"What the hell do you think you're doin', Parker?"

Officer Thomas Parker fumbled and very nearly dropped the small black notebook that he'd been flicking through at the commanding bark that came from Captain McGowan.

He snapped the book shut and subconsciously tugged at his collar to help alleviate the sensation that he was choking. "Nothing, sir. It's just a--"

McGowan pegged a finger at the younger man, his features stern. "It's evidence, is what it is, and you're tampering with it. Contaminating the scene."

Officer Parker protested, "But sir--"

"Don't make this any harder than it already is, Parker," McGowan snapped. "We've got a grisly death on our hands with ritualistic undertones, the whole fucking house is bathed in blood and you want to read!"

"Sir," Parker stood as tall as he could, trying to remain firm in his convictions, "This diary should be destroyed."

"And now you want to destroy evidence!" McGowan's eyes bulged grotesquely. "I don't know what they're teaching at the academy in Cincinnati these days, but in Springwood, we follow certain procedures!"

"But sir!"

"Hand it over, Parker. That book--and everything else connected with this mess--is going to the evidence room where it'll be properly processed and kept." McGowan held out his hand, waiting for the young rookie to hand the diary over as ordered.

Reluctantly, Parker gave the slim handwritten volume to his superior without further comment.

It felt…wrong somehow. So wrong when the diary left his hand and ended up in McGowan's…

He watched, dismayed as McGowan handed the book off to another officer, who bagged it carefully. Andie O'Neill had done everything in her power to wipe out all trace of Fred Krueger…all trace…

But she overlooked the fact that her own diaries stood as testament to his existence.

A shiver slithered down Parker's spine as he turned away from McGowan and went about his duties

And somewhere in the bowels of hell, the nearly defeated demon who once inhabited the very messy, physical locale of 1428 Elm Street felt himself grow just a little bit stronger at the sense of apprehension that radiated from the young policeman.

Freddy Krueger laughed.