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Hikaru. It was one word, one name. But it meant so much to him. It meant more than his own name, Kaoru. To most it meant nothing, it was only the name of one of the brothers, just one of the Hitachiin Twins. It didn't matter to them which was which, as long as they got the pair, they were happy.

It was enough to make Kaoru sick. Didn't anyone care who his brother was? Didn't anyone care who he was? No, of course not. That's why Hikaru had come up with such good lies. Their little "Brotherly Love" act was flawless. Of course, Tamaki was the one who thought it up, but Hikaru made it perfect. Every tear, every gesture, every laugh...all of it was a lie. Hikaru of course knew, and so did Kaoru. And it killed him. Why couldn't the tales that Hikaru thought up so quickly and expertly actually be truth?

They had always shared everything with each other, but Kaoru wouldn't ever tell his newest secret, not ever. His brother would have nothing more to do with him if he told his dark secret. All of his friends would turn their back on him. The girls of course would love it, but they didn't matter to him. Not even his friends mattered to him.

Everything was about Hikaru.

When Hikaru smiled, Kaoru smiled. When Hikaru cried, Kaoru cried. When Hikaru would die...Kaoru promised that he would follow. When he had told his brother this, Hikaru laughed and told him to live his life freely. Not to grieve for him. Kaoru just smiled and shrugged it off, determined to die along side the only person he had ever truly loved. But he didn't further tell Hikaru his feelings on the matter, it would only be upsetting for both twins.


Hikaru opened one eye to look over at his twin. It was dark so he could only just see an outline, but of course he remembered what Kaoru looked like, he was his twin after all. "Yes Kaoru?"

"Nothing. I was just checking to see if you were asleep yet. That's all."

"Not yet. Are you sure there is nothing else on your mind?" Hikaru asked, a question followed with a large yawn. It seemed as though Kaoru had been troubled lately and it worried him greatly. Even tonight as they lay in their bed, Kaoru seemed to be restless with unspoken thoughts and worries. Hikaru would never get to sleep with his twin in such a state.

"Well...No, it's nothing," Kaoru answered with an unseen smile in the darkness. Hikaru didn't seem to be satisfied with this answer so Kaoru quickly added, "Um, there is this one thing..."

"Then tell me," Hikaru gently commanded his twin. His twin meerly sighed and responded with a tired, "In the morning. Good night."

Hikaru sighed too as Kaoru turned his back on him. Why did Kaoru seem so distant now? Was it something he had done? He replayed this month's moments over and over again in his head, but nothing came to mind. So he decided to give up on the topic until morning. He buried his face into his pillow and gave a tired sigh. "Good night Kaoru."

His brother didn't hear these words however, for he had already entered a dreamy abyss. This meant that he also didn't feel the hand run through his ginger-colored hair or hear the sweet "I love you" whispered in his ear. He wasn't even able to feel his brother's lips briefly brush against the back of his neck.

"Sweet dreams."

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