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Tezuka / Horio: Sex Education

Ever since an unfortunate Horio had accidently caught Eiji and Oishi making out in the club room, Tezuka was handed the duty, through drawing straws, of educating Horio about gay sex.

The two were in the club locker room. Alone. Tezuka stared at the younger boy, wondering how to explain the whole matter to him. Horio nervously glanced back. He had ever reason to be nervous. One, he was mentally scared by a rather disturbing scene of the Golden Pair and Kikumaru's fettish towards bondage, and two, he was in a locker room with the captain of the tennis club. ALONE.

"Bu-buchou, w-what were Kikumaru-senpai and Oishi-fuku-buchou doing before?" He finally asked.

"They were strengthening their bond as the Golden Pair." Tezuka replied.

Smooth Tezuka. Very smooth.

"Ah...so do all doubles pairs do that?"

Tezuka paused. He didn't want to lie to the poor first year. "No."


"They're gay."

Sometimes, Tezuka could be more blunt than Ryoma if he wanted to be. Horio's eyes widened and he sat on the bench like a statue.

'Was that too direct?' Tezuka wondered to himself. He only had to take one look at the first year to find out. But, he also noticed something else when he looked closer at the other boy. Daresay, he looked a bit /cute/ with his burnette hair now drooping slightly due to sweat from practice wearing off the hairgel. And those small brown eyes looked so very innocent.

An idea formed in his mind and impulse took over. He kissed Horio lightly on the lips before quickly retreating and heading for the door, leaving behind his dazed kohai.

When he was just about to close the door behind him, he heard a softer tone of that usual brash, loud voice of the burnette. "Tezuka-buchou, could you please teach me more tomorrow?"

Tezuka just smiled and closed the door.

'Wait till the whole tennis club hears about this!' Horio thought. 'With my thirteen years of life experience, I seduced Tezuka-buchou!'

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