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Continuation of last chapter-also ties in 90-I want to have, 91-Control, and 92-Kiss.


The morning after Ed's confession Winry got an urgent call from Rush Valley. She was needed back in Garfiel's shop as soon as possible. Winry handed over her only customer for the week to Pinako, and left that same day. Ed and Al went to keep her company on the long train ride. Al noted the way the two seemed more comfortable around each other, and more than once he saw their fingers twined together.

Winry got to work as soon as she stepped into Garfiel's shop, one of her favorite customers had gotten his mail leg into a pretty bad state when a horse had gone mad—he was lucky only his automail had gotten trampled. While she worked, Ed and Al followed Paninya around the town chatting with familiar faces, and explaining over and over that Al indeed was Al.
When they got back to Garfiel's shop dinner was ready, and even Winry's customer sat down to eat with them. The customer was an older man. Ed didn't know his name, but he recalled him as being one of the men who had helped him drive off the man, Greg, who had tried to force himself on Winry. The old man who had told him not to break Winry's heart. That night after he kissed her they'd just talked until she fell asleep, and the next morning she hadn't mentioned the kisses. He wondered if she ever thought about it.

Ed and Winry were pretty much silent over the course of dinner, relying and the other four to carry on the conversation. Al didn't have to look at the two other blonds to know they kept stealing glances at each other—it was exactly what they had done the entire train ride. Paninya sent him a questioning glance when she noticed their behavior, and he only shrugged in response, but the smile on his face betrayed his knowledge. Paninya smiled back at him mouthing the word 'finally' to which he nodded.

Al nearly choked on his food a few minutes later when he heard Garfiel squeal in delight. "What is it?" Paninya asked, sliding the pitcher of water towards Al. He refilled his glass, but waited for Garfiel to say whatever was on his mind before taking a drink.

"You two are just so cute," he exclaimed, looking from Winry to Ed. "Are you two finally a couple?"

"Isn't it obvious?" the old man muttered before Ed or Winry could answer, but neither of them denied it.

"I just thought I'd ask," Garfiel pouted, and then an instant later he was beaming again. "So, how many children do you want to have?"

Winry and Ed both paled at the question. "We're not going to have children," Ed shouted. His eye softened when Winry looked over at him. "For a while," they said in unison.


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