient spot at the inn to scratch an itch or two.

This was however a different type of quickie. It wasn't the 'we only have x number of minutes available' kind of quickie. Strictly speaking they could go at it for hours if they really wanted to, seeing as neither one of them had work in the morning (which was why this night in particular had been chosen), but the more minutes the act took, the bigger the risk was that someone would see what Luke didn't want anyone else to see.

His hands went for her fly, unzipping it with a masterful touch, tugging her jeans down as Lorelai began working on his. He pushed her jeans downwards little by little until they finally ended up below her knees. Lorelai let him lift her and she halfway wrapped her legs around him. Halfway, because her pants were making it impossible for her to do more. Luke hadn't removed her panties, just in case they got caught doing this and needed to cover themselves up quickly. He slipped the material to the side and came in direct contact with her intimate flesh. He pinched her bud lightly, slipping one finger into her to test out her wetness. She moaned and buried her head in the corner of his neck. She managed to undo his zipper and reached into his boxers, taking him into her hand. He was already fully up and ready for action, but she still stroked him a couple of times before he replaced her hand with his own. He let his finger slip out of her, using the hand to hold her underwear to the side while he guided his erection to her entrance. He slid in with great ease. Only taking a few seconds to get a better grip on her, he withdrew and thrusted into her again. And again.

- Ow, Lorelai groaned, when he thrusted into her the third time.

Luke instantly stopped moving, worried and at the same time puzzled... not understanding how he'd managed to hurt her.

- What's wrong? Did I..?

- No, no, she replied. - It's just... the pillar's really digging into my shoulder blade.

Luke tried moving her slightly to the side, but then it hit her other shoulder blade. He looked questioningly at her.

- What about the bench, she suggested, hinting to the old wooden bench to their right.

- That can't be sanitary, Luke muttered, eyeing the bench, skeptically.

- Luke, come on, she pleaded, clenching her muscles around him to convince him.

The problem with the bench was the height of it was too low for him to thrust into her while standing, so he dropped down to his knees, instantly regretting it as his kneecaps hit the hard, cold cement. He groaned out in pain, almost sliding entirely out of her while he rubbed both knees with his free hand.

While the intense pain from the impact lessened, his discomfort didn't. The cement really wasn't a place you wanted to stand on with your knees, even when they weren't injured. And as he began thrusting into her again, he could also feel the sand and pebbles drill into his skin like thorns on a rosebush. He tried pausing to brush away the hard particles on the ground directly underneath him, but it didn't seem like anything he did could prevent one or more pebbles to remain. The cement also felt uncomfortably cold underneath him. It wasn't that he didn't want to be doing this. He couldn't imagine anything he'd rather do than to be buried inside of her tight heat. However he could imagine a lot of locations for them to be in, while this was happening; a proper bed, for instance. Her kitchen table (it wasn't like she used it for anything, anyway). Lorelai pressed up against the wall of the shower, warm water streaming down both their naked bodies.

But returning to reality, he acknowledged that there really only were two choices in this situation; stop and relocate or continue what they were doing, despite the cement, the sand, the pebbles and the fact that at any given moment, someone taking a nighttime stroll could round any of the corners surrounding the square and spot them. In other words; there was no choice. He rolled his hips, thrusting back into her. And again. And again. Just as their pace was increased, their orgasms building up, Lorelai suddenly began laughing hysterically. He didn't have time to ask the reason for the inappropriate laughing before he got the explanation.

- I just got a splinter, she laughed. - Ow! In my butt! I'm Kirk!

- Are you trying to kill the mood, he asked, exasperated, visibly shuddering from the disturbing imagery she'd caused.

Before she had time to utter any apology for it, her words disappeared into a moan as he hit her G-spot, several times. He felt her suddenly clamp down on him, contracting around him, causing his balls to tighten and him coming in spurts. They stayed connected for a couple of minutes, panting heavily. Then when his breathing and heartbeat began to resemble normal, he pulled out of her, quickly pulling his boxers and jeans back up. Lorelai remained sitting.

- Where's the splinter, he asked her.

Lorelai pointed to her right butt cheek, where her panties had ridden up. Luke urged her to roll her weight to her left, so he could take a look and carefully removed a fairly large splinter with his bare fingers. The smaller one, however, he didn't stand a chance in doing anything about without some aid of better lighting and a pair of tweezers. He kissed the top of her head before helping her with her jeans.

- So.., she said.

- So.., he replied.

- This is what porn never tells us, she concluded.

- What, splinters, he asked.

- Splinters, sand, pebbles, hard surfaces, she listed, ticking of her fingers. - Edges and knots sticking into you.

- Not to mention bugs, parasites and grass, Luke added, recalling the more common outdoor scenarios porn liked to use.

- Yeah, Lorelai chuckled.

- That's why I don't bother watching it, Luke shrugged.

- Because they don't show the grimy details, Lorelai wondered.

- It's not real, he shrugged.

- I'm still glad we did this, though, Lorelai told him.

- Yeah, I guess, Luke shrugged. - At least we know better than to try it again.

- Maybe we can do it in the diner, next, Lorelai suggested in a teasing way.

- And get crumbs and grease everywhere.., Luke pointed out, dryly.

...neither one of them could be sure if this had been the specific encounter where their baby had been conceived. But as the timing fit, Lorelai liked to believe it had been. The pregnancy had, of course, come as a surprise to both of them, but after taking some time to think, the decision to keep the baby had not been difficult to make.

Their daughter, who they named Andrea (with Mia as a middle name), was ironically enough due on Valentine's day, but decided to announce her presence a week early. They called her Andrea to start with, but as she started developing her distinct personality, the more clear it became that they were dealing with a tomboy through and through. And it was with that, that Andrea vanished and 'Andie' was born.