"Tell me about your strangest dream," she says, and when he doesn't want to, she insists, playfully pulling on one of the wings on his mask. They're on stakeout duty on Metropolis, but a little conversation won't distract her, she says.

"Last night I dreamed that I couldn't run," Wally says, looking off into the distance. "I still had my speed, but it was just out of reach, and I was stuck, bogged down in some kind of quicksand, so I couldn't get to it." He grins at her look of worry, and says, "That's when you showed up."

Kara blinked wide blue eyes at him. "I did?"

"Yeah. You flew overhead – giving me a great view under that skirt – and pulled me out of the bog." Wally gives her a comical leer to make her laugh.

Kara just shakes her head at him; he's told her time and time again how much he loves her new uniform, and she just laughs it off as part of his perverted nature. Which, well, it is; but he thinks she's beautiful, too. "And then what?" she asks.

"Then I reached out and got my speed, and challenged you to a race, loser buys the ice cream," Wally told her. He doesn't mention how, in the dream, he knows she saved him, like she always has. That the bog was drawing him in; every second he was sinking a bit lower in the morass of chocolate-colored mud.

"Hmmm…is that a hint?" Kara asked teasingly, eyeing the ice cream truck trundling down the street below them.

It wasn't, but Wally is always hungry, so he nods. "What do you want?" he asks. He knows she loves chocolate, but hopes she chooses something else; he knows he will, for a few days at least. Chocolate reminds him too much of that sludge that tried to eat him in the dream, and he's not quite ready to eat it yet.

Thankfully, Kara decides on an orange creamsicle. Wally thinks that sounds good, so he zooms down the building toward the ice cream truck, planning on buying a dozen.

He keeps it to himself, the truth of his dream. Wally lied, though he prefers to think of it as bending the truth. The strangest dream he ever had was a waking one; the one he had several months ago, where he loves Kara, and Kara likes him back.

It already came true, so everything else is cake.