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The room was completely silent as the shock slowly wore off and Ryou moved his hand up to his cheek, wincing as he felt the sting from the slap. "H-Hikaru? What was that…?"

He trailed off and Hikaru turned and ran out of the building, leaving Kaoru and Ryou behind. Ryou looked at Kaoru questioningly. The twin sighed and said, "I'm sorry, but we'll be going. Thank you so much for all your help. Good bye" And then Kaoru ran out after Hikaru, without another word to Ryou. After all, the last time he had let Hikaru leave him like that some guy had nearly killed him. He saw Hikaru ahead of him on the sidewalk, getting lost in a mix of different people. "Hikaru! Hikaru!"

Kaoru ran forward, pushing people out of the way, not caring if he was being rude or not. "Hikaru, wait up!" He saw the familiar orange hair in front of him, and he hurried to catch up. Unfortunately, Hikaru had always been the quicker of the two, and easily escaped from Kaoru's sight again. "Hikaru!"

But he was gone. Kaoru spent the rest of the day looking everywhere for his brother. He called back home a number of times to see if Hikaru had returned, no luck. He looked at his watch and sighed as he realized he'd missed the entire day of school. He was sure his parents would be upset if they found out, but he didn't really have the energy to care anymore. His cell phone rang and he looked at the name, hoping it was Hikaru. He sighed again as he saw it was only Tamaki and answered. "Hello. Sorry, but I don't really have the time to-"

"Well make time!" Tamaki said through the phone, sounding frantic. "Kaoru, where are you?! All the girls are worrying like mad. Hikaru refuses to talk about you and-"

"Wait, Hikaru's there?" Kaoru interrupted, feeling a wave of relief wash over him.

"Of course Hikaru is here, but where are you? It's horrible to disappoint these girls Kaoru! They came here just to see you and you're-"

Kaoru hung up the phone and started running, this time towards the school. Luckily he was nearby so it only took him about ten minutes to run the entire distance. He ran to the music room and threw open the doors.

"Kaoru!" Haruhi exclaimed as she stepped away from the doors, startled. She breathed a sigh of relief. "That's good, you're okay."

"Kaoru, Kaoru!" Honey said as he ran to the twin, Mori following close behind. "We were worried about you!" Mori just nodded his head in agreement.

Kyouya looked over at Kaoru from his talk with some girls who looked extremely relieve to see Kaoru okay. He waved hello and Kaoru knew by the look in Kyouya's eyes that he was a dead man. Tamaki ran over and started pushing Kaoru over to a table in the room, where he saw his brother talking to a few girls who looked over just as Kaoru reached the table. Tamaki smiled and said, "Here you go ladies. We just located him, we're very sorry it took so long."

The girls smiled and Tamaki left. They all erupted into many worried voices. "Kaoru, are you okay?" "Where were you?" "You didn't get hurt did you?" "We were so worried!"

"I'm fine, just went on a little walk," Kaoru lied as he looked at his twin, who refused to return his stare. "I'm glad to see you're alright Hikaru."

Hikaru didn't answer, just completely ignored the other. Kaoru looked down at the ground with hurt. That was it, he couldn't take it anymore. He wasn't sure why Hikaru was so angry, but he was starting to get upset too. So maybe this way it would hurt less when Hikaru rejected him, which he was surely going to do.

Kaoru took a deep breath and shouted for all of the music room to hear him. "Everyone, I need to tell you all something!"

The room that had currently been filled with dozens of chatty girls, suddenly became eerily silent. Everyone's eyes were on Kaoru, including Hikaru's. "Okay, um, I have to say that I'm, uh, I'm in love with…"

Hikaru rolled his eyes and looked away, wondering why in the world his twin had to announce his crush with that stupid Ryou. Kaoru saw Hikaru look away and just closed his eyes and shouted it out, tired of keeping it a secret for so long.

"Hikaru, I think I love you!"

The room's silence was broken by dozen's of squealing girls, the Hitachiin fans of course were the loudest. Hikaru looked at Kaoru with a mix of shock and confusion, unsure if this was the truth or just another act for the girls. "But, Ryou…"

"No Hikaru, you were wrong. It's not Ryou I like. It's you, it's always been you." Kaoru saw the uncertainty in Hikaru's eyes and laughed. "And no, this isn't an act. You have no idea how scary it is telling you this, so you'd better believe me!"

Hikaru smiled and stood up. He was over to Kaoru in a flash, hugging his twin tightly. "Me too Kaoru. I didn't know how to tell you, but I like you too!"

Kaoru smiled with happiness and relief, hugging his brother just as tight as the room erupted into more high-pitched squeals of delight. The host club members just stared at the brothers. Haruhi sighed and shook her head, sort of expecting this. After all, it seemed like nothing was normal in this club.

"Um, whoops, Ryou…" Hikaru muttered as he let go of his brother. "I guess I'd better go apologize then…"

"Yeah, let's go." And the Hitachiin brother's walked out of the music room, hand in hand, laughing happily at Tamaki's shocked face as the lovely ladies clapped their hands in delight.

The end

Sorry if you didn't like the ending, but it was the best I could think of. I'm starting to mix the Winchesters with the Hitachiins, and that's not good...because they're totally different. So yeah, thanks to everyone that read my fic. Love ya, buh-bye!