A Long Ways Away


Instead of staying with his family at age three, Murtagh is taken to America by Tornac, the day after he received his scar. There Murtagh stays with an adopted family, and with an unsure future.



"Murtagh," "Come here! Quickly!" whispered a man, in about his 20's.

"What?" asked Murtagh, as he went over to the man.

"…Tornac, what's wrong?" Asked, a frightened three year old, Murtagh.

"Shh! We're getting out of here, pack your bags." Said Tornac.

"But-" Murtagh was about to ask Tornac a question, but Tornac took off, and started for his chambers.

"Tornac? Tornac!" "Wait! Tornac, please! Wait!" screamed, a small and confused, Murtagh, as he rushed after the older man.

When Murtagh caught up to him, Tornac suddenly stopped. So sudden that Murtagh bumped into him. Tornac immediately turned around and bent down so that he could be face to face with Murtagh.

With his hands on Murtagh's Shoulders, Tornac said, " …Murtagh, I want you to listen to me. And Listen to me good. Ok?"

Murtagh nodded.

Before Tornac spoke he took a breath. " All right…your…your mother has ordered me to take you someplace safe, after what happened last night." "She doesn't want you to get hurt like that again." "So I told her that I would take you to a place called America. You'll be safe there. And…away from your father."

Murtagh was speechless. He was shocked, and assumed that it was pretty obvious by looking at his face because Tornac's face seemed to loosen a bit.

"… Murtagh, I know this is a bit surprising, but we really need to get going, and pack. Now go get ready, and gather your things," "I'll be waiting for you in the courtyard, by the exit. I'll have our horses as well. Go! And Hurry! Remember, Don't let anyone see you go to the courtyard." Tornac said to Murtagh.

When Tornac was done, Murtagh did as he was told and rushed for his quarters.