"Let the festivities begin!" shouted an ecstatic Wiki. As on cue, tens and hundreds of dolphins begin charging out of the arches. They all yell in glee and scatter throughout the large bay playing and talking with the bay-folk. Ecco and company watched the large crowd break apart into hundreds of pieces. Hammer was still looking for a large pool of fish he was hoping for. He licked his teeth with his tongue which sadly was scratched. He sobbed quietly until Shard poked around one of his eyes.

"Sissy" He mumbled to the hammerhead with a smirk. The shark just rolled his rolled eyes and tried to keep his mouth shut from snatching the seahorse. Shard squirmed towards Ecco and lightly poked him with his beak. "so…why are we sitting here?" he asked the star-browed dolphin. Ecco only moved his eye at the seahorse.

"I'm just thinking. I don't know why you're not having fun though." he replied. He turned upside down and sighed. Coral swam next him with a grin, with Aqua behind her.

"We're going site seeing. See ya!" she said happily. Hammer and Shard appeared behind him poking his tail.

"Shard wanted to look around, and he wanted me to make sure he isn't someone's dinner." Ecco nodded and followed the two.

"Might as well tag along. It beats being bored alone" he said to himself.

Meanwhile with Aqua and Coral...

The whale and female dolphin looked around at some of the odd structures of life around the bay. One was an odd stem poking all the way to the surface. Another was a rock that had three extremely large stone starfish. They didn't even had a single crack on them. The two swam over to examine the stone structures and noticed a strange colored dolphin looking at one.

"She's different. I never seen a dolphin look like that." Coral said to herself. Aqua nodded and swam for air.

The dolphin was an indigo color. She had turquoise striped on her side and half her saw-like flippers where turquoise as well, along with her entire dorsal was that color too. She was intrigued by star structure too. Coral swam over and looked up at the stone and noticed something glowing in the middle of starfish. Before she could do anything she was bumped by the unique dolphin.

"Oh I'm sorry. I didn't know anyone else was here." She said in a sincere tone. Before Coral could say anything back to her she was interrupted by Aqua.

"Hey Coral! Why didn't you wait for me?" he said with a smile. Coral shrugged her fins. She pointed her beak at the center of the three starfish stones.

"There might be Guardian crystals in those stones. Look how they glow. They look like their releasing power!" she said with a worried look. Aqua slightly backed away from her and gave a confused expression.

"How is that possible? And how do you know it's releasing power?" he asked. Again she just shrugged. "That is not a good answer Coral." The whale said with a frustrated look. The unique dolphin swam between the two and smiled.

"Anything I can do to help?" she said with her smile growing larger. Coral faced her and calmed down.

"Could you tell us your name?" she asked pleasantly.

"Kuruka. And yours?" she asks back.

"I'm Coral, and the orca is Aqua." Kuruka handed a flipper and shook with Aqua and Coral's.

"So what or who the Guardian is?" the dolphin asked. Aqua swam in front of her.

"We have a friend that'll explain that later. Ever heard of Ecco? Earth's defender of the future?" he questioned. Kuruka thought for a moment.

"Only heard a few stories. Must be some titan or something with a title like that." She replied. Aqua and Coral chuckled, they both took their new friend to find Ecco who is on the other side of the large bay.

Meanwhile with Ecco, Shard, and Hammer…

"Is that right Wiki?" Ecco asked the common dolphin. Wiki nodded from whatever Ecco asked Wiki.

"Uh-huh. These structures were real from ancient past. Lets see…oh yes it was exactly the Greek era, long ago when Poseidon thought it was neat to have large creatures like starfish as a collection, and so he enlarged such creatures, about fifteen in total." Ecco backed away from the common dolphin in disbelief.

"Your making that up. Aren't you?" questioned Hammer with disgust. Wiki sighed in relief.

"Was it at least a good myth?" he asked hoping to get a good reply. The threesome stared at him with disgust.

"No! Do you have any idea what these things were or are?" Ecco asked the common dolphin with frustration. Wiki shook his beak.

"Sorry Ecco. We only know that if they harvest some-sort of power or energy, they'll come to life." He begins to chuckle. "But the only way that'll happen is if the gifts the children gave to the statues are Guardian crystals." The threesome gulped simultaneously.

"And what would happen if they are Guardian crystals?" Hammer asks a tad frightened.

"They would come to life and attack us all. But relax…with Ecco and Aqua's attacks you can destroy those in seconds. They are made out of very old Greek cement. I know that's true." He said with confidence.

"Maybe we should check them…just in case." Recommended a nervous Hammer. Ecco nodded in agreement.

"C'mon let's go find the others." The seahorse and hammerhead nodded and followed him from behind.