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Author: Pagan Twylight

Story Summary: Sam, Martouf, and Lantash spend the weekend before the Tau'ri-Tok'Ra Summit together. At the Summit, it is discovered that Martouf and Lantash are Za'tarcs, and Sam is forced to kill them. She thinks that she has lost her world, but, her life and the lives of the Tau'ri and Tok'Ra around her are about to change forever. Unknown to most of those present, Lantash manages to move into Sam, when she offers to host him and she finds that she has several reasons to live, and love is only one of them. Upon blending, several things come to light that change the course of events, yet once more, and Daniel offers to take Lantash. When Lantash realizes that the only place he and Martouf could have been turned was on one of the Tok'Ra bases, it becomes imperative that not only is Lantash's survival kept from the general population of the Tok'Ra, but that they implement steps to find the traitor or traitors, and stop them, before harm can come to any more Tok'Ra. Sam and those around her find themselves building a web of lies, as they try to protect her and the other innocents...and answer the question of who turned Martouf/Lantash into a Za'tarc. Malek, Anise, Garshaw, Per'sus, Selmak, and other OC Tok'Ra must work hand in hand with General Hammond, the President, Jack, Teal'c, Paul Davis, and Janet to protect Sam, Daniel, Lantash…and their unborn children. By doing so, the Alliance that started out on somewhat tentative ground finds fertile fields in which to grow, as they all become closer and learn of one another.

Story Pairing - Sam/Lantash/Daniel

Prologue A steamy start to Sam and Martouf/Lantash's relationship has an abrupt and tragic ending when Martouf is discovered to be a Za'tarc and Sam kills him. The consequences of their relationship will reach out to touch those around them.

Rating : M+ edited to post under T

Pairing in Prologue: - Sam/Martouf/Lantash

"Italics" - Symbiote-Host communication

Always Be Ours


Samantha gasped as Martouf's lips trailed liquid fire down her throat and across her shoulders. Why had they waited so long before allowing this to happen? Oh, god, his lips, his hands, everything about him was burning her alive. His teeth caught her gently and scrapped her before soothing his nip with his tongue. His fingers teased along her side, before moving down and splaying across her abdomen. His fingers made lazy circles on her, teasing her, loving her. She looked up into the beautiful gray-blue eyes as the afternoon sunlight peeped through the blinds and watched the glow that told her Lantash was now with her.

She smiled at him, still amazed at the difference in the two of them…and the fact that she could tell it in their touch. Oh, Lantash could hold her the way Martouf did, and it felt the same, but there was something that just did not seem quite "right". Then, too, when he stopped pretending, she knew at once that now it was "right" and it was Lantash.

She watched as he smiled. It always surprised her when he smiled, and she didn't know why. Because she had seen him angry and frustrated at them once, she supposed. Nevertheless, she was learning to love his smile. It, too, was different from Martouf's smile. It was amazing considering it was the same features. However, they were definitely two distinct individuals. And she loved them both. It was scary and as exhilarating as anything she'd ever experienced. She was entranced and excited. She was in love.

So passionate. In war, no doubt, in love? Oh, definitely! If Martouf burned her, then Lantash turned her to ashes in seconds. It surprised her that a being without a human body of its own could know his way around one so intimately. She moaned, as he lowered his head to her. He loved the taste of her, and she loved that he loved the taste of her. He had loved her so often that she swore she had been semi-conscious last night. Never had she been so sated. She gasped, and then moaned, writhing in his arms.

And then, once again, she felt them change places, and it was Martouf. He was so gentle, so loving; it caused her heart to ache, as if it would break. He held her, as if she was the most precious thing in his world, and loved her as if he would never, could never get enough of her. He was moving over her now, looking into her eyes with such emotion showing in his. She should tell him, tell him she loved them. She should, she should, why didn't she? Why? She gasped, as he came over her. She moaned, wanting him, needing him. "Martouf, Martouf, come to me. Now, now, my love, my love."

"Samantha, that was a wonderful, breakfast. I have never had burnt toast with coffee and rubberized bread wheels before. Perhaps I should cook tomorrow?" Martouf stopped laughing and looked at her. "It is wonderful to see you laugh. I am glad that Lantash and I decided to come with Jacob. You are so very beautiful to us."

His gaze fell to her lips, and Sam felt her body heat again. They were so very wonderful as lovers. Jolinar's memories had not lied at all in that department. Moreover, all he had to do was look at her to set her on fire. She was ready for him again, and yet, it seemed as if they had just left the bed. Oh, well, she couldn't think of one solitary thing she would rather do today than spend it in bed with these two.

She stepped to him and entwined her arms around his neck, whispering to him. "I think you've convinced me that I wasn't really ready to leave our bed. Maybe you should take me there, and show me the heavens again." Before she could say anything else, he lifted her into his arms and strode down the hall. Then, they were both upon the bed, what little clothing they had put on finding its way to the floor beside it.

She felt their lips caress hers, Martouf's hand going behind her head to allow his fingers to entwine in her hair. She rolled onto her back, and he came over her bringing his other hand up to her face. "You are so much more than we ever dreamed you would be, Samantha. We cannot tell you with words, but perhaps there is another way. As his lips descended to hers again, her last thought was that this was way better than words.

