By: Hiki-chan

Gaara and Naruto turned to their boyfriends, one looking sideways while the other looked down to the ground.


"Neji …I… we have something to tell you two…" Gaara said softly, his green eyes refusing to meet Neji's.

Sasuke eyed the both of them suspiciously before his eyes bore into Naruto's. "What?"

"You can tell me anything, Gaara." Neji informed his boyfriend kindly.

Naruto and Gaara exchanged looks for a moment before they links their hands together. "The truth is…" Gaara started, looking at Naruto.

"We really like…" Naruto continued.

"Each other." They said, simultaneously.

Naruto bit his bottom lip for while Sasuke and Neji stared at them in shock. Before Sasuke could say anything more, he continued. "It's just that we are more a like. Both of us having demons inside us."

"We think it's better this way. We won't have to bring you down with us." Gaara murmured, feeling Naruto's hand tighten around his.

"I think we belong together due to our similarities." Naruto almost squeaked when Sasuke's eyes met his.

There were two deadly chakra signatures blazing around the two very angry men who wanted explanations for this, this absurdity.

Gaara suddenly didn't know whether this was such a good idea. Trust Naruto to drag him into this. But he knew with Shukaku and Kyuubi, Naruto and him were quite safe. Also, he was very amused. "Sorry to say this…" He could feel Neji's powerful chakra swirling around him in particular and repressed a shudder.

"But…" Naruto tried to hide his grin pinching his leg while at the same time, marveling at the power of Sasuke's dangerous chakra collecting in the area around him.

"April fools day!" Naruto burst out while Gaara's lips curved slightly.

Naruto then started laughing. Hanging onto his best friend who snorted. "Fooled you! Man, you should," He tried to stop laughing but continued choking on his words. "have seen the look on your faces!"

"Priceless." Gaara added in as he held his friend up, a smirk planted on his face.

Naruto stopped laughing when Sasuke's eye twitched. Uh oh. Did they go too far? He knew Neji wouldn't hurt Gaara, but what about him?!

Neji nodded to Sasuke before he 'poofed' to Gaara in a flash, his arms encircling the surprised redhead before they 'poofed' gone.

Oh no, he was left alone! Nooo, Gaara, how could he leave him?! And the chakra was getting worse with a tint of deadly intention. "W-We were just kidding Sasuke!" Naruto laughed nervously as he backed away from his boyfriend.

In the twinkling of an eye, Sasuke was gone. "Eh?"

"Gaaaaaaah! S-Sasuke! Put me down!" Sasuke had tossed Naruto over his shoulder.

"Belong together huh?" Sasuke murmured dangerously, sending shivers down Naruto's spine. "I'll show you who you belong to, dobe." He gave the blonde's backside a pat ignoring the indignant shriek and smirked.

They disappeared in a puff of smoke.


Eh, April fools? xD