Runaway love By:Gbaby808

"Moma I don't wanna go"kagome wined. This was kagomes first year of school she was 4 years old and starting kindergarten.

"relax kagome everything will be fine"Kagomes mom said leaving kagome

"but but"kagome said as her mom waked always. Kagome started to cry of sobb, tears ran down her face as she walked across the play ground. She sat down on a swing and sobbed some more

"hey girly you ok?"a voice said in front of her

"yeah I'm fine"kagome said looking up at a boy with long sliver hair and wearing a red shirt with black pants.

"mm..ok then"the boy said looking at the girl getting off the swing. She was dressed in a jeans dress with her hair in two pony tails. As she got up she tripped over a rock, he caught her in his strong arms and then helped her stand up.

"Are you ok"He said looking at her

"yeah I'm fine my names kagome by the way"kagome said standing up on her own

"my names inuyasha nice to met you"inuyasha said smirking at her

"inu-yasha can I call you yasha for short?"kagome

"sure can I can you kags?"inuyasha

"yeah sure"kagome said giving him a hug showing they where friends

"hey inuyasha who's the girl she's cute?" a voice said coming up behind him

"oh hey miroku this is kagome"inuyasha said stepping beside kagome. Kagome just went behind him and poked her head out over his shoulder

"hi"kagome whispered

"she's a bit shy"inuyasha said smiling at her

"she didn't look all that shy giving you a hug"miroku said smirking

"HEY inuyasha, miroku"a girl called walking up to them

"hi sango this is kagome"miroku said pointing to the girl. Kagome stepped out from behind inuyasha


"hi I'm sango, and in case you didn't know this dude is miroku"sango said looking over to miroku but he was gone.

"my lady would you bear my child when we are older?"miroku said asking a girl a few feet from them

"Miroku!"sangoi said storming off towards him

"hey kagome want to go on the swings?"inuyasha

"sure"kagome said as she sat down and inuyasha sat next to her

"kagome dear who's your friend?"kagomes mom said coming up behind them.

"mom I thought you left?"kagome

"well I was going to but then I saw my old friend Izayoi"kagomes mom said say her friend stold next to her

"mom?"inuyasha said surprised

"oh Izayoi this is your son"kagomes mom said in joy

"yes it seems they already met"Izayoi

"so your inuyasha your so cute"kagomes mom

"mmm thank you"inuyasha said not sure how to respond

"and your kagome"Izayoi


"hey Miota you think kagome can come over today I'm taking inuyasha to a movie"Izayoi asked

"really I'd love it"kagome

"ok then I'll pick you up later"miota

"where do you live Izayoi?"miota

"1635 Shikon street"Izayoi

"really! you live in the big new house are next to us!?!"Miota

"you live just next door the's great you two will be the best of friends"Izayoi said turning to inuyasha and kagome and smiling. As Miota did.

"we already are"inuyasha and kagome both said smiling.


Inuyasha and kagome sat next to miroku and sango, they started coloring. They had to draw a picture of the friends they had made and put their names under it.

Inuyasha's one had miroku, sango, kagome, and his cousin koga. Inuyasha draw a little hreat abover kagome.

Kagome's drawing had sango,miroku,and inuyasha, she drew a little heart above inuyasha

Sango picture had miroku, kagome , and inuyasha.

Miroku had kagome, inuyasha and sango.

"ok class turn them in"the teacher said as the kids headed them in and went back to their seats. The teacher looked at kagomes and inuyashas she couldn't help but smile.


"ok class have a nice day"the teacher said as every one left

"Bye inuyasha, bye miroku, bye kagome"sango said as her dad and her walked away. She saw kagome walk away with inuyasha and yelled

"Kagome where you going?"sango

"I'm going some where with Yasha!"kagome yelled

"ok then"sango

"bye kagome, bye inuyasha"miroku said seeing that sango had left before he could say good bye. Miroku sat next to kagome.

"my dearest kagome would you bear my child when we get older"miroku said grabbing her hands.

Izayoi was near by, she was watching and listening.

"no thanks I'd rather bear inuyasha's"kagome

"Miroku if you don't want to loss you hands your let her go"inuyasha said growling

"ok bye guys"miroku said living with his grandpa

"inuyasha kagome"Izayoi said walking up behind them

"he mom"inuyasha

"hi miss…."kagome

"inuyasha what's your last name?"kagome

"it's"inuyasha was cut off by his mother

"just call me aunty"Izayoi

"ok then hi aunty"kagome

"well lets go"inuyasha said standing up. They walked to the car and drove off to the movies.