They learned each other with lips and hands, as they talked with moans and sighs, caresses, and kisses, each understanding this language of the body and the heart where words were unnecessary and emotions passed from one to the other through touch. They were climbing to that peak again. The one they couldn't seem to be able to climb enough. When they reached the top, they leaped together into the little death and floated down to recover in each other's arms.

"I do not understand this TV, Samantha. If it is not real, why do you watch it?"

"Because it isn't real, Martouf. It's called entertainment. We like it because it isn't real. It's an escape from the real world and all the problems and worries."

"I can think of better ways to escape from problems and worries."

"Can you? Tell me, what would those ways be? Are they something I would want to use to relax on a permanent basis or only when you are around to help me with them?"

Martouf looked at her for a long moment. "You could use them, whenever you choose to, but Lantash and I would prefer you to use them only with us, I believe. Yes, we agree. Lantash and I would wish you to use them only with us."

"I am beginning to think that I might be able to do that. I'm beginning to think that I might want that, too." Her breath stopped for a moment as he laid her down on the cushions on the couch. His hand made its way up her shirt to the breast that had never managed to find a bra today. His tongue followed the route his hand had taken and soon she was gasping with pleasure.

"Just thinking it, our Samantha? Would you not always rather wait for us to bring you this escape from reality?"

"Mm. I'm beginning to see your point more clearly." Her hand wandered down and into the front of his sweatpants. "But then, I think you are making a point of it pretty clearly and, ah, firmly, wouldn't you say? Don't you have anywhere better to put that than in those sweats?"

Martouf laughed down at her. "Yes, my love, I have a very warm soft place that is aching to be shown point by hard point why it would be better to wait for us to help her forget the troubles of the world. Do you think it will listen?"

"I think that if you wait much longer to tell it, it's going to go alone and enjoy the relaxation all by itself. Hurry, Martouf, I want you so, my love."

Martouf laughed deeply and obliged.

"It has been a wonderful weekend, Samantha, and we will be returning for the summit on Thursday. We will be meeting with Dr. Jackson and will not be free until after the summit." Martouf paused, for a moment.

"Samantha, is there any chance that you could take some time away from work? Lantash and I would very much like to spend some time with you away from anything that reminds either of us of the Tok'Ra, the SGC, or the System Lords."

Sam looked thoughtful for a moment, then nodded. Why not? She had time coming. "Sure, I'll see what I can do. How much time were you thinking and when?"

"When would be good for you? One of your weeks perhaps?"

Sam nodded. "I can probably do that. The week after the summit? Maybe starting as soon as it's over. Thursday is already taken up with it, but we could sneak an extra day and take Friday to the following Sunday. Could you be away from the Tok'Ra that long, or would they object? I can probably swing it, if I wait until the last minute to ask, so that no one can throw up a roadblock. Sometimes that seems to work the best for me. And, that will give me Tuesday and Wednesday to get my desk cleared."

Martouf nodded. "We rarely request leave. They will not object, and it would not matter, if they did. Ours is not a structured military, Samantha, and if we feel the need to take time away, it is rarely questioned. Therefore, that will be acceptable to us. We will look forward to our time together."

"So will I. Here comes dad. I'll see you, when you get back for the summit."

"Yes. Think about us this week, Samantha. We will certainly be having some interesting dreams about you."

Sam blushed, and then looked him in the eyes. "Yes, well, I'm sure mine won't be rated PG either." She grinned at their confused expression. She'd let them stew about that. They wouldn't dare ask her dad. She smiled and waved, as they climbed the ramp and stepped through the event horizon.

They had made love over and over, as if they must imprint their time on their minds for forever. They had loved her in every room of the house, on every piece of furniture, on every carpet, and even up against a few walls. Never would she look at her home, or her furniture, in quite the same way again. She grinned to herself. Maybe they could finish the walls and start on the car and some other interesting places during the coming week.

Martouf's hand crept toward the self-destruct. He was going to blow them up unless Samantha shot them. Please do it, Samantha. Please. Finally he managed to say, "Samantha." Knowing she would understand what they were asking of her.

There, she did it. They were falling. No, Samantha was cradling them in her arms. "I love you both, so much. Martouf, I love you. Lantash, I love you. If you can hear me, and if you need a host, I am willing. I love you both, so much. So much."

"You cannot save me. Do not die with me. Go to her, Lantash. Take care of her for me. For us. Now. Go. Please, Lantash. I love you both."

"For us. I love you, Martouf, always. You will always be ours."

"Please, Lantash, Martouf. I love you both. God, I love you both so much. I love you both so much."

"My last kiss from her. Go with my love and my heart for you both, always."

"Sam, they are gone, Sam. You have to let them go. Let Teal'c pick you up, and we will go with you. Sam, please. Please, my love. You have to let them go now. Teal'c, she seems to be going to sleep, maybe into shock. Can you get her?"

"Certainly, Daniel Jackson."

"To the infirmary. And Teal'c, don't mention what happened back there to anyone."

"I saw or heard nothing." Teal'c assured him. "You were blocking the view from one side, and Major Carter blocked the other. No one could possibly have seen what occurred. I believe we are wise to keep this information to ourselves for now."

"Yes. Janet will have to know. Need to know basis, Teal'c."