A Long Ways Away

Ok, I just wanted to say that the characters at the end of the chapter, Peter and Oliver are Age 21. Oh and thank you for the reviews! I'm so sorry if some things in this story displease you, but they are there for a reason…trust me. Anyways, enjoy the chapter! And it's Longer than the last one!

- Emberseve


Chapter 2: The Flashback

Murtagh had only taken 10 minutes to change and pack, and was now running in the Hallway as fast as his two small feet could carry him, heading towards the courtyard where Tornac would be waiting for him. Murtagh had been running so hard that as he turned the corner he bumped into something hard, and ended up on the floor. And out of all the things in Alagaesia it had to be his father.

"WHAT?" "Oh…it's you…" "Well? What the hell do you want now?" asked Morzan; with one of the most annoyed voices Murtagh had ever heard from his father.

He must be really ticked off about something. Thought Murtagh.

"N-Nothing…"Replied Murtagh.

"Good… You know it's a good thing your mother taught you to speak early in life otherwise you probably wouldn't survive running around this place like you are now. Speaking of which, where are you going?"

Oh no! I wasn't supposed to be seen! Tornac's going to kill me. Thought Murtagh.

"N-No where." Said Murtagh.

Morzan studied him with sharp eyes.

"Are you sure about that?" asked Morzan.

Murtagh gulped, then nodded. Morzan crossed his arms, and stared at Murtagh with penetrating Hazel eyes.

"…You know Murtagh I hope that your telling me the truth, we wouldn't want another episode of last night. And this time I won't be drunk." Said Morzan.

Murtagh's eyes widened in fear as he quickly tried to figure out an excuse. Eventually they heard footsteps coming down the hall.

I'm Saved! Thought Murtagh.

The footsteps had ended up being Tornac's.

Oh no… Thought Murtagh, Putting on a worried and crummy looking face.

"Murtagh, what are you-" "…Morzan." Tornac said with a tint of anger in his voice.

"Tornac" said Morzan, bluntly.

As minutes went by, after Tornac and Morzan greeted each other, Murtagh got more and more tense. Tornac seemed to have noticed this because he gave Murtagh that stress less look, even though Murtagh knew more than not to stress.

"If you will excuse us, Murtagh and I have some business to attend to." Tornac said, as he went to pick up Murtagh. But ended up being blocked by Morzan.

"Hold on there. I'd appreciate it if I knew where you both are to be going…at, now that I think of it, one in the morning." Said Morzan.

"That isn't any of your business." Replied Tornac.

"Well considering that I am the boys father, it is my business." Said Morzan, temper rising. "Now…what are you supposed to be doing right now Tornac? Sleeping? Or do you have a job that you have to be doing?"

"Yes, as a matter of fact I do have a job that I should be doing." Replied Tornac.

"Good. Now get going, I need to have a talk with my son." Morzan said, as he walked away from Tornac, and made a gesture to Murtagh, to follow.

"…Morzan if you take Murtagh with you… Why, I can't do my job then." "So you might want to reconsider that." Said Tornac, standing in the same exact place.

Morzan immediately stopped, and tuned to face Tornac, with a furious face.

"Murtagh, go back to our chambers, and wait for me there." Said Morzan

Murtagh stood there for a couple seconds looking at Tornac, giving him a worried look, before going.

"Murtagh, leave… NOW!" Yelled Morzan.

Murtagh automatically took off running towards his room at once. When he got to the end of the other hall, he heard a loud scream.

"Oh no!" "Tornac!"

14 years later…

"Tornac!" "NOO!"

"What the hell's wrong with your brother Peter! He's screaming like all hell broke loose!"

"Nothing is wrong with him Oliver! He just has these stupid nightmares all the time. And they never get old. In fact now that I think of it, I'm pretty much his wake up call every morning." Said Peter, while trying to shake his brother awake.

"Oh that's nice Peter, but could you just shut him up already! He's giving me one hell of a headache!" yelled Oliver, sitting in the computer chair, which was in the room that Peter and Murtagh both shared.

"I'm doing my best!" "Murtagh! Murtagh, wake up!" yelled Peter.

"Tornac!" Screamed Murtagh, now twisting in his bed's covers.

"Peter do you know who this Tornac is, that he keeps screaming about!" asked Oliver.

"NO! And I don't think I want to know!" Replied Peter starting to punch Murtagh in the back.

"MURTAGH! Get your ass out this bed now!" Peter howled in frustration, as he continued to strike Murtagh hard square in the Back.

"Oww!" Screamed Murtagh, as he sat up in his bed.

"Well it's about time you woke up!" Yelled Peter, as Murtagh started to cry.

"NOW what's wrong?" asked Peter.

"I thought I told you to NEVER, NEVER DO THAT AGAIN!" Murtagh screamed, at his brother.

"Oh, Ha! That's right. I forgot, you've got that painful mark on you're back." Mocked Peter.

"IT'S NOT A MARK! IT'S A SCAR!" Yelled Murtagh.

"Fine a scar...oops." Said Peter, as he hit Murtagh in the back again.

"PETER!" Murtagh screamed, as he took off after his brother ready to tear him to shreds. But just as he sat up again his head hit the top of the bunk bed, and he immediately laid back down dazed.

Right after Murtagh hit his head, Peter, and his friend Oliver exited the room laughing.

"Don't forget about breakfast Murtagh! You wouldn't want to wait for lunch, now would you!" Hollered Peter in the hallway.

"Peter." Growled Murtagh, rubbing his head.