Here, Kitty!!


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A girl with pink hair walks by shops and stores. Her eyes are a vibrant green and were cat-like. She rarely ever talked and when she did it was usually too cold or quiet. No one noticed her.

They didn't know she had a power or anything special. They thought that she was just an outcast that doesn't like people.

Meet Sasuke. Cold, emotionless, and a bit arrogant. He is quiet and rarely ever talks with anyone and the only person he would talk to would be his closest friend.

One particular night, Sasuke was walking through the streets in silence thinking. He sees a pink cat looking at him. He looks back at it. The cat has eyes of green and they were glistening like ice in the sun.

Sasuke gave a nod then walked away. He continued on his way back home. He saw the cat follow him. Sasuke turned around and looked at the cat as if to say 'What do you want?'

The cat looked back at him. But turned away from his gaze and went closer to him. It went closer to him and purred against his leg.

Sasuke looked around before picking up the cat and held it in his arms. "Let's go then…"

The cat stayed in his arms purring and sleeping. Sasuke went in his room and changed then brought the cat back to his bed and lay her gently down.

She was still sleeping. Sasuke looked at the cat one more time and went into silent slumber.

Sasuke was twitching in his sleep. The cat noticed he was in pain. It felt sorry for him and went closer to him and licked his cheek roughly to try and soothe him like a mother cat would to her kitten.

Sasuke woke up the very next morning with the cat sleeping with its head in his chest.

He stroked the cat quietly and the cat woke up to see Sasuke's hand stroking her soft fur. She mewed at him and licked his hand.

"So you want some food? I will have to go and buy it today, but for now can you just have milk?"

The cat looked at Sasuke as if saying 'Sure, I don't mind as long as you come back.'

Sasuke gave her a bowl of milk and watched her as he was drinking his coffee. "What am I supposed to call you anyways? Pinkie?" The cat looked at Sasuke as if he was stupid.


The cat looked away.


The cat ignored him.


The cat twitched her ears from hearing her name and jumped into his arms purring.

"So your name is Sakura huh?" Sasuke stroked her fur quietly.

"I have to go train with my team mates right now so I will be right back okay?" The cat looked at him and blinked.

Sasuke went to the door and opened it. It closed silently behind him.

When he was gone, the cat looked around then found an open window and followed Sasuke from the rooftops.

Sasuke finally arrived at the area where he trained. The dobe is here early. Hey! Was that pink that flashed by? No…I am imagining things…

"HEY TEME!!" Sasuke already looks annoyed. "Shut up, dobe." And then the argument began.



"Chicken hair."

"Dead Last."

"I hate you, teme!"

Kakashi pops up. "You are LATE!" yelled Naruto. "Today we are going to rescue a cat from a tree, team. So let's get going!"

Sasuke walked behind his sensei and Naruto being all silent. "Hey, Sasuke. There is a cat following you. And the funny thing is…is that the cat is PINK!" said Naruto.

Sasuke turned around and there she was. She looked at him and just rubbed herself around Sasuke's legs. "Sakura. What are you doing here? I told you to wait at home."

Sakura just gave him her pleading eyes. Sasuke sighed and picked her up. She nuzzled herself against Sasuke. Naruto watched laughing. "Kakashi-sensei! Sasuke-teme has gone mental as well as the cat! He was talking to the cat and now he is picking it up! The cat actually likes him too!"

The cat looked at Naruto coldly. Then she dropped from Sasuke's arms and stalked towards Naruto. She leaped at him and made a deep gash across his face. Sakura cleaned herself of the blood and walked back to Sasuke.

Naruto screamed in pain and was yelling about how it was Sasuke's evil minion sent to torture him. Sasuke scratched Sakura's head absentmindly. She purred.

Kakashi just laughed and walked away.

After a few minutes of walking around they finally found the cat. It was a bright orange in a midst of green. They tried everything to get the cat down. They became irritated and angry. Well, at least Naruto did.

"That stupid cat won't come down after so much coaxing! I did everything already and it keeps going farther up the tree!"

Sasuke was a bit unnerved by this dilemma too. Sakura noticed and immediately jumped from Sasuke. She leaped into the tree with a very unusual speed faster than any cat. Everyone watched.

'Hey, come here. I won't hurt you. You want to get back to your owner right? Come closer so I can get you down from there.' The cat scurried to Sakura and she grabbed him the gruff of the neck.

Sasuke watched amazed as Sakura brought the full-grown cat down with her strength. She didn't break out in sweat or anything. She dropped the cat in front of Sasuke and blinked at him as her tail swished silently.

Sasuke bent down to her level and stroked her fur. Then he walked away with the other cat in his arms. All Sakura did was follow him obediently. She looked back at the two left behind as if saying 'Come on now. Sasuke is leaving without you.' She turned away with such grace like she was once a human…

